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By Mira Markovic All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Drama


Having Strength to deal with it all over again now ,I’m now the creation because my culture disappeared .Who am I ?.saying- because situation having to decision product I am I whatever require beautiful division expressed pain without itself hurt .Hurt because got much hurt. Picture coming back product all over quality ,loved obviously fashion group Rockman’s .Mental health would not injury thing" probably sense why created stylo again .

Asap meaning fastest possible should picture memory before decide explanation of course burning because purpose quality sleep ,would melted much nightmares urgency to be as picture itself obviously killed whole thing for having strength I am who I am .

Full decision quality might best for me sense elsewhere purpose beauty omg who could depend on life culture happening full alone urgency purpose obviously best me .

To keep spirit at least all over name before product many stops words to tell possible mental health injury name itself Pretty Girl Fashion Group ,stronger definitely making clear hurt because gone ,and how I am now to deal who am I now ,having to much to say ?

I will use picture contained since created sense saying without having situation before how and who to show written past since certainly my self product .At leats meaning expressed pain after the injury nightmares ,getting as normal strength to deal with myself cause of me memory clear as because my culture and so I am who I am .crazy science to get the best out ,honest should myself talking about brilliancy that when each situation happen before to anybody Milly I would personally all forms together .Running away state of mind I must have spent much money .

Forever personality modern myself talent created alone ,magic dreams there have happened state of mind phenomena because changed from pushed" difference having modern myself from all happened own occurred perfect so mind strong keeping something above everybody attentionally .


Fact I must .Happened treatment. Down the drain copy stile keeping something upon its time I refused to go down the drain .Anybody somehow keeping thought general understanding myself talent even as perfect mind .honest together because opportunity happened above opportunity of the years talking myself together in well being before everybody ljaki .

Concurred something for to can love again ,amazingly better because time thought to get beauty that could beauty only as because only make me what wanted .strong who lives within upon at time mentioning it all in all forms diploma from getting I my and each one of I self needs situation ,biggest brain genius I have a logic theories thinking why wanted crazy for who I am wanting ,pushed attentionally ?

Own copy stile seriously beauty mind of course opportunity to be only beauty happening .

Best recovery I was definitely doctor knowing that my best gets me.

Wellbeing already needed seriously lower back getting there have power opportunity for what happened .

Doing time I was about running away ,again phenomena pushed into late because created alone chance personality beauty ,goodbye to each other keeping running away honest .

Difference happened ,chance for to think better but the fact "wish "have to with my own only vision as beauty much money needed wanted to fascinated 'hammer "forever .

Goodbye would start personality seriously perfect keeping ready to explain as happened diploma' honest mind phenomena.

Been strong so ..so as pain as interest situation have helped me trough much wanted want to be happened ok ok person .raging to get out freedom letter .pain more cause .delicate “treatment wrong because absolutely where I like I’m not wanted anybody to be job all the time .I’m problem "thing urgency bestest clearest boring project with characteristic speech problem ?

Speech problem asked from me without thinking needency why I am in need about myself with all its forms confusion possible asap thinking depending to mention thoughts and my mind using strong learned character purpose expressed what I need itself proud .Speech problem good in me .

purpose speech problem ‘boring because confusion project of mine expressed the way why I am3 years to show possible act appropriate being asap action bestest confusion without being speech problem will need others to help who take action possible in me need .

clear message meaning itself being important for it to be written .

Time, I’m the one in time ,expresses don’t get me wrong ,no one as this I’m the required characteristics and what I need n asap is to BEME again without thinking being to asap thinking by thought and compressing the part me together clear message across ,I’m in need because situation respects possible important as asap mention speech problem meaning meaning efficiency of myself asap order to proceed love -my favourite word .

Memory environment for who I am been here radiates own story much embarrassed because the need to speak about myself mater wanting freely pure only as because conversation requires urgency realisation memory myself fun happy .I was who I am where needed opportunity because being character opportunity feel project from all my life’s that developed everybody me character .I urge and demand particular somebody as depend I like person ,I put my bestest as because personal magnetistic dynamism meaning own Mira able to like because because i definitely wanting me time always but depends losing many people ..,,many people could to evolution leading knowledge character developed and expressed all happy .Because hiding gives nothing in need as because needs as strong as ..found great attitude act in telling something look myself for instance .,clear great playing my mind game attitude opportunity part of that found myself character book needing knowledge because me reflect on me but personality make myself like me for real .Amazed experienced pleasure everything achieved thought sick of pains .hurt I ,I am .

To live alone whatever self question myself as person own who I was ,particular having me lived obviously not me .happened first existence .Only my what I need ,what I need doesn’t happen I want to need as because amused enough let them be happy ...I wasnt happy ,they envy who i am as mother job creativeness individuality all the tool trough life .

Appeared chance to be really bestest characteristics ,actually having to express being who I made at work being who I made sure all the best style sway of introducing wanted characteristics because already spent time and money because husband who gets really angry make need for shop because I remember last time taking .I got to remember fact in the worry needed .

Normal person wanted fashion felt definitely ideal body to fit amazingly great attitude character fashion seriously lady appropriate person who character express to make more happy .own person i quite remember ,.enjoyed self unique .Bored ?Never .remembering life injury .because my own amusement enjoyment inspiration happy picture of myself heart .Problems in self issues whatever ..appearance happened to force personality biggest equal with admiration where I come pride and joy because only becalmed who good .best job statured also within who I have opportunity meeting my journey from who I have my words instantly genuine feeling love .Do miracles agree ?

As I investigated my mind condition ,accordance to see myself for who stoped being me normal so I lost best instantly ,.health my soul urge achievement excitement of making happy .I would my funny unique talking exchanging the opinions .my myself wanted for making sure opinion between I concentration always busy ,urgency I never wait to get ,new experience ..I love my job .Unconsciously with expectancy picture home always because been many times part of the company .Possessed myself alone ,so made me obviously confident in time ,I have realised only I atmosphere was making stuff constantly better operating .Took I have spirit to want pretty as I had opinion profession .Awesome requirements communication established outstanding individual .Person getting team by owns achievements .Happy condition passion purpose to be forever seriously wanted myself the best .Opinion observing knowledge with business ,knowledge self ,myself proud to have .

experienced journey myself having chance to show my language used normal to communicate to prove permanent stay for the years to come realising my bestest developing important show" acknowledging importance presentation as quality making importance important .

Opportunity Rockman’s bestest experience comfortable being self knowing knowing importance to know project working with team .Mind which I happened .Happened plan developing project final days all that stock ..power ..I ,that I taste of power ,acknowledgments where comparing feeling situation and this is serious talk all honey and sugar .

Underworld I’m .Unhappy so wanting to know anything because ,well..mira with the customer ..because happy service important because product itself attention important purchase involved ,multitasking required .expectations :BRAVO !!

LAUGH that’s how growing person dealing with people constantly because everybody continue talking about me .

Calling me babe ,sounded for the spirit ...

Started pleasant situation because person give me opinion good like if done totally of I needed .

Fallowing everything actually to me make tempo spirit I was self person .

Quality from parents beginning ,..so I know .unconsciously adjusted to everything everything visualisation :C'MON. .developed kind of OMG perfect little I ,because absolutely expression made me who I -my family whom because believed -seriously ,quality to express their opinion .Daily needed becomed heathy behaviours .

Time ..I think of comfortable ,because complicated wanting to private Mira with Mira that has expressed meaning needing urgently .

















































Expert witnesses in proceedings of my ability .I believe knowledge awarded Australia.

Royal details from presented lady mother capacity :discomfort of the entire back ,request between immediately return to work ,recommended time consulted for /by pain .Assumed period decided which between treatment changed, begun to see past in any return to work programme .Participate in programs ,but returns sleep which behaviour prepared every once per week television .Located time radiate basic pain sensations .Episodic nature interview product medicine context .Expected reasonably behaviour for financial opinions and longer may comment .Previously described ,specifically previously exaggerating states on particular medical activities experiencing functional herself and with out distress seen medical view ,meaning exaggeration in relation between credible psychological complaints ,chance settlement decision once psychosocial stressors disturbance explaining behaviour nature planning quickly discomfort in response -physical .




























Remarkable WORLD ,because "Legend” ‘inspired .

Wisdom fairy-tale comedic Greek drama ,literally ma extravagance powers ..

Without actions ?...

Unlikely ..

Exhibited often Shakespeare drama because rather comedic Grail" winner .

Written story on this ability light ?

Actually ..

Harry Potter displaying necessary abilities ?

being ability

Beyond -Nostradamus ability ..

Costume ?

Genuine connected .

Written Mediterranean important ?

provided collaborative

..approach fortune working with person Hope"

Challenges at finished work ?

Proud ,astonishing powerful original constantly

Long lost book astonishing ?


-Appear found fact

Famous Nostradame ?

Death historical Hitler ..

Excellent attitude Galileo found same way philosophy wondering himself inspired by great nation .Aaccurate remarkable interpretations since intelligence important to him .

Largely treatment?,. When decided medicine ?Skilful because of lawyer ?

Importance story

Because discovered medicine

Itself practice new art ability

Medicine story unique, no doubt remarkable ..

The lost book ?

Possibilities written ,become himself volume to a book presented extravagant pod script following frequent topic designed Nostradamus code ,lost book documentary presented become .

History understanding collection reason ?

Nostradamus himself key topic .Himself examine everything to gold .

Human history touch ..?


Everything lesson learned ?

Interpretations success in business financial problems -money itself .

Queen ?

Artist teacher, musician composer

Figure music ?

Superficial question ,books extraordinary filled presence between psychologist .

Triple distillation key invention

Emotional expression for truth ?

Wisdom suportive..

Distillation creation written honesty ?

Invention :time of crisis against warfare.

-Radiant young person ,active youth impulse ,becomed imaginary ,disarming an army -enemy force to prevent battle

Making Hope in new plans ?

Unconscious own critical moment ,powerfully ma invincible mortal 'me-

Voluntary :required special kind appropriate to a solution in own me as invincible required

Special kind -without strength passion courage -bleeding ..

Underworld Vengeance" sharp ..

Identity strong ..patience takes challenge ,personality different knowing intelligence absolute power .

Illumination of his own tears attitude necessary honouring me a "Hero"..

Anxiety given ..sadness and mourning neccessary because hidden wealth

Born women because time acknowledge acknowledged poison .

Master Cronus acknowledged fascination .

Knowledge difficult ?

Power experience ,because Gates immorality

Original form necessary ?

Voluntarily unafraid of sometime spent /

Sexual development inevitable with devil personality.

I’m unconscious figure -sexual impulses in order to comfort own invention .

Briliante art experience own fear ,leading lost personality ,problem remain personality .

Music nature becomed image fascination problem ?

Sexual problem, energy Emperor releases personality consuming passion when beautiful in love .built diplomatic changes ,beautiful devil inspired attitudes within .

Fashion human voice ?

Vengeance means imprisoned beautiful solution "Hope "

Challenges glimmering confusion?

Experience which individual greater Hope being Germany .

Physicians belief challenges ?

Between Star of Hope-vision mysteriously locked .Concentration often difference mysteriously locked deliberate destroyed difference .Act of "will “meaning glimmering attitudes managed .beautiful waiting ...


Before himself Star of Hope

Action ?

Attention ! individual misteriously locked .

Responses >>???

Vision "Tower imprisonment .concentration gifts glimmering imprisoned ,insanity passion the Moon enchantment represented always enjoyed ..

unconscious invisible Queen great collective .Experience sudden experienced unconscious fortune world .

experience depending ..?

Individual resolved anxiety which greater knowledge embodiment purpose for to speaks all darkness capacity of the power .Unknown image greater ,.freedom craving for the future .

Knowledge optimism once made greater ?

Purpose civilisation freedom.

Made subject :future forward human journey ..

Personality born .

Elusive critical remained elusive?

Magical together psychotherapy experiences .stuff memories ..

Idea attempting judgment ,judgment ,judgment ..

Philosophy combined .Female arrived male child.

Beauty youth originally personality immediate pleasure .

Imagination power potential experience .moment of journey .


Moving I love complete .

Is made ultimately instinctual power ,experiences more personal level .

Different psychological ,psychological character ,experiment power might emerge protection psychology .

Stable psychology ?

Dynamic powerful sphere requirements in myth art because spirit myth

Legend adventure .

Lonely ,magnificent palace stumbuled ro destroy Afrodite

Beauty frenzy passion awakened moment overwhelming accidently

Himself falling in love of mankind ,providing potential power ,protagonist in tale becoming immortality and celebration of the marriage initially recognisable state feeling of joy immediately enhanced to literature development .

Beautiful divine awareness with personality ,emotional state of positive individual within creative knowledge which expectation self knowledge .

Betrayal remains challenge ?

Beautiful memories ..

Truth -unreal dream expectations .

Serenity provided tranquil ?

-however mysterious husband shame including resentment .

Truly in love force for each other fulfilment falling for pleasure toward commitment satisfaction contentment of challenges meaning own face personal status .

Personal to immortal sense ?

Capacity beautiful young Narcissus .-beginning changeable love with his own fell in love ..

Fell in love ?

Fell in love own reflection .

"Son" who fell in love me this own figure by mythic in love who might clear damaged self capacity .

In love >?

Feeling hurt delicate awareness self knowledge quality ..

Delicate beautiful self-knowledge awareness of ?

able to plastic because another doctor forgotten .


Chance attraction protogonist

All falling in love ?

business partners ..

Psych standing behind represent the feeling manifested ..becomed celebration experience -loved of achieved together ,experience fulfilment important .

true encounter experience ?

visible important immediately dream partner ,

immediately promise ?

Fulfilment story, fulfilent divine -potential forever .


Human dramas immediately experiences recognisable ..

Development situation beautiful ,

Loving ...,funky ,best trough all where this project I got stronger again .

Sound Renaissance ...?

Dynamism spirit designed possibly psychological development great miracle creator known knowledge ..

Awakened centuries light great, creation complex ..

Wonder sparkling involved study associated of Botticelli ?

Enlightenment apparently entering literature .

Understanding behaviour certainly the myth ..

Understanding a perspective experience .

The power to experience ?

Demanding devotion -The Underworld .

Magical Underworld towards magical heart ?

Power of wealth !

Individual creative ?

Own fate .

-emperor, creative way ..

Meaning no ?

Understandable passions of appropriate chapter ,tehnigue positive whenever experiances adolescent crises ..

architect challenges ?

challenges in life demanding individuality form HERO born .

Music to mankind personality underworld ?

Prepared to walk towards the change possessed understanding .

Greater fortune mind because underworld light developed wisdom?

Accidently discovery ..own ,confused ,strange wonderful wonder meaning possible possibilities to have lived ..

Return again !

Existence- respect for reality

Experience with solution experience requires creative vision

-awesome child in her freely ,implacable principle authority ambition whom lightening self sufficiency ,..

Authority interfering ?

Powerful problems because creative experience ..

innocent psychology speak seductive figure which knows personality beyond realm ..

appearance ?mysterious rhythm >?

Soul interest ,powers of intuition...

Powerful world .


Greek spiritual knowledge fashioned itself ,the arts in childhood ..

Behind discovery ?

Answers system ,,..particular individual law ,the role knowledge -intellect mind .

Knowledge comprehended by pain ???

expresses philosophy because himself commitment behind actively ..

mouth platitudes ?

childhood serious discovery in the world knowledge from himself life .


Understand behaviour ,behaviour within .people experience behaviour toward himself meaning .

Philosophical kind ?

Handsome charming ,grew to kingdom behind .


women offered mirror perspective ,experience of promised between promised himself ...developing individual ..Carefully without passing reflection was in love .

Intuition by glory ?

Represented itself ..

conflict who committed ?powerful victory astonishment aroused ?becomed justice myth ?

carrying powerful principles desire ,mind situation -instinctual artistic creation .

wisdom ?

human mind challenged constantly because beautiful Vengeance expense of the individual .

heart from the universal Iris ...

moment.,. Careful function sensing .

Emotional form impossible assessment challenged ,.

Guardian in mind ?

To circumstances return original form ,Hope representing the state to face with a complete growth ,important beginning recognised .painful capacity reason captivating forward ..

commentator celebrity ?

considered seeking a salvation which grammatical announcing humour .

Comparatively situation pleasant dancing ?

Beautiful "Excalibur "...-something along the person who demands communication beyond the language by engaging conversation together because beautiful women-personal advantage ,balance towards charming amusing seduction ..

advantage ?

womanisers everywhere ..

problem ?

personal memory ,police attitude interesting actually .

straight :you down ,me a new love .

Childhood implicated intentions ?

inspired picture human kind urging great salvation because problem who Angel ?

-asking perfect kind missionary ,owns existence ,individualistic himself choice where inspired product happy own herself salvation to pay the attention .

pay attention ?

my maze remember !?

Joondalup fairy tale ToRentino style because abnormal own doctor waited as crazy ..

story hospital because inspiration abnormal talking ?

talking dizzy maze because crazy wanted .

Crazy wanted classic .

How to start seeking from heart matter ?Expressed emotion philosophy military guarded ?

Without knowledge strategy dedication leadership .

State possibility ?

With contributed comedy designed dance ,stage mythological handsome music dance developed genius philosophy knowledge aspect .

Presented Death story ?

Theatrical Death constructed story ...

Presented story military science whose heart powerful ideology .

Renaissance princes :)

by emotion dedication of self-interest for strategy new fashion architecture presented story .presented qualities under grandeur architect own qualities ,handsome invention printing inspired volume by Greek characters .,in closed own change attending drama bright theatre temperament poking work .

chance encounter ?

Often act complexity of his characters believed independent doctrine soon.

Exposure simular believed ..

Brilliant advocacy issue instrument ?Own temperament independent dramatist made play amusement ,latest prof turning intellectual propaganda into realistic nature ?

Dramatist independent between serious musical because logical reason the book with lyrics startling in the realism playing melodramatic final financial difficulty originally opening composer because story title will successful play .

Artistic financial invest ?

...except the lyrics needed music .

financial disaster critic -tradition susses !

away we go !understanding because knowledge journey to create Hero -message study itself to express brilliant study .

grammarcy permanent home ?

Time performed enough brilliant advocacy .

Talked of until propaganda has fashion ?

Comedy creative artist -modern drama .


Creative play late childhood story .

Brilliant advocacy causes people more social ?

Play work colouring agents act ,strongly novelist attention leading force to power comedy .

My apartment presented image :looking famous cool .

Do I quickly trying to relax ?

I quickly problem agreed TV picking some old rock speaking up ,totally learning cool .

Spectacular role model ,own way definitely now I much missed having permanent last .

........unknown women somewhere waiting ,expected to return when awaiting company knew .while celebrations of those whispering the gossip just before leaving the company ,compassion found a relief :know ministering Angel ?

thinking characteristics should confident of susses .accosted wishing massage possibilities from the experience down south should be left for interested myself advices :space of time obtainable, enquiries obtainable

Quiet territory ,everybody knows general interest ,confidential indeed watching that public thankful in the settlement of manager and apologized somehow ..

Editing silly amazement ?

Much careful about waiting ,determined- complete .

Absurd optimism might lend to prediction meeting comedy movie star ?

From thinking questions presenting style ,approval opportunity difficult passion .Decision without offending for the rest of my life we can typical metamorphosed glimmering charisma man .

Charisma beyond competitive I was .

Worth bonjour .

is difficult sense of quilt ?certainly awareness occasionally trough you ?

my mom ,grandmother who is family orientated most probably .I grew up some sort of morality ,I’m subject defending myself culture ,-protestant in fact part of "I’m subject " awaiting judgement like trough professional ,from something showing probably me because ..

bad thinking ?

I agree questions about me the sense of quilt ,the sense of quilt existing in the opposition simular to when starts thinking the ,..

await judgement ?

in the end rare occasions would still rare papers

might going to find it offensive ?

interesting concept together ,..Injury there was a head line ,,..I had to choose .I think along if want large amount of money ,important what connected the agency ..

Funny thing to go trough again and again ..

Flashing in professional must be thinking this pulled me maybe I deserve it ....

sense that everything worthwhile maybe ,better face the light again .knowledge stood reminded at any time .Drifted I smiled in the way that outside waiting was to happen .

Explained meant dreams of childhood >Turned outside unique and delicate .I needed something wonderful ,,explained ..

Produce sandman ?

I was complicated .nature like orchid ,was to respect that I was fragile sensitive and complex challenging man .rewarding hard-won agreement ..trough nutter I hammered .assured myself wanted tantrum touching documentary lyrics -begin to control my surroundings .emotional due to leave the next day .-Basically reason lack of acceptance which vital component in recovery ,,..been in recovery turned greatest gifts .the greatest gift testament to this famous friends .Wanted to talk because he listeners gives advice and is funny .Hair turned to always beautiful .when problems told self obsessed and might be thinking superficially actually ,selfish technique displayed ,drew crew from asking people ,offering only reasonable response for might without classic of modern wild which serve as unfamiliar ignorance ,-much gone wild encouraged who trough re-joining wild obvious approval .Present is now like reality to mind interest .

Film would be made subject .Heart of a moment actually womanizing book searching for enlighten .moment about calling when I sort of now lived a bit great movement .Gave birth to the humourlessly comedian .-more then can be said accompanying brilliant mind diagnose announced writing was developed brilliant relationship, perfectly different charisma seduction expected to meet .the kind of lady aware for being difficult .reputation while power professionally focused and determined .


Mira :Air force ! ongoing health issues !

Air force : A new carer member of society ?

Mira : recovering time what my future permanent disability spoke ..

Air force :time in future available professions ?Jobs available ?

Mira :hospital staff jobs available ,had to retrain permanent lol

Air force :lol secure preparation trough basic English communication skills

Job: able to cope with training since school lectures .

Air force :to overcome with challenges ?stolen completely because ...??

Mira :said Trevor ..

Air force :after inspired study institute at Joondalup campus as graduate program ?

Mira :graduate program to work to expand existing knowledge around hospital ..

Air force :program when ?when patient needs return home ?half spent health unit counselling to help patients ?lol

Mira :lol.Trevor enjoying every day ..

Air force :looks very much what is me .

Mira :Joondalup health campus ?

Air force :invasive introduction to travel for treatment .

Mira :officially the hospital forms major campus ,diagnose conditions private ..

Air force :highly interventional patients need instead ..

Mira :travel to city .

Air force :emergency ?

Mira :emergency appropriate to hospital emergency ..

Air force : once population health cure ,multi million .

Mira :facility redevelopment of the new investing ,Joondalup Joondalup including journey ...

Air force :musical journey ?Mix classical and some rock music ?

Mira :Joondalup proud to support Joondalup health campus facility -clinic completely .

Air force :create individual two ?

Mira :clinic land ,opening important redevelopment .


-For individuals:

Treatment program and woman stage program based on expected benefits with to assist People from drug and alcohol issues .-?

Model education ..

based alcohol rehabilitation team ,?

dedicated to provide needs of young males and females

-teen challenge rehabilitation drug and alcohol free ?

recovery experienced

have associated problems ?

Rehabilitation agency part of unimaginable period for clients modern and residential.

Spiritual support education comprehensive ,counselling strategies .

The program includes range giving modern and comfortable accomodation .

form setting approximate individuals whose lives highway house alcohol and other ?

Form--environment offers .

Want to make community recommended program ?

Want to aim sense of purpose knowledge and self responsibility .

-residence to introduce effective every day living and growing??

Provided employment skils.

Provided known ?

opportunity for consumption .

all residence maintain the changes self responsibility -...beloved natural desire to provide environment with residents together to help

is accomplished ?

Through personal growth to make positive changes ,a safe drug and alcohol free within a personal development challenges and general maintenance ,

trough local registered treatment centre ?


Accordingly the truth better results who are impressed by same .

Some people?

Temperament see which goes against expectant .

Attention :negative truth mental state argument .

To tell the truth confidence factor states :previous lessons mentative .

Currents ,the desired mental state ,afford normal to the mind that i will in the first place

Just how the story ?

Attention and interest follows perfect healthy body ?

Healing mental state in for mind .

Consideration speak of directing practice of mental treatment telling words to do respond .

Being already mind for the moment immediately employment I .You may wonder why ..?I practice of mental healing ..

How ?

First step ..attached to the body aptitude .relax personal form in both cases .

Lets go !

Mental let go comfortably results be..

gained upon lessons ?

mental states treatment the best play condition Healer .

Tower the bright comfortable attitude .

miss something? >

every nerve limber .

One must assume mental healing lessons confident cooperating .

Desired condition he should form stomach able to strong strong power of the mind, much toward impressions

forceful words away ?

mind power to the healing, the process transmitting flow mental image with corresponding immediate benefit .

general treatment methods many practitioners affected my in person healing full of metaphysical terms .

I knew in my heart easily time for myself once begun to remember my dreams ,but my own to show begun begun to have myself down within myself .

disaster continued ?

I accept all and end .once my nobody's fault have around I used to responsibility business to have challenged me .I think once spend my time might imagine :controlled fire ".Isn’t funny to answer about mosaic trough the fire on every intense to controlled ..easily regaining old years which excides trough forest .living closely to necessary covered interest added fuel to suggest decades of experiences .the answer understood intense to prove special experience research .target experience suggest evidence program the delirious environmental effects ,hotter harder to contain about target figure .Decade achieving calculate research .interest added periods where by dictionary correctly examples future .

Emerged from program after all every year has damage "compo culture ".stressed psychological ,test evidence to suggest people living impolite ,man depicting towards given good manners .curtesy would education without with going to a "wedding "-morality thing seven years later should written self-interest .

I finding difficult impolite behaviours .women intentionally impolite ,man comic as humorous dollar stadium .opinion with enough empire building .housing for all approach without comics .original act for the grace of God rides again .

excuse there, may address people .

melodramatic I don’t trouble .High madness ,False hypocrisy questioning the integrity ,I find the presence major leaders with poor quality are actually them tempted knowing product pleasures ,.knowing that once produced abandonment ,generally the evidence by shaping the future ,basis of good manners decent standards collect almost effect priorities strength higher price to pay between a definite shaping for self .Eger to I am I feel having lived aboriginal ,almost maintained control .


"supremacist "rather then "racist "civilian during the compo era "military force "used to secure are actually quality produced higher look great .regard teaching good manners constantly sold out interest .

Historians past special reference available ?

domination to having actually paying higher price knowing subsequent its native obvious at he hands of torture and Death discrete of ashamed of should should realise that when I dance "ice blocks "melt .why I find it happenings following to secure ?

well replace them knowing ..

I to pleasure years played in worlds bestest broken wonder .

From knowing without wanna think ,sometimes its a good thing .attended school ,experienced freedom but absolutely everything multitalented writer ,director -independent daughter .

boyfriend ?

oh ..man.., strong handsome since school ,only if fantastic lover to be .

because was one fantastic laugh ?

happened to me thing "..desperately moving to laptop sweetheart ,plane" like so exactly luxury exist about "him ".again reaching up beside him ..early evening relaxing seeing each other was time spent in Vegas .

Mood in New York .

wandering sex ?

turned decent laughter ...

left them both I work exclusive .

About playing into good natural could not wait ...Game begun considered a 10 in LA ,wrong with released unusual anticipation already made love in the mood .wondering serious boyfriend first six months ,

total ?

whispered giving giving time .

mock serious .

female challenging delighted to kiss him .passion begun .

love forced moment driving action ?

love making possessed .wanted more content. Wished outside world presence driving tomorrow which challenging since loved extremely .

Incredibly changed defence ,,,

people thrilled .profile walked probably meaningful rewarding job satisfaction .Want to catch what could stay strong case ?reply used between mega successful himself ,extremely powerful man expected business who ruled current waves of friendship .Only important himself ,confident considered mother to take her son with much expensive time to return civilisation .Her life planed to return every adventure ,planed to celebrate .Received compensation ,required her son and adopted American way of life .

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