Vena, the immortal hunter - Volume I

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Hello everyone, ~Skyle~ the author here. *clap clap*

Hope you enjoyed reading my second novel in-line. This would be my second novel that I finished writing the entire volume. I wrote 2 volumes for my first novel (The Irregulars of St Folire Academy) then I decided to try out this novel, The Immortal Hunter.

For some time already, I wanted to try writing a novel set during the dark ages, where Knights in shining armor and heroic stories are shared throughout the people. But I have no desire to write a story about a Knight and his acts of chivalry. Instead, the idea in my mind was to have a character completely opposite from a Knight; a Bounty Hunter: someone who would act only if there is a reward waiting for him.

Since we are just at the first volume, allow me to confess something. Most of the characters that I’ll be introducing in the future would be females. And no, it’s not like I am trying to write a Harem novel, where Vena would be surrounded by girls at the end of the day (wait…isn’t that what I’m doing?). The reason why there’ll be more girls than guys is due to one simple reason: “It’s my own preference.”

Of course that is all based on my current thinking. Perhaps as I write, I might place in one of two male characters who would accompany Vena (Who knows? I might be kind enough~~)

Moving on, since I do not have an illustrator to help make this volume more interesting, I can only make use of other people artworks to get my character inspirations.

For this volume, allow me to briefly describe our four main characters (so far):

1. Vena Reiden (Artwork by - zxq)

Yup, this is Vena, the 19 year old Immortal Hunter.

Originally, I wanted to make a dark main character with a serious expression. However, just like another main character from my first novel (Amakusa Aiken), Vena ended up being livelier and a whole lot more perverted.

Just to be clear, Vena isn’t a pervert. He sometimes has perverted thoughts, just like any normal human male. I guess the real pervert would be me, since I’m the writer (ahaha…I can’t deny that.)

I actually struggled a lot trying to think of a name for my main character in this novel. For your information, Vena comes from the word ‘Venator’, a Latin word that means ‘Hunter’. His Cursed weapons, Lacero and Perdo, are from Italian words.

Though my translation might be wrong from Italian, Lacero means ‘to shatter’ and Perdo means ‘to ruin’; a weapon is only remembered if they have fancy names.

Vena has an interesting back-story which covers from the time he was found by the Elder Vampire - Minerva Barret, all the way until his exploits at the Border as he tries to raise 550 Gold coins. He is someone who can be overconfident sometimes, as he is someone who uses various battle style and created some ’secret techniques’, allowing him to adapt to any kind of situation (I’ll reveal more as the story progresses). However, Vena isn’t someone who would act arrogant in front of others, as he knows that if it wasn’t for Lacero and Perdo, he would have died a long time ago in the hands of a Demon of Vampire.

Alright, enough with the main protagonist; let us focus on the girls that accompany Vena.

2. Marian Reiden (A CG from Visual Novel ‘FLOWERS’)

To be honest, I’ve been holding back information and appearances of Marian in this first volume. I was more focus on pushing the story forward until the battle at Lyfon village, that I feel that I have cast aside Marian.

Marian doesn’t have a family name, as she was brought into slavery at a very young age without any memories of her parents. That is why she adopted Vena’s family name ‘Reiden’. Back in Burg town, she takes care of Vena’s house and prepares him his three meals daily. She excels in housework and has a kind and caring heart…not to mention a maiden’s heart. She treats Charlotte and Elisu as if they are her own blood sisters.

I’ll try my very best to write and express how lovely this 16-year-old lady is in the next volume. It pains my heart if Marian is left forgotten in all my readers’ heart.

3. Charlotte Boreas (Artwork by – anna)

Pay no attention to the lady in red at the front, she’ll be for volume II. Focus on the ponytail girl behind.

Next up is none other than Vena’s first disciple. At the very beginning, when Charlotte first asked Vena to accept her as his disciple, Charlotte was respectful and was watchful of her words when speaking to Vena. However as time passed, Charlotte became friendly with Vena, that she begins to joke around once in a while.

The reason why she acts all high-and-mighty while around her Master or others is to show her pride in being the Immortal Hunter first disciple. She truly respects Vena, and wishes to become as strong as him.

But she knows that she can’t remain as his disciple for the rest of her life. Her main goal is to take revenge on the Vampires who murdered her family, without relying of Vena. To become stronger, she puts up a fearless exterior and always moves forward. Until the day her revenge is complete, she’ll never back down from a fight.

4. Elisu Fharion (Artwork by – swd3e2)

Lastly is the expressionless and calm-thinking girl, Vena’s second disciple. Just to clear something up, Elisu does not hate Charlotte. It seems that some people interpreted the incident where Elisu forces Charlotte to “eat dirt” (In Chapter 3) as hostility.

In truth, Elisu is just playing the bad guy role to help Charlotte gain sympathy from Vena and everyone else. She didn’t know what kind of punishment that Vena might ask Charlotte to do, thus Elisu acted first.

Elisu’s attitude towards Vena is ‘neutral’. It’s not like Elisu puts Vena on a pedestal just because he saved her back when she was 12 years old. She is merely thankful for what he did and nothing more. In the future, she can very well just pack her belongings and leave without much emotional attachment, as she believes that she isn’t bound to follow Vena for the rest of his life.

As for her weapon of choice, the black crossbow was given to her by Vena when he noticed that her precision and accuracy is higher than an average human. It’s not like she chose to become an archer by her own thinking. In fact, if Vena gave her a sword right from the start and asked her to train with it, she would have done so.

When I first gave this volume to my friend to read, she asked me,

Q: “Why do you write using such perverted words?”

--> That’s how I am. Adding some perverted words would make the story more interesting.

Q: Don’t use the word butt. At least use the word hip.”

--> That’s good advice. I’ll change the word when expressing how long the girls’ hair is.

Q: “Why do you keep taking about breasts? Is Vena a pervert?”

--> Vena is not a pervert…and I don’t regret talking about breasts.

Q: “If you keep writing this way, you’ll fail to attract the female readers.”

--> After re-reading, I’ll admit that I do talk a lot about ‘Mountain peaks’. I guess I’ll tone down on the ‘breasts talking’ in future volumes…but I won’t eliminate it completely.

Q: “Do you actually like S&M?”

--> How did that question pop into your mind just by reading Elisu asking Charlotte to “Eat dirt”? That doesn’t make any sense!!

Q: “Are you a Sadist??”

--> ……I’m not going to answer that…yeah…I am…

Finally, for the next volume, if you picked you from the hints I dropped in the Epilogue, the next volume shall focus on Anzu Village!! *clap clap*

To be honest, my original storyline did not include having Anzu Slypher appearing again in Purna town, meaning that the next Volume shouldn’t even exist. The original storyline was that Anzu is just a character that appears only once (the duel with Vena). But as I was writing this volume, I felt the need to include the blonde twin hair noble into the group. With that, Anzu reappears in Purna town, and another volume is born (I am sorry Demon Continent, but your story shall be pushed back until further notice).

So, what’s going to happen in the next volume? Hmm…I’m still ironing out the flow of the volume. But as far as I can tell: [Eris Bergat wakes up] [More Demons shall be killed] [The Church is going to do something]

Yet the main attraction of the next volume is~~~

*Drum roll*

[The Immortal Hunter vs The Blood Queen]

Look forward to it ^_^ .


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