Vena, the immortal hunter - Volume I

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Epilogue: The Departure.

Part 1

Just as the sun can be seen from the horizon, the Church Forces begin its march towards Lyfon village. What awaited them was a soulless village. Vampire bodies lay around the village, as well as the inside of the mansion.

The Church forces rallied 200 Holy Knights and 20 Arch-Priests with the intention of slaughtering the mere 60 Vampires and the villagers of Lyfon village. However, all that is left is the bodies of the vampires; not a single human body can be found.

“What’s the meaning of this…” a figure can be seen inside the basement as he stares at the body of the Count-rank vampire. Standing behind him are two Holy Knights with light blue hair.

The figure wears a gold armor with the symbol of the Holy church engraved at the left chest area. He’s a man around his late thirties. His name is Lord Strex Gerard, a Paladin of the Holy Church Forces. Only Seven individuals can hold the title of Paladin at one time, and Strex is one of them.

Though Strex grew older as time passed, he did not become wiser. He is still an arrogant man with a short temper.

“The Purging of Lyfon village was entrusted to me…” Strex speaks aloud as he beheads the Count-rank vampire with his great-sword.

He picks up the head of the Count-rank vampire with his left hand. Looking at the lifeless head, Strex explodes, “The PURGING of Lyfon village and those pesky vampires was entrusted to me!!!!!”

He throws the head in his left hand towards the two Holy Knights who were with him. The knight with short light blue hair, moves in front of the knight with long light blue hair, and blocks the head with a round shield.

“Who did this…Who did this??!!!” Strex roars out his anger as he breaks down the wall of the basement with his great-sword.

Instantly, the two Holy Knights rush out of the basement to avoid his rampage.

Just as the two Knights made their way out of the basement, another figure calls out to them.

“Ah, Alexis!! Arisa!! Come here for a second.”

Unable to reject an order form their superior, Alexis and Arisa proceed towards the man standing at the front door of the mansion. He wears a worn-out grey armor with two swords resting at the back of his armor. He looks like someone in his early twenties, with curly brunette hair that grows in every direction.

“Captain Darren! Lord Strex is -”

“Don’t care about him.” the man known as Darren cuts-in while Arisa was reporting, “Instead, look at this.”

Darren points at the vampire bodies just outside of the door. The two vampire bodies were cut and sliced throughout their body. Their swords are still inside their scabbard, meaning they were killed before they could do anything.

“I remember that the both of you were attacked by a ‘Demon Hunter’ a few days back. Do you remember his name?”

Two days ago, Arisa and Alexis were thoroughly defeated by a mere Demon Hunter.

“He called himself as Vena, a demon hunter.” Alexis is the one to answer as she remembers how powerless she was.

“Vena…” Darren mutters out and stares at the bodies, “I wonder if he is still nearby…”

“Sir? Are you alright?” Arisa asks since Darren has been staring at the lifeless body for some time.

After that, Darren walks away without saying another word.

After about 15 minutes, Lord Strex Gerard finally regains his composure. Once burning all the vampire bodies, the Church Forces continue their march forward with the intention of grouping up with the Defenders by nightfall. Their next goal: Claiming the lands in the Vampire Continent that are in control of three Count-rank vampires.

Part 2

A day has passed since we brought the villagers safely into Purna town. By the looks of it, the Church does not suspect us for the situation of Lyfon village, since not a single Holy Knight was sent here.

That same morning, my old comrades, Vardus and Merra, departed for the Border. As if they are punishing me for my actions last time, they left without informing me. I guess that makes us even. I hope that we’ll meet again in the future.

As Dixion and the rest of the nobles are busy in accommodating the villagers from Lyfon, I decide that it’s time to head back to Burg. As before, Paul shall give us ride back with his Stagecoach. However, there are more people accompanying us back this time.

At the South Entrance of Purna town:

“As someone born from a noble family, it is obvious that I shall sit at the front row.”

“No!! The front row is mine!! You can go sit at the last row with the luggage!!”

Charlotte and Anzu are busy bickering on who shall sit at the first row of the Stagecoach.

“Both of you don’t fight. There’s no doubt that the first row is reserved for the unconscious girl.” Marian butts in as she points at the still-unconscious human/vampire, Eris Bergat.

The unconscious Eris is lying down on Floria’s lap. Paul, Gren, and my second disciple are busy loading the luggage onto the Stagecoach. Looks like Anzu’s personal maid is waiting for the loading to finish before carrying the unconscious Eris into the Stagecoach.

As for me, I am saying my farewell to Licia and Lara.

“Thank you for all your help these past few days.” I bow down in respect, “Sorry for any troubles that I caused.”

“It was a pleasure serving Master Vena.” Licia replies while Lara merely looks away from me.

“I am glad that I got the chance to meet the Devil race. Perhaps in the future, I would like to have a rematch for my total defeat last time.”

Meeting the Devil race that I respect and adore is like a dream come true.

“Would you like my daughter to accompany Master Vena as your personal maid?

I had to hold myself back from screaming “Yes! I would like to have your busty daughter become my personal maid!”

I can see that Lara is flustered red as she glares at the mother for spouting such nonsense. It’s evidently clear that Lara hates the idea.

“Sadly I’ll have to decline. I can see that Lara prefers to stay with her mother.” I smile why trying to convey the message “It’s alright; I won’t ask you to follow me.”

“Ah? I-It’s not that…just…” Lara stops talking halfway as she avoids my gaze.

“Master!! We’re ready!!” Charlotte shouts as she waves her hand at my direction.

“Guess it’s time your departure. Have a safe journey, Master Vena.”

“…Take care…Vena…”

Oh? Looks like Lara has finally dropped the word ‘Master’.

“Sure. If I ever pass by Purna town, I’ll be sure to drop by.”

After everyone says goodbye to Lara and Licia, we squish ourselves inside the Stagecoach. The final seating is as follows.

Driver seat: Paul and Vena.

First row: Marian and Eris (Resting on Marian’s lap.)

Second Row: Charlotte, Elisu, Anzu.

Third Row: Floria and Gren.

As for our luggage, they are all packed at the top and the back of the Stagecoach.

Paul whips the two devil-horses and the Stagecoach moves through the road we came from. I wave at Licia and Lara until they are no longer within my sight.

Glancing into the stagecoach, I can see Charlotte and Anzu quarrelling. Elisu, who is sitting between them, looks like she’ll explode anytime soon. Marian is stroking Elisu’s silver hair as she asks Charlotte and Anzu to quiet down. Glen has an awkward smile on his face as he observes what is happening in front of him while Floria puts on her usual stern expression.

And so, the journey back to Burg begins.

The plan in my head: Purna town --> Anzu town --> Burg town.

Maximum Days before arriving Burg: 4 Days.

Of course, fate loves to tease me. She (Fate) enjoys messing up my schedule. Right after facing the vampires in Lyfon village, fate has something special waiting for me at Anzu town. Also, little did I know that one of the passengers on this Stagecoach would make my stay at Anzu town all the more troublesome. Without knowing what awaits us, the Stagecoach edges closer towards the town of Anzu.

Part 3

On top of a certain rectangular wooden table in an unknown land, rests a letter.

At the very front of the letter reads these words - The Immortal Hunter is alive.

Partial contents of the letter is as follows:

[Accompanied by six humans and two devils, the Immortal Hunter took down 40 normal Vampires, 20 Sir-Rank vampires and 1 Count-Rank vampire in Lyfon village, saving the villagers and thus, reclaiming the land under the Human Race.]

[He still uses the Cursed Weapons – Lacero and Perdo as his main arsenal. There are no signs of him turning permanently into a Vampire or Demon as of now.]

[The Immortal Hunter plans to leave the town of Purna by tomorrow. Following him would be his two disciples, his personal slave, a human noble and her two escorts, and a girl with silver hair (she might be an Elder-Rank vampire).]

[Now that I have got hold of the whereabouts of the Immortal Hunter, I’ll continue to observe him. Don’t worry Master, I’ll gather as information as I can to decide whether the Immortal Hunter is a candidate to recruit or eliminate. Please look forward to my next report.]

The letter has yet to be read, for the recipient of the letter is currently asleep. In truth, the letter shall not stir any sort of action from the recipient. In the morning, the recipient shall read the letter, place it back on top of the table and move along with the other tasks at hand.

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