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Sobe's Gift

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The dark forces have come to claim our planet and leave a wake of destruction,. Our young protagonist Sobe holds the key to defeat the treacherous and powerful warlord, but the path to deliverance is frought with danger. at every turn,

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Chapter 1

Sobe’s Gift

By Ivor

Chapter One; Not a good day

It was not a good day. The last bell had rung, class was dismissed and Sobe who had just gotten out into the hall, glanced nervously down the passageway, which was a flood of boys and girls, with their books in hands, jamming the corridor as the teachers stood by their classroom doors, like sentries.

“Move along now, the busses won´t wait forever.”

Sobe edged against the wall, moving with the flow, mindful of what that bully Speth, said to him in the cafeteria at lunch period.

“Hey you dumb geekey alien, we´re gonna find you after school, and mess you up” Speth was the tough guy who liked to boss around the smaller kids. His two goon friends, Blank and Roser were by his side, they enjoyed Speth´s attitude.

“Sobe Where are you going? you look worried”. It was Joleen, she was in Mrs MaGrath´s fourth period class and liked Sobe a lot. She saw qualities in him, that others missed; His physical features were bold. His red hair and blue green eyes gave him an impish look, but she thought that was sweet. It embarrassed Sobe to admit it, but he liked her too. They lived close by. And now Sobe brushed right by her, maybe it looked rude, but it was his way of keeping her out of harms way.

“Are we going to go to the mall this weekend for your birthday?”

“Can´t talk to you now, gotta run, see ya later”

Sobe had the chance to plot his run home, He did not take the bus, but hoped Speth and his friends would, No such luck, They spotted him from halfway down the block and started running towards him. Sobe was a little on the heavy side, but he could run well, and he knew the neighborhood. There were lots of alleys and yards to cross, lots of hiding places. and that is what Sobe was watching for. Turn down an alley. and try the back way. His heart was pounding as he spotted Speth and Blank at the entrance of the Alley he just ducked into, He started running to the other side of the alley, where Roser was waiting for him. Trapped. Dang! Sobe thought,

“Hey you firkin alien, you gave a good chase, eh boys?” Roser snickered and Blank just stood looking like a overgrown dummy, grinning and punching his fist into his palm.

“And you know” Speth continued,

“We wasn´t going to hurt you, but after the work you put us through, we´re gonna hafta. right boys?” Roser had stepped behind Sobe, and got down on his hands and knees, as Speth from the front would push Sobe over, sending him to the ground, Sobe stepped on one of Rosers fingers. Roser cursed loudly, as Speth grabbed Sobe. The sharp punch below the ribs took Sobes breath away. After that it was an uneven free for all. No-one was around to hear the commotion.

After they stripped Sobe, they tossed him into a large dumpster. the heavy lid slammed down loudly, leaving Sobe shivering in the dark. He could only think of how he hated those bullies, and wished he could do something about them, Outside a soft rain started to fall.

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