The Storm Sisters Book 1

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Kiri Storm Was anything but a fighter, She wouldn’t hurt a fly. She was always so pure and innocent But that all changes When kiri and her sister Lily Go through something that will change both of their lives for better or worse. Lily Storm Is very Opposite From Her baby sister Kiri . She was brave never the type to Take crap from anyone She is also very smart and beautiful and is a very confident person. Where Kiri is smart Yet shy and looks very different from lily despite having the same parents. She looks nothing like lily and She isn’t the type to talk back to anyone. But she doesn’t really have to worry about it much when she has her big sister lily by her side. But What will happen when these two sisters go through something horrifying and end up being split up. Enjoy this story as you read these two Women take on life as they see it through their eyes. This is my first story guys so don’t bag on it to much if you guys see something wrong then just comment on it so I can learn and do better in the future.

Adventure / Action
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Kiri’s POV

Life Has always Been Special To me... I had three most amazing people in my life, I had A sister who loved me so much, A beautiful And loving mom Who also loves me so much.

And A dad Who loves me At Least...That’s what my mom always tells me, But I also know that deep down she’s right. My dad may not always be around Or, Help me with my homework or, tuck me in at night And read me a bedtime story so I can fall Asleep I still knew he loved me. Honestly Not every family is perfect Even I knew that much. Yet I still wish he would act like a dad most of the time. But I guess he’s just trying to provide for us, I mean we have a lot of money so I guess it’s all thanks to father for working so hard. However I don’t really care about the money as long as I have my family, life couldn’t be more amazing for me.

But little did I know that everything was coming to an end.

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