Tails of Evergreen

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Hidden in a vally of cats a young kit lives peacfuly with there parents unawaire of what trouble and greaf may lay ahead of them. Join 13 year old evergreen and their adventure too free dom as they break their bonds and learn to spread their wings, But at what cost.

Adventure / Fantasy
Yuki Jay
Age Rating:

Baby mine

Two cats shifted through the tangle of plants, being careful not to accidentally crush the meadow fescue. A fawn she-cat with cinnamon patches, with frost socks and green seafoam eyes. Her ears swiveled slightly, her right ear missing a small peace. Her name was Asoka. Her and her mate were traveling from the Blossom Kingdom desperate to clear their heads of the sadness and pain that cloweded their hearts and minds. So it was a surprise when Asoka perked up suddenly, becoming alert, ears twitching around while her tail swished and thumped against the ground; picking up dirt and dust into the air. She scented the air eyes becoming wild and slitted. The motion startled her mate Derrel.

Before he could question his mates strange behavior, she darted off, down on all fours as she ran weaving and dodging through the long grass. Derek cried out for her to wait and slow down, but cries fell on deaf ears as his mate disappeared into the long grass. Panicked he quickly followed after her on all fours.

“Asoka! Wait!” But she was still too far away to hear him. Soon they neared the edge of the meadow the long grass coming short enough to barely poke over her fingers and toes, but still Asoka kept running. Her heart beat fast in her chest as she could hear the call, a call only a mother could hear. Tears began to well up in her eyes. A hill where two large rocks stood, giving barely enough room for two cats to slip through, let alone one, but she managed. wiggling herself between the rocks and into a closed in ravine.

Standing back on her feet she looked around taking in the soft looking grass and moss covered rocks. Flowers were blooming of all sorts, there was colors everywhere, butterflies of all sizes and patterns fluttering about. It was quiet in the ravine, peaceful. It was too peaceful. The quietness brought on a sinking feeling in her chest, fear that she had imagined the cries in her head. She turned to go back, but that was when she heard it again. Curiosity getting at her. She followed the sound over to a large fallen but hollowed out log surrounded by tall grass. Bending down she pulled the grass apart her heart flooded with happiness, tears spilling down her face.

Derrel was beginning to panic he had lost Asoka in the long grass, only her scent helping him to track her. When he came to the end of the meadow he stood up on two paws, sniffing at the air. The world seemed to spin when he heard a sharp cry break through the air. Fear burst through his body. Finding the direction of the sound he ran towards it slipping between the rocks and into the ravain. His hands clenched around his swords, ready to be drawn and fight, as he gave a battle cry. When he entered the center of the ravain his eyes adjusted to the light of the glowing sun.

He saw his mate sitting on a large rocks legs folded underneath each other, in her arms she held a bundle cradled to her chest. Looking at Asoka’s face his guard came instantly down from the soft yet saddened look on her face. Asoka looked up, her mates scent suddenly catching her nose she looked at him for a moment then smiled at him. He took it as a sign that it was okay to approach.

Cautiously he approached Asoka’s side and peered over her shoulders. There swaddled up in a soft looking blue blanket was some kind of small creature. It looked almost like cat kit, but not. It was just as chubby, with tiny balled up fists, eyes closed, a scrunched face and a tiny pink nose. But it’s ears were small and it was completely hairless, besides a small tuft of pale white hair sticking out from the blanket.

“It’s a baby,” Derrel said, nodding his head he let go of the handle of his sword and instead slowly reached for the child, gently running his hands over two twin scratch marks under its eyes. The babys face scrunched up and gave a whine at being disturbed. It’s eyes blinked open looking sleepily at the two faces peering over it before letting out a tiny yawn and snuggling closer to Asoka. She simply smiled and held the child closer to her chest.

The two cats had left their kingdom and village in order to grief and become at peace with their loss. They left with heavy hearts and pain running through their veins but now they cane back with something to bring them peace forever. While the small family rested next to a dirt path, bags settled down near them, a fire gently roaring in the center of the small camp. Asoka had unwrapped the child finding it had no tail nor claws or fur anywhere else, but she didn’t mind she loved its soft skin and its tiny little excited babbles when she would cover her face with her hands to reveal herself again to the baby. Derek watched the scene with pride and joy his hands moved skillfully and carefully sewing together a blanket to make something soft for the baby’s back so Asoka would be able to carry the infant on her back for the journey home.

When the baby began to get fussy Asoka immediately began to make a content of yows milk in a skin water bag and placed the head of the bag to the baby’s mouth, the baby began to eagerly suckle from it, tiny hands grabbing at the fur bag happily. Once the baby hand finished she burped, she was then rewrapped back up into the soft blue blanket. Derrel had finished making the harness before starting dinner of fried fish. Eating in silence, both adoptive parents keeping a watchful eye on the baby as it began to snooze off in Asoka’s arms.

The next morning Derrel had both his and his wife’s bags strapped to his back while Asoka had the harness strapped around her back and the baby firmly pressed between the carefully woven fabric and its new mothers back. The journey back was long and tiresome, but the length was worth it. Upon arriving at the village she carefully turned the harness on to her stomach and pulled the tiny baby out holding it out so it could see the world and village.

“welcome home my little Evergreen.”

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