Vena, the immortal hunter - Volume I

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Chapter 7: Nine against Sixty-Two.

Part 1

It’s half past midnight. At the North entrance into Purna town, stand two horse wagons. Each wagon is attached to two horses; the four horses are equipped in armor protection, making them look intimidating. Licia and Lara are in charge of steering the two wagons. They are both checking the condition of the four horses as well as the two wagons. Since they are in charge of taking down 40 vampires, some protections are needed. Dixion secured some light armor for the both of them.

“If the armor is too heavy, it might obstruct our movements.” Licia answer me when I asked if the armor is too thin.

Behind me, Vardus, Gren, and my two disciples are talking among each other; perhaps deciding on their battle formation. I knew it was right to let Vardus take command of the team. He is someone who observes his entire surrounding; he is someone I trust to keep everyone alive.

Vardus is wearing a grey sleeveless shirt and his trademark red cloth around his neck that covers his mouth. Behind him slings his unique dark-purple bow. Gren is dressed in full knight armor with his shield and sword behind his back; his bald head is covered with a knight helmet. Charlotte is with her usual Gauntlet and leg armor, along with light chest armor. She is jumping up and down on the same spot, as if she is warming up her body. Elisu is in her normal clothing with a black cloak surrounding her body. No matter how much I asked, she refused to wear any sort of armor. However, thanks to Marian’s persuasion, Elisu finally agreed to wear a thin-chest armor plating.

The two ladies accompanying me into the mansion, Merra and Anzu, can be seen sparring with each other. It seems that they are trying to understand each other’s movements so that they can work together later. The both of them are lightly armored, with only a breastplate and knee-guards.

As for me, I’m wearing a simple breastplate, leather gloves, and my black cloak (All cleaned up). Marian is accompanying Dixion and Floria (Anzu’s maid) in preparations for the Protectors team. According to Dixion, he has prepared 20 wagons and 30 soldiers to help escort the villagers back safely.

The plan is for the Protectors team to use a longer route towards Lyfon village in order to be hidden from the Church Forces. They will lay in wait at the outskirts of Lyfon village until the vampires are dealt with. At the same time, the remaining three teams shall proceed to Lyfon village with the two horse wagons using the shortest route. We’ll travel as fast as possible and charge all the way to the entrance of Count Uther’s mansion. Hopefully the vampires won’t be able to stop our horses from charging in.

I have distributed the vials of holy water that I bought back in Burg; 20 small vials and seven large vials. The nine of us are holding two small vials each; the remaining two small vials are given to Marian in case anything happens on her side. The remaining seven large vials are held by me, Lara, Gren, Anzu, Merra, Elisu, and Charlotte. I leave the usage of the holy water at their discretion.

“Good evening, Vena…or should I say Good Morning.” a voice can be heard behind me.


A shadow can be seen on the ground behind me, though there is no one standing there.

“The situation at Lyfon village is very advantageous for you.” Millan’s voice can be heard from the shadow.

“Uther has just return from kidnapping Eris and is resting in his room. Eris is locked up at the basement. Also, the scouts sent by the Church Forces are currently being hunted down by the vampires, so there won’t be anyone to report back to the Church Forces.

That’s really good news.

“Thanks for the information.” I answer and walk away without waiting for Millan to reply.

“Everyone!! It’s time to move out!!” I shout out my order.

In the first wagon: [Licia] [Vena] [Anzu] [Merra]

In the second wagon: [Lara] [Vardus] [Gren] [Charlotte] [Elisu]

There is no need for a heroic speech or anything of such sort. Everyone knows what they need to do. As long as everyone sticks to their respective roles, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Licia looks at me from the driver’s seat. I nod my head, signaling her to begin. With only two lanterns on each wagon to light our path, we begin our journey to Lyfon village.

Everything is quiet around Lyfon village. As ordered by Count Uther, 10 vampires were sent out to kill the Church Forces scouts surrounding Lyfon village. The group, consisting of seven male vampires and three female vampires, has just finished killing the last scout and are heading back to their village. They are all dressed in their usual white vampire soldier uniform but since their uniform will stand out at night in the forest, they cover their body with a black cloak.

“Well, that wasn’t much of a challenge.” one of the male vampires speaks while walking ahead of the group.

“Yeah, humans are so weak and frail.” another vampire lady answer as a yawn escapes her mouth.

“I want to go back and take a shower~~” the second vampire lady adds in.

“Everyone, quiet down! We are still on duty!” a male vampire silences the whole group.

As ordered by the Sir-Rank Vampire, the other nine vampires remain quiet as they continue their journey back to Lyfon village.

Suddenly, the sound of something crashing can be heard from the village.

“What was that?!!” one of the vampire shouts.

The Sir-Rank vampire runs ahead without waiting for the rest of the group. Making it out of the forest, the group sees what is happening to the village.

Two horse wagons just broke through the front entrance of Lyfon village. The four horses continue to charge through the streets of Lyfon village without stopping.

“Those foolish humans!!” the Sir-Rank vampire roars and the ten vampires make their way back to Lyfon village.

The two horse wagons finally stop after breaking through the front gate of Count Uther’s mansion. Once inside, nine figures step out from the two wagons; the assault on Lyfon village has begun.

The cold night breeze hits my face as I exit the horse wagon. One by one my companions exit the wagons as well. In front of me stands the village of Lyfon. Behind me is the mansion of Count Uther.

Licia and Lara stands beside me. In both of Lara’s hands are her two swords while Licia is weaponless.

“Master Vena, I wish you good luck with your battle.” Licia wishes me and bows slightly.

“Licia, Lara, be careful out there.” I wish them as well.

Lara nods her head and walks ahead of her mother. They leap past the main gate of the mansion, disappearing into the shadows of the night. A few seconds later, sword-clashing and exploding sounds could be heard.

I turn around to face the rest of my companions, “Vardus, Gren, please take care of my disciples.”

“I could say the same; keep Merra safe.” Vardus replies with his unique dark-purple bow now in his left hand.

“Miss Anzu, stay safe.” Gren bows down in front of Anzu like a knight to his Master.

“Make sure you do your job as a knight and protect everyone!” Anzu hits the back of her Gren’s armor, creating a loud, blunt sound.

I look at both my disciples. Charlotte is brimming with confidence with both her hands on her waists. Elisu looks as relax as always.

I know they’ll do fine…but…

I can only mutter out “Take care…”

“Of course!” Charlotte roars and runs ahead. She takes position right in front of the main gate of the mansion.

Vardus pats my shoulder and proceeds towards the front gate. Gren runs pass me without even a glance. Elisu stops right in front of me and punches my stomach softly. She looks at me with a serious expression.

“…I won’t forgive if you die…”

“Ah. Yeah.”

I decide not to look behind as I walk towards the mansion; I trust Vardus in organizing everyone.

I lead my team of three towards the front door of the mansion. With about two steps ahead of them, Merra stands on my left while Anzu is on my right.

In Merra’s right hand is her unique sword, while Anzu has her duelist sword and dagger at the ready. I draw out Lacero as Perdo appears in my left hand.

Here they come…

Just as the front door of the mansion swings open, I use Flash Step and leap ahead.

Secret technique - Judgment Strike!

I succeed in killing two vampires before they can even react, their bodies dropping beside me. Another two vampires managed to avoid Judgment Strike by leaping outside; I’ll leave them to Merra and Anzu. Three vampires stand a few steps in front of me with their swords raised; two males and one female.

One ‘Sir-Rank’ and two no-ranks…

The middle vampire glares at with his red eyes, he reminds me of a pretty-boy; he is the Sir-Rank vampire. A women vampire stands on my left. To be honest, she doesn’t catch my attention. The male vampire on the right looks absolutely normal. There no doubt; the targets in front of me aren’t a threat.

“Foolish human!” the middle vampire roars, “How dare you stand-”

I stab Lacero in between his neck before he can continue. Dark red blood squirts out of his neck as I remove Lacero. As I take one step behind, the female vampire pierces with her sword the very place I stood a few seconds before. She must be a new soldier, since her battle stance has many openings. I entangle Perdo around her neck and swing her to the left. She collides with the wall and collapses onto the ground. Once Perdo returns to my hand, I do a simple round-house slash with Lacero; the second male vampire’s head is decapitated from his body before he could even process what just happened to his comrades.

I step towards my left side in order to avoid the male vampire’s blood as I proceed towards the female vampire; she is already in her full-of-openings battle stance. I dash forward and stab Perdo into her forehead before she can react, ending her life. Looking outside, Anzu is avoiding the attack from a male vampire while Merra has just killed the other vampire and is proceeding to aid Anzu.

How inefficient…

I entangle Perdo around the neck of the male vampire and pull him towards me. The vampire goes limp after I stab his left chest with Lacero. I swing the vampire’s body aside as Perdo untangles himself and returns to my hand.

“I-I wasn’t expecting them to burst through the door so…I’m sorry…” Anzu speaks with a hint of fear in her voice, looking away from me as I stare at her.

Do I look that scary?

I don’t know what kind of face I’m currently showing but judging from Anzu’s reaction, I can say that I’m showing the face of the Immortal Hunter as he treads through the Borders in search for demons to kill.

“It is alright. Just be on your guard from now on.” I try to sound as friendly as possible.

I proceed into the main hall of the mansion; the very place where I met Uther. Two staircase leads towards the 1st floor. There are other pathways at the ground floor, most likely towards the kitchen and other areas around the ground floor.

Uther is on the last floor while Eris is in the basement…

“We’ll split up.” I give my order, “I’ll head to the upper floors to find Count Uther. I want the both of you search the ground floor together for the entrance into the basement. I believe that is where the noble girl is held captive.”

“Be careful, there might be vampires lurking around the ground floor.” I give my last piece of advice before heading towards the staircase.

“Anzu, follow me.” I see the both of them head into the entrance on the right side. The sounds of combat can be heard from the outside; looks like the Border team is intercepting the vampires.

I feel a presence up ahead, after the corner of the staircase.

One?...No, two vampires…and more further ahead.

I proceed to take down the targets in front of me.

Part 2

*Uther’s point of view*

“Amusing…truly amusing!!!”

To think that the insignificant human who calls himself Vena, would dare to assault my village. How foolish!!

“Brother, the Demon Hunter is inside the mansion and is heading this way.” my sister, Felli, speaks with her usual calm expression, “He has a small group stationed at the gate of our mansion to divide our forces within the village and inside the mansion.”

“It matters not. My 30 chosen vampires outside will break through the human group in no time.”

I am more worried about the noble girl held captive within the basement. Judging by the timing of this attack, there is no doubt that the human Vena wishes to get his hand on the noble girl.

“No…that girl is mine…

“Brother??...” my sister seems to have heard my muttering.

“Felli!! Gather the guards within the mansion and proceed to kill that human Vena!!” I bark out my order, “I’ll head down to the basement using the back door!

I must make sure that Vena doesn’t get his hands on my girl.

“Brother, shouldn’t we face Vena together?”

Argh! My sister is so irritating!!!

“Just do as I say!! If you can’t even take down a single human, then you might as well die trying!!” I walk out of my room without waiting for my sister to reply.

What’s most important is the girl. I’ll feed her my blood and turn her into my familiar. After that, she’ll be completely mine!! The human Vena shall not get in my way!! If he dares to stand in my way, I’ll kill him with Boldevique!!

*Charlotte’s point of view*

“Uryaaa!!!!” I punch my right first straight into the face of a vampire after using Flash Step (weaker version). The headless body of the vampire spirals in the air as his blood splatters around.

As expected of the Holy water. Using the large vial of Holy Water that Master gave me, I poured the contents onto my gauntlets and leg armor before the battle. The effect of the Holy Water is incredible! They melt through the flesh of the vampires easily. Accompanied with my superhuman strength, I can kill a vampire with a simple punch or kick.

“Charlotte!! You are too far out!! Return to position!” I hear Gren’s voice.

Looking behind, I can see that I am standing quite far from the front gate of the mansion.

I turn around and proceed back to my companions “Ahahah. I guess I got carried away-”

Something glowing flies past me, sinking deep into the vampire that was trying to sneak up on me. It’s not that I didn’t notice the vampire; I was just waiting for the opportunity to give him a roundhouse kick.

The vampire was pierced through his forehead by a dark-purple glowing arrow. The arrow disappears a few seconds later. The person who shot out the Mana arrow is none other than Vardus.

He has the ability to materialize his mana into the form of an arrow before shooting it out. That is why he only has a few arrows in his quiver; just his Mana arrows are enough to take care of his targets.

I look at Elisu, who has an unhappy expression on her face as she shoots a holy arrow from her crossbow, landing a headshot; the arrow explodes along with the vampire’s head.

“Don’t worry Elisu. Just ask Vardus teach you how he does that; you’ll be able to do that in the future!” I try to cheer her up.

“…I’m not upset…” I can see Elisu pouting; she can be cute sometimes.

“Both of you, please focus on the battle.” Vardus warns us as he fires out another Mana Arrow, “Our goal is to not let a single vampire past us.”

“Yeah!! I’ll kill all of them!!” I raise my voice as I notice a group of vampires heading our way.

“Wow, it’s a big group this round; 10 of them in total.” Vardus reports what he sees.

Mana Arrows and Holy Arrows are shot towards the vampires.

“None shall pass!!!” Gren roars out as he places his shield covered in holy water in front of him.

Once they come into range, I rush ahead.

“I’ll kill all of you!!”

My blood is boiling and my spirit is high; I am at my strongest. It’s just as Master Vena said; the vampires are not that strong. This proves that I can stand on par against the vampires.

This means that revenge is possible.

Yes…I can avenge my family; I can kill those vampires!!

*Vena’s point of view*

I am resting on a chair that was lying around the first floor of the mansion as I try to catch my breath. In front of me is the staircase heading towards the 2nd floor.

As expected…this is the limit of my human body…

All I did was eliminate the ten vampires waiting for me at the 1st floor. After that, another four vampires came down from the second floor; I took care of them as well. However, by the time I was done, I was out of breath and felt like fainting; I overworked myself.

That is why I am taking a two-minute break before proceeding to the 2nd floor. Including the 7 vampires that were killed at the front door, 21 vampires are confirmed dead. Though the information stated that there should only be 20 normal vampires inside the mansion, I guess that number is just an estimate.

“Ha…” I try and regulate my breath as I focus on my surrounding. I can hear clashing sounds coming from the ground floor; Anzu and Merra are still doing well. Upstairs is surprisingly quiet.

That means they are waiting for me…

I stand up from my seat and stretch my body.

Alright, time to head –

A figure appears from the top of the staircase; a slender figure with long black hair and fair skin complexion. She is wearing a tight one-piece long white dress that reveals her slender figure. She holds a sword, still in its scabbard, in her left hand.

Countess Felli…” I mutter out as I take a defensive stance.

“Vena, the Demon Hunter. How strong are you?” Felli asks as she continues to glare at me with her red eyes.

“I’m strong enough to kill your brother and you.” I reply as I slowly ascend the staircase; I’m at the disadvantage if my opponent holds the higher ground.

“I’ll believe your words once I see it.” Felli draws her sword out from the scabbard.

Secret technique - Light-Piercing Strike!!

I thrust Lacero forward as fast as I can with the intention of finishing Felli before she draws her sword.

“Fast…but I can still see it.” Felli moves to her right, avoiding the very attack that no normal human can see with their eyes.

She plunges the scabbard in her left hand towards my stomach.

“Urgh!!” I am pushed backwards, crashing into the very chair that I was sitting down on before this.

“No matter how fast you are, a human is just a human. Your reflexes shall never surpass a vampire.” Felli points the sword in her right hand towards my direction; it’s a sword whose blade shimmers with a pure white radiance, “With this Cursed Weapon – Martyr, I shall judge your strength.”

Cursed Weapon – Martyr: If memory serves me right, Martyr is a sword which ability changes according to its user’s race. The rule of thumb of Martyr is that as long as your opponent isn’t the same race as you, Martyr shall work at its strongest, though I don’t exactly know how that works.

It means that, since Felli is a Vampire race, Martyr shall work at her strongest (doesn’t Martyr sound like a lady?) against me, someone from the Human race.

If that’s the case…the solution is simple; I have to stop being a human.

I stand up and raise Lacero in front of me, “Lacero. Grant me your strength.”

Lacero? You have a Cursed Weapon??!!” Felli looks at me with a surprise expression as she takes a battle stands at the top of the staircase.

“I have two Cursed Weapons.” I feel myself turning into a vampire.

{Vena~~ I’m saving most of my strength for later, so don’t overwork yourself ok??~~}

Thank you, Lacero. I’ll try to end this battle as fast as possible.

I gaze at Felli with my own red eyes and speak my quote of strength,

“My name is Vena from ‘Venator’, meaning Hunter.

Lacero is to shatter, Perdo is to ruin.

With shatter and ruin in my hands, I shall eliminate the Vampire in front of me.

For I am Vena, the Immortal Hunter.”

*Felli’s point of view*

There was a rumor a few years back; the rumor of an immortal human.

A certain Count-Rank vampire once ruled a land at the outskirts of the Vampire Continent. He had 30 vampire soldiers and 20 Sir-Rank vampires under his command.

One day, Lord Vesh Barret, went to visit the Count-Rank vampire at his land. Accompanied by five Sir-Rank vampires, Lord Vesh left the capital and proceeded towards the outskirts.

The following week, Lord Vesh returned to the capital, alone and battered. He reported that everyone is dead. The Count-Rank, the 50 followers, as well as Lord Vesh’s own 5 vampires were all murdered by a single human.

According to the report, the human called himself the Immortal Hunter. He wields a sword and dagger as he weapons. His eyes glowed red, as those of the vampire race but his face had markings resembling those of the demon race. Yet he called himself a human, though his movements resembled nothing of the weak human race.

Lord Vesh is considered as someone who would achieve the rank as an Elder in the future. Lord Vesh had his Barret family heirloom – [Zairiku] and Cursed Weapon – [Diablerie] with him at the time, meaning that he was at his strongest. Yet, the human known as the Immortal Hunter was able to stand against Lord Vesh.

I never believe that rumor. A single human who could stand against Lord Vesh? Hmph, that’s impossible.

Yet, I see now that the rumor is true. The immortal hunter exists. He was able to stand against Lord Vesh because the Cursed Weapon ‘Lacero’ and ‘Perdo’. The Immortal Hunter is here; and I’m his prey.

Yes…if it is him, Vena can stand against my brother.

I release my grip on Martyr and stand where I am; Vena’s sword, Lacero, stops right before my throat.

“My brother has proceeded towards the basement.” I speak in my usual tone as Vena glares at me, “There’s no one else pass me; I am the only one left.”

“As if I’ll trust you,” Lacero edges closer to my neck, “you could be protecting your brother.”

“Nonsense. I wish for the death of my brother, so that I can be released from this burden.”

“……” Vena finds it hard to believe me.

I proceed to tell everything, about my wish to be freed from carrying the weight of the Lyfon family.

“I was testing to see if you are strong enough to face my brother. Seeing as you are the Immortal Hunter who stood against Lord Vesh, I believe you can do it; you can kill my brother.”

Slowly, Vena lowers his sword from my neck.

“Alright, I believe you.” Vena smiles and bows down, “I am sorry for hurting you.”


“…you believe my words?? Don’t you doubt me?”

If I am in his shoes, I wouldn’t trust someone so easily. Vena scratches his chin with the tip of Lacero as he thinks. His eyes aren’t red anymore; he has returned to a normal human.

“Doubt? There’s no reason to doubt someone who has such an erotic figure.”

Vena seems to looking at me with a perverted gaze. Looking at myself, I see that my white dress has been ripped at certain places, revealing my leg and part of my chest area.

To think that the Immortal Hunter is a pervert…

“Here…” Vena hands me his black cloak while looking away from me, “use this to cover your body.”

“…thanks…” I accept his worn-out and bloodied cloak.

I guess Vena isn’t that bad…

“I’ll be going now. How do I get to the basement?” Vena asks me as he stretches his body.

“Head down to the main hall and take the first opening on your left. The entrance to the basement is a black, metal door.”

“Got it. Thanks for the help.” Vena begins to sprint down the stairs, disappearing from my sight.

…guess I’ll change into a more comfortable clothing…

I turn around and walk back to my room. The battle will soon be over and I’ll be a free woman again.

Part 3

*Vena’s point of view*

That was close!! I almost got a nosebleed.

Staring at Felli’s exposed legs and voluptuous breasts for a long period of time isn’t good for my body.

What am I thinking in the middle of combat!!

I slap both my cheeks and proceed back to the main hall. In order to save time, I jump right off the staircase at the 1st floor, hoping to land directly at the ground floor.


Anzu and Merra stands directly at the place. They seem to notice that I am just a few meters above them.

Sad…there’s nothing on their chest to grab hold and fondle…

“??!!” I am punched on my left cheek by Merra, causing me to twirl away from the two ladies before landing on the ground.

“Vena?! Ah!! I’m sorry for punching you; that was by reflex.” Merra scratches the top of her head as she laughs awkwardly.

“Master Vena, how was the situation upstairs. Did you find Count Uther?” Anzu asks as she helps me up.

The both of them have minor wounds and scratches around them, though Anzu has a bleeding wound on her left arm. By the looks of it, Merra wrapped up the wound nicely, stopping the blood from flowing. I’m truly glad that they aren’t seriously wounded.

“Have you take care of all the vampires?” I ask as I notice that the whole mansion is quiet.

“Yes, we checked the ground floor twice to make sure that all the vampires were taken care of.” Merra replies, “Anzu even fell for an ambush from 3 vampires and got herself injured.”

“I-I…that didn’t happen!!” Anzu refuses to admit it and pouts slightly.

Ahaha…guess they are fine.

“I’ll handle everything from here on out. Please proceed to help with the evacuation of the villagers.”

“Wait! What about the two Count-Rank vampires?” Merra asks with a worried expression.

“I took down one already. Count Uther is waiting at the basement.” I reply what I know, “I’ll handle him alone, don’t worry.”

“Master Vena, aren’t you tired after taking down a Count alone?” Anzu asks, “I think it’s best that we should help you.”

“I’ll be fine. I am called the Immortal Hunter for a reason.” I pat Anzu’s head, “Go outside and help everyone. I’ll be done as quickly as possible.”

Merra lets out a sigh and grabs Anzu’s hand, “Come now, Vena will be fine as he is. We’ll just get in his way if we try to help.”

Anzu reluctantly nods and follows Merra towards the main entrance. She glances back at me a few times before disappearing out of my sight.

Such a cute girl…I wouldn’t mind accepting her as my disciple.

While laughing to myself, I proceed to look for the door that will lead me to the basement.

“Ah! You finally made it!!” I notice Count Uther in front.

The basement is surprisingly wide. Of course it is wide; it looks more like a lockup. In this corridor, 5 prison cells could be seen on each side making it a total of 10 cells. At the end of the corridor stands Count Uther. Behind him is the entrance leading to what looks like a torture room. Base on my estimate, the torture room should be about two times wider that the corridor I am currently in.

“Vena, I am sorry but you are a little too late.” Uther is smiling as I notice a girl chained up at the end of the torture room.

So that’s the girl…Eris Bergat.

The noble girl, Eris Bergat, is unconscious while her hands are chained to the wall of the torture room. Since I am unable to clearly see her from this distance, I think there’s a trail of blood flowing out from her mouth.

“You gave her your blood?” I avert my gaze back to Uther.

“Indeed!! She is now my familiar!!” Uther replies in his usual arrogant voice, “There is nothing you can do now!”

“Then there is no reason for me to waste time.” I get into a battle stance.

“Hmm?” Uther lifts his eyebrow, “Didn’t you come here to save the girl from becoming my familiar??”

Uther, what a sad fate you have; unknown that you have been used by ‘that bastard’ right until the very end…

“You don’t have to know.” I reply coldly, “You just have to die.”

Uther puts on an irritated expression as he draws out his sword; I can feel Lacero turning me into a vampire. Uther’s sword is unique. The blade is as long as any other sword but instead of being sharp on the edge, it’s surprisingly circular. Yes, the entire blade is circular and blunt; only the tip of the blade is sharp, like the end of a spear. There is no doubt; this is the Lyfon’s family heirloom, though I do not know its name.

“You are a vampire??” Uther asks as he notices my red eyes.

“There is no need to tell anything to someone who’s about to die.” I reply sarcastically.

“Foolish human! Taste the power of Boldevique!!” Uther thrusts his sword forward as I finally learn the name of his family heirloom.

“What the-” thanks to me being in my vampire-form, I am able to see Uther’s attack and avoid it; the wall behind me explodes, leaving a huge hole within the wall.

His technique is almost similar to my ’Light Piercing Strike…not really; Uther’s is more simple. My technique is just a simple trust of the sword forward at such amazing speed that the opponent is unable to see the movement of my sword. With such a fast moving technique, I can gather the air that I pierce through at the tip of the blade. The moment the blade touches my target, the air gathered at the blade spreads out, causing my target to be blown backwards. If I am fast enough, I can cause the air to pierce though my targets body and inflict a deadlier wound but sadly, it cannot be done while I am in my human form.

In Uther’s case, his technique is all thanks to his family heirloom – Boldevique. As Uther thrust the circular sword forward, Boldevique automatically sucks in the air around it by the small holes built into the circular blade. The moment Uther completes his thrust, Boldevique shoots out the compressed air with its sharp spear-like tip, slicing and eliminating everything in a straight line. Basically, it’s a powerful wind-piercing-strike (self named).

Wait…since it’s an attack that uses the wind, doesn’t that make it similar to my ‘Judgment Strike’ or ‘Rising Gale’?

Putting aside the fact that I was wrong from the start, I proceed to plan my next move.

“Ho? I’m surprise that you were able to avoid Boldevique’s thrust.” Uther speaks and attacks again.

I continue to side step each of his attacks as I plan my counterattack. Once you can see his attack, it’s simple to dodge since it only attacks in a straight line. Uther picked the right location to use Boldevique. With the prison cells on both side, there not much space to dodge his attack. However, Uther didn’t take into account that I wasn’t standing in between the cells; I was still standing near the entrance of the basement when he used Boldevique.

Or perhaps he didn’t think of using the cells to his advantage?

Now then, Boldevique’s attack only travels in a straight line. How am I to counter it?

It’s simple…I’ll just pierce thorough the air.

I smile as I imagine the expression Uther will have when I nullify his Boldevique.

I stop in front of the straight corridor. The prison cells will hinder my ability to dodge but there is no reason to dodge from now on. I take on the stance of a duelist and slowly move forward.

“You must be a fool if you think you can take Boldevique head on!!” Uther thrust his sword forward.

I do the same as well with Lacero: Secret technique – Light-Piercing Strike!!

Boldevique’s wind-strike is cut through by Lacero. The compressed air disperses before they can even reach me.

“Argh!!” Uther covers his face as a strong gale from Boldevique blows in his direction; he recovers and notices that I am still standing there.

“How…” Uther is completely shocked; that is the face I wanted to see.

He prepares to thrust Boldevique again. Using Flash Step, I stop a few meters in front of Uther and counter using the same technique again.

At such a close distance, Uther is pushed backwards by his own wind-strike. He flies through the air and hits the wall at the end of the torture room before falling next to Eris.

Ah, I forgot about the girl…

As I walk into the torture room, Uther immediately unchains the girl.

“You fool!! With this, you are outnumbered!” Uther roars as he is in an advantageous position.

The chains holding the girl gives way and she falls down on the ground face down.

“Wake up Eris, my familiar!!” Uther takes a battle stance and smiles at with a triumph look, “Kill the foolish human in front of you!!”

The hand of the girl twitches; Eris Bergat slowly rise up.

Part 4

“Argh!! What are you doing!!” Uther roars out in pain.

I am unable to believe what is happening in front of me. Eris, who is suppose to be Uther’s familiar, is clinging his back with her two vampire teeth deep in the nape of his neck; she is drinking Uther’s blood.

“Stop this at once! I am your Master!!” Uther tries to pull her away with his left hand but Eris stays firmly on his back.

Coming back to my senses, I swing Perdo at Uther as I rush forward; Perdo entangles himself around Uther’s left hand. I pull the chain attached to Perdo in order to separate Uther’s left hand from Eris.

“Why you – Argh!!!”

I slice off Uther’s right hand before he can finish his sentence; Boldevique falls to the ground.

{Vena!! Don’t kill him!!}

Just as I was about stab my sword into Uther’s left chest, Lacero butts in.

{Let the girl suck the vampire dry. If not, the ritual won’t be complete.}


Listening to Lacero’s advice, I lower my weapon and help to hold Uther down as Eris continues to drink his blood.

“Y…you…foolish…human…” Uther is slowly losing strength.


Eris finally releases Uther as his body goes limp.

“Gah!!” Eris screams out as she struggles in pain.

{Leave her alone; it’s almost done.}

Though I hate doing nothing while a girl is in pain, I continue to observe the situation from where I stand.

“Ah!!!” Eris lets out a scream so loud that I instinctively take a step back.

Lacero, what’s going on??

{Something amazing…}

I notice that Eris hair begins to change to silver in color.


Huh?? What’s happening??

{An Elder-Rank vampire is being made…}


Elder-Rank vampire: the highest rank that can be bestowed in the vampire-race. They are considered to be the strongest and true ruler over the vampire continent. What differentiates them from the other vampires is that they have silver hair, and they will never grow old.

Eris stops struggling; the entire basement goes quiet. Slowly Eris stands up straight, looking at my direction.


If I recall correctly, Eris Bergat should be 15 years old. Yet, after the ritual, she looks like someone my age.

{Her body has transformed into a 17-year-old.} Lacero answers my question.

Her long silver hair flows all the way until the end of her back. Since Lacero said that she is an Elder-Rank, I was expecting red eyes. Instead her eyes are black.

{She failed huh…at most she is currently an ‘Elder-Rank candidate’}

Since her body just grew by 2 years, her white nightgown looks too small for her; they no longer cover her legs. Thankfully, they are still covering her intimate area. As for her chest, they have grown to a reasonable size; it’d go as far as saying that they could compete with Marian’s.

*Shiver* I feel a chill down my spine.

“……” Eris slowly approaches me, her face resembles that of Felli in a younger version.

Her two hands presses against my checks; they both feel cold. I can see that she’s only a few inches shorter than me.

She stretches her head forward and places her lips right next to my left ear and whispers in a bewitching voice, “…thank you…”

She puts her whole weight on me and collapses to the ground; I support her before that happens.

She lost consciousness…

I can hear Eris breathing slowly as if she is asleep.

In any case…request fulfilled.

After putting Lacero back into her sheath, I carry Eris in between my arms; her body is surprisingly light. Letting Eris hug Boldevique as she remains asleep in my arms, I make my way out of the basement.

As I make my way to the main hall, I can hear the sounds of clashing swords.

What’s happening out there??

At the main hall stand three figures. On one side is the Countess-Rank vampire, Felli Lyfon with Martyr in her right hand. On the other side are Anzu and Merra.

Anzu is in a duelist stance with her sword and dagger. Merra already has her unique sword in its ‘whip form’. To put it in a simple term, Merra’s blade can extend out and turn into a long whip, allowing her to hit targets that are further away.

Felli glances at me without saying anything. The next one to notice me is Merra.

“Vena!! Are you alright?! Is that the noble girl? Don’t worry; we’ll take down this vampire and then-”

I cut in while Merra is babbling and try to explain that Felli isn’t an opponent.

“For now, Felli isn’t our opponent so there is no need to fight with her.”

Though Anzu and Merra have kept their weapons, they are still glaring at Felli.

Felli expression remains unchanged as she gazes at the other direction.

“Anyways, how’s the situation outside?”

“The vampires are all dead. All that is left is to gather the villagers into the wagons and we can leave.” Anzu replies.

“Is there any movements from the Church Forces?”

“Nope. They are completely unaware of what we are doing.” Merra stretches her body; if only her breasts were bigger.

It looks like everything is going well.

“Can the both of you help me carry Eris into our wagon? I have something to speak with Felli.”

“Eris? Felli?” Anzu wonders whose name are those.

Merra takes Eris from my arms without saying a word. She glances once at Felli to see if she will make any move. Satisfy, Merra and Anzu support Eris from both side and drags her out of the mansion. I use the word ‘drag’ because Eris isn’t walking.

“It looks like everything is over.” I speak as I turn around to face Felli.

She is wearing a simple white shirt, long black pants, dark brown boots and my black cloak; she is dressed to travel.

“What are your plans from here on out?” I ask.

“For now, I’ll head back to the Vampire Capital and report to the Elder vampires about my brother’s death and everything that happened here.”

“Will there some sort of punishment awaiting you?”

“Punishment…” Felli ponders, “I’ll definitely lose my title as a Countess. Worse case is that I’ll be sentenced to public execution.”

Public execution?!

To be executed just because of losing a plot of land? That’s a little too much.

“I’ll make sure that won’t happen.” I mutter out.

“Ha?? What can you do? Do you have some sort of way to control the decisions of the Elder vampires??” Felli uses a sarcastic tone.

“Yes, I do.” I speak in a serious tone.

“Once you are back at the Vampire capital, find my Master; Elder vampire - Minerva Barret.

Felli looks at me with a puzzled expression. I continue,

“Tell her my name, Vena Reiden. If she doesn’t believe you, tell her these words: ‘Vena is still furious that you gave him a girly name’. I believe she will trust you once I she hears that. Tell her your situation and ask for her help. She might pout and refuse at first but knowing her, Master Minerva will try to help you in the end.”

“…Minerva Barret is your Master? So that is how you got your hands on Lacero.” Felli seems to believe me.

“Oh, here you go.” I extend my left hand which is holding Boldevque, “It’s your family heirloom; I’m sure you want it back.”

“No, you can have it.” Felli refuses to take it, “I have no intention on carrying the Lyfon family name.”

“I see…” I lower down my left hand.

Now it is Felli’s turn; she unties my black cloak around her body.

“Ah, please take it.” I stop her, “Think of it as a good luck charm for your journey back to the capital.”

“Oh. Thank you.” it looks like Felli is already attached to my black cloak.

We remain silent for the sometime.

“I better get going now. I hope of cross back into the Vampire Continent by tomorrow.” Felli is the first to speak.

“Ah…I guess so. Have a safe journey ahead of you.” I can’t think of the right words to send her off.

“You take care as well.” Felli replies in her usual tone and walks towards one of the rooms on the ground floor; looks like she’ll be leaving through the back door.

Since there is nothing else left to be done in the mansion, I turn around and exit through the main entrance. It’s almost time for us to leave Lyfon village.

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