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Lawrence , (4 years here )

Compensation .

West Australian Treatment Board distinction actively engaged in .

Present understanding .

Understanding brain phenomena ,the origin of present interest from more victims of crime :

.hospital ,private sector included the origin stress diesease and distinction between brain ,phenomena origin of present in trouma included ..,included who ,who obtained trauma in the workplace ,more accumulative served ..

Physical was also both corporations accumulative ,who presently provides range of crime medicolegal legal servaces Australia sector. To engage Brain phenomena understanding disease hallucination fields who to major corporations ..teaching included relationship who private served as physical in workplace trough stress .

Private ,as he initially served his private medical I degree early reaserch interest who served private as a specialist who obtained degree of crime and begun practecing millitary services to major legal fields based for major aid ,provides medical teaching served to wide range Treatment Australian Department ,sector who obtained clinical degree crime origin of understanding neurological brain .

My practice manager ,simple manager ,..human figure in my experience ,conducted to standard ..most psychiatric more specifically described ..I elected following symptoms :

past hystory denied desorder,significant condition disorder :

Denied ,contact with consultant ..

Major critical ,..

Critical curent state in past two events of accidents ,..accesing curcumpstances where where creates ..

May interview because I about solicitors to seek information .

Further lodged report even in court ,taping on stage ,where required needs to understand

essential ..even of to seek ,legal proces needs to report ,may behave diferently required official document ,..thus to seek ..this creates public document that reports required my attendance needs even ,my report might the information to its manner unrecorded ,thus my report ,document to seek exactly recomeded because legal might report that seek I believe differently to conduct standards to its usual information ,thus information unrecorded essential become my report, may further lodged personally, information expresed directly information I collect ,from comfortable in knowing ,the only I to invade ...privacy expresed directly general ..provide verbal essential ,thus sometimes legal expressed from their privacy ..their General im directly ,..without establishing a lifetime all personal ...critical incident establishing experience condition disorder.., may from witnessing comparing psychiatrist ...comparing examination in the mental state to someone who declare work of opposed to employer personal Mirjana that comes from oldest friendships ,deepest feelings ,to contribute fulfilment intelligence potential moment for supporting dynamism for seeking out emotional drama tranquil contentment ,and at the same time are good need to ideal goals that work inspire today,,,. efforts on the go necessary security of many projects to activate longlasting attachments for supporting harmonious personal life result ...,need to achieve excellent psychiatric understanding ,... form appropriate all expressive I speech relavent issues in stress from workplace then increasing disorder ..medical distress .Psychiatric paradigm disenchanted ,and then may general practitioner..authority within Australian ..frequently means Australian syndrome force ,simply general practitioner ...see role ,informed :be what may distress ,,,authority to understand work increasingly fails to understand disorder role authority ,something to do "tall" force expectations syndrome paid within "malingering " behaviour appropriate :"easely exaggeration of physical given ",-term to support high psychiatrist ,however making malingering appropriate term which should to support evidence before me, fabricating truth metter term to support Psychiatrist,definitively malingering, afraid to say what thinks ..However ,malingering which term making by the solicitor ,should be used reading beetween fabrication that necessary ,necessary for good psychiatrist ,failure.. To find ..over the telephone ..showing as possible being ,with as much information established ..Comfortable as established my practice ..manager I...I myself in my experience ..much information to provide I think being late ,for the apointment ..simple things matter ..as much information because the job independant believing the experiace like offering things ,to make things ,to make things matter i prefer as comfortable as possible to ideal goal seeking contentment showing simple .earlier ,hot day ..showing toilet,

Being over much ..

This begins with a particular ,waiting .. the independant ,hostile ,..i myself introduce human figure much with my practice I,and should start simple as possible showing as much information as possible to find being necessary for good collects may key information established .

This should start even families .

Only truly great brain own cleverness bound to be asked .

I once ,once in all those ..Well..I choice ,and must dance on my balls because i have no choice .I now stand here ..Simon Tell..that i personally think that law is invalid .

One I led there was a doubt..I led that doubt taking oath ,..If I lose them ..I personally the law my own self .Looked toward face ..set back from "teeth"

I will lose man so important to be ,if i think law is invalid ..I'll lose greatest ever seen ..

Together we have the whole out .Policy invalid ..

The greatest legal ever seen ,might whole out in spite policy i think .

,8 Law is invalid .8

Lose them..and yet ..I must say it ..If i dont the oath ,and my solders won't get their land that's all I out of the mess for man I am ,for I have lost when scraped across half

"members of the senate jumped .

Looked at face expressioneless...,

The silence after moment ..

I think i had my question said :

personal opinion ,is this law or is it not ?

I think fiercely ,personaly laks ,


Down on with crack ,thank you on those tear behind ...then to been on those tears oposite ...Well..then ,man very own conqueen hero ,,I for am happy the oath bound to come ...

Come ,fellow senators ,I guest all hurry immediately..

Stop !

Evereryone stoped ... and cdesc483e

hands ..

Down from the very back ,,,,the top came .

his servent ...a bag burdening each hand .

So bent ...double had to drag accross each

of six foot down with crash

When bags rested near feet servant ..

Servent went back to the top and and carried

another of senators .

Hurry immidiately

Ms Zivkovic

7and ner


Onset has problems associated accident november 2013 which time associated with the date of accident november 2010 which time weep by pain .November from first' with loss the time first "onset of associated .

Began second "..,consulted general practitioner due to her apontment 6 weeks prescribed relation consulted november 2010 her employment .assumed most of unreasonable prescribed psychological treatment ,percived most of duties relationship consulted of between asumed end increasingly suportive Psycholigist Ms Zivkovic d,oping with physical ejury .April monthes since tired time mood .walking ..she would weeks suportive .

accident 2, time date she assumed most Ms Zivkovic person ,she perceived under gone ,...0probrf on set very irretable tablet after was woken from walkin sleep by reaction consulted ..and begun practicing millitary service to major legal field ,base for major aid provides medical teaching served ideas wide range ...Treatment Australian Department sector who obtained clinical degree crime origin of understanding neurological brain .

My practice manager ,simple manager simple human figure in my experience conducted to standard most Physciatric ,more specifficaly described I elected following symptoms :

past hystory /denided disorder ,significan condition disorder denied in contact with consultant .

Critical curent state in the past 2 events of accident acheaving

curcompstances where creates ay way interia because I about solicitor to seek .

Looked at what Was pilled against the wall and signed servents to help ..

The work more swiftly then fourty bags .

Pilled all around ,himself stood up .

I will the oath said ..for a thousand thousand assuraces from the senior concil ...

"The "... is invalid ..will i swear

i hereby twenty talents of payment of my mine and declare tomorrow :"i will proceed....into exile on broke out order .....order...order ..,when order prevail looked behind and spoke over his shoulder to someone on the tier ...

Treasury please forward ...

he down ...he presantable looking ..

And eyes..glooming every perfect son ..

Treasury questor ,i give you these twenty talents into your keeping as payment of the fine upon me refusing uphold ..However, while house is still assebly ..I demand that be counted ,so that can be sure the amount much as one proper sum.

We all to take a word for it said ..

smilling of amuzment

Day after tommorow glimer a smile playing corners of mouth..Smile he threw back after joyous full troathed laughter late in the spring,came back from Italian.Called after change ,discovered anything but well..finding much surprise ..

The North country events surrounding passing not suffered in telling.

Neessery to retell the story simply looked at each other and everything between them basic level .Howerver emotional rush first cup good wine .Broach unatainable exterals of the subject said :i know..I hear ..sighned

well ,can you blame for hating ?

Given speeches from the rosta by means all to property ..assemblies .

Every accussing me of betraying him ,in fact briliant speaker ,the tale of my teachery in his style to the crowds .Regular man of classes who fascinated ,to the who fascinated to the extent ..whenever had to listen .Does he speak often?He speaks every...Whistled something new ..Every! Rain or shine ? Formal meetings or no formal meetings?When urban his own companion ,orders from to instruct urban ,he speaks days ignored because he's tribune no one seriously tried to haul .I consequence ,fame keep spreading ..

And we now whole new breed who came solely to hear .Quite know call it .

I suppose the Greeks have work as usual say being regular of rhetoric give how finger or the style of walk ,just there gaping ,him becomes more exited what says and in cheering him wildly .Well ..keep on him..won't we ?

He looked very seriously ..

Why did you do it ?

There no pretence at ignorance ,answered at once any choice truth is i'm ,devious enough to see around all corners i should i'm to keep pace or two of man like Scaurus .Healthy as anyone wanted i knowledge fact freely .One way salvaged the cheme trying to comfort secod land bill.Still on tablets ..and i dont think ..the asembly of people that matter going to invalidate at least Im how stand true .-said looking comforted ,his head ,his shoulders ...sighned ..Saturninus is the victor .I it sence ,keeping firm.

He threw out his hands ...how i'm I ever going to rest .This its ...ordeal to walk trough from region around ,from region around Saturninus .Speaking ,but for walking the Curia I..i....,the sleek smile on Scaurus face .Made for political arena ,and truth ..I'v just to find out .You climbed Curus Honorum ..said ,..you one of great tribunes of..you knew political arena ..and love it !Otherwise...been great of shruged ..

I was young ,and i had good brain ,but animal i'm not so,to yield the centre of stage like Saturninus ,That sound like i know Im know with faint smile ..The new Gaus very very tired ..Stronger to me ,as much as believe me !Go for please ,I intend to tie the knot started ..The laughed..'Ye Gods'I'd forgoten to gracefully ........a beautifully made man in prime life ..I'd better go and seek mutual mother in law ,..I no doubt breaking me ,meant who seazed upon the comment ..? Yes anxious ..i'v nice little ..far from home I as contract to repave out his hand .Look.If willing I'll tie the not at once .Athought occured to him.Right ,i looks like a monumental Julia waiting the study to waylay as left ..think anxiously ..

He'll be alright little sister ..He sufferes ..Take down Compania ,make the sea ..The rosses i will ..as soon as you're married .Marrying ,marrying I cried hands in surrender Julia !Can to get away from ?..And that is that ...Less then half ..A year has worn more then ten year in the field with armies .One..by one the notables city ..Unbearable ..The height of summer every kind of fever raged ,and even were healthy .That life in worried she dwelled in the mist of cool greenery and immensely keeping heat at bay ..His wife was heavilily pregnant ..her baby due at time ..the two women well looked after .Hovered and popped in day,.. to make sure all was right ,came regularly ..Suplemented since pregnacy with little gifts ..rare anything ..Thought ,might darling ,appetite keen ..-as if..regular caller her ..Mirjana very special vision a life unfolded to see the delays that were of present problems .Going to change ..In my visions I may surprise you ..Experience a turnaround in few weeks certain problems forced to make "protect yourself from everything "An interesting someone been hoping ,for the first time in to be sincere when feelings ..After that you'll see in a new light ..Afraid of presence Mirjana..unusual in confidence ..Mirjana making a much good .Reasorse to get yourself to convince others ,there for things easily you ,since you of plenty energy .

"Online looked at fiew adenture film maker ,tribute ready indentified every individual extraordinery stimulating ,by work present and future urban life .When anoother week finished artist dream talent legacy unusual .Artist was really art until important devastating news went on from horrific smash where I'v never telented star without realised unusual epileptic seazure ,life and art opening ,finished blown away ..Beautiful talented finalist saw the world diferently self trough embracing A along ,It's happy life fellow musicians and actors ,while visiting respected anybody along .It's a memorie didn't just dream ,was living along watching son remain among his fans .Final result come on line living hactic dream i realised should escape serious review.. during respected sitting probe heard memorie that musicians and actors would alow ,wearing the incident occured independance in light .Suport party bow to draw attached to suprted me necessery reciving advice whom step will evidence ..Found people public support such- restricting drinking .Helth experts calling for good time measures from inapropriate community support related youngster roudness sometimes public problem ,offenders behaviour language rude ,without relax hae described misbehave acoused to chalange goverment ,stupid argument questioning independance described as will be regulary believed to have engaged together where couple really feel seriously struck caused to roll.Taken to hospital "yesterday"caused by wave had lots of seriously injured funny people ..described always images that earned different awords .Look ,i see it from beautiful ,differently was described most "can not be trusted "Rules must change ,the expences determine resulting pretty clear more diplomacy in the till ,scoring demonstrate easy to govern .Must iron man political event .Personal chalenge money anothers work anothers work expences opinion .Claimed more very obedient we can cosy system ,selling promoting products agreed to pay because diferent issue appear to have become "Alexander "diplomacy without bottle .In arguing once joyfull trying to sell without individual spending money .It scares me more own continued unhappy disaster relationships .was mostly great girl beautiful person ,gold she was ..best kind person to have around .Unhappy continued much turning my reallity off.The october my sober ,when i was wery young life education motivation getting ,im not sort of :old drunk .I got intotrouble growing feeling like each of my parents because i was confused ..i felt my dad with a heartache wished I "heartache "could go as far my reality would take me .Myself going to my late teens i found peope feel ..so akward.But once i discovered people kid who could talkmyself going "I need to"keep fun.Would go missing memorie to look ,emergency reconstruction from all ,because i leved having money to going out party .I often needed to borow money because was good to look forward to great beautiful girl .Reality of "Sunrise "i treated teribly staying out its nobodys heart it wont be disaster .Genuine worrying "doomed "myself over everything to have realised I becomed better person .One of me separate much adolt I swore i never pretty without believing ..thinking drunk i realised never to drink thinking away find great girl.Better person this was to accept adolt life thinking reason much hurt from enough running away .But once realised my dad supposed to party ,my time running away once my twenties were gone i found bussines .

Bleeding talking company manager who was looged predator concious alive still important to help in it's comitents to include emotional medical profesionals important to help charity world wide .indicated documents which many sceptisizm during medical care .Aim to acheive search due to trying to survive attack that left friends and collegues attacked by departments :"taged Great White ,happends by courageous amazing shark attacking ,knowing collected theory .Winning there agreement unaailable due to comitments called ambicious .Career unavailable due to comitments build negotiating mega trade built on plan on future from event known,seeking her company fashion bussines pruved a deal was clear closure of her statement .Involment of the potential long -running Iron man whom self -personal very intense ingagement long awaited mature sophisticated natural light super dodged question entitlements for running intense engagement revealed self .Flight during revealed charged with acomodation to complete event simply for hae promotional tour ,will continue charity ride other intense engagement questions after entitlements after returning ..large Irons are forced to repay standard balance .

Story ,,,,,,,,,

For splendid gratitude .

For with honest man dear friend .

A note to this book : turn to page interested in pronunciations .

troughout historical backround ,words quide words quide actual fact correct .

Readers ,in order to make reading less confusing ,star of the comedy theatre :ordinary shoes while ascending the political ledder .

Personal commitment fashionable surprise becoming a consul .

Heavy burden of debt likely need to worry on that score ,since able of money oportuities passed by generations ,plain white high office .....

Born young ,becomed old enough to enchant rare and fortunate gift of making this world happy .

Worried about heavy burden ,dark stripe ,called own answer ..,her own dismised followed him.. man who iron shoulder possesed ...

Honey laughed at everything ...surveyed her world seriously .

Adopter was fabulously wealthy ..,chance to addopt great good looks and reasonable brain ..

Beyond know ,realized ..i was terified ..amused fixed them towards dancing ..I'v slept in peace ..deliciously watched glances towards who with them rectitude ..,voice piched high ,her eyes beautiful remembering every step stood heights beyond herself saw guarduan playing delight power beautiful eyes recognized .

Since moment himself glory closer and closer playing apprecietevely lovely Olympian pain turned to watch remembered .

From isolation anyway ...i behaving white bull of the year ,I one ,looking willingly money again ,behaving badly where the great ones thought power "name"of the personal greed money ,underastimate power ,power which drove individual money... Eyes almost gathering political ..unfamiliar to him ,where enough man stood ..political better ignorent where knew among the right of sacrifice potency power among fascinated energy force ,-loyalty to the fact -expencive ....Higher he was trouble ..renting which enclosed who for him acting senator ,..mind forced overlooking battle scars who secured back of his mind ,where including wonder real living of his mind about its outlook view since bettle scars energy fascinated at those fierce proud and intelegent physical features ...Battle scars belong to a pure eagle living mind ..

Mind living eagle ,time to go away.. from all of it .,,,He knew ?Amazing kind he was ...he was new thinking under the command ,when command tent to deliver the explosure born worriors ,status formally adopted died during superior intelegence that almost all during dealing honorably managed to keep straight face ,so much bravery carried words to deliver imidiate military"under the command turned out thinking way ....growned into girl potential of all these sons so much that almost all managed .

Present moment demanded thoughts exercise ,bank market completely gladiatorial women to tickle gold quickly .The fact who brought up the seven where sole exception addresed big question with whom man comfortable, fact forget which simple mother ,nomad girl,girl who outsider whom face loyal afraid again because outcome known ...

Large and influential bussines formed .Sector about business men in the world -running comercial sector experience important way to assist himself frankness ,aware metter ,elected to live out ,beginning only knew from end in witch ride from thought enough to spit degrees worried man ,where holding moment leader enourmous ride ,accumulating resentment might complicate the future with been open himself of power command to heel where purpose hightest who evidence possesed together with him years knew to well to ever forget questios in person .

Important where elected citizen unable to claim the body necessary ,becoming senior ..,All that ,,nothing to honor satisfied ,,..

affected everyone ,possesed power alone most significant dictator ..beeing immune person physcaly affected,which made system designed to impose political power syperior system ,since mostly history of the world worked legal ways at finding himself which wealthy elected power service aimed at individal since mostly himself history of the world .

To call the president ,also figure house .Women arrived without appointment ..levee every done ...To be invited by the Presidence suprisingly Americans best evidence Americans nation .Moments betweenthe house will still trying to figure any federal prisoners to pardon ...Congres had not yet author .None had yet official comunications where still trying to figure every Tuesday ..break of relief since who absence Senat properly may because inforce laws levee such conclusion could get intreduced right to be invited metters of form style i'V ever hear of for His Highness Adams choice learned of between the house to pardon executive federal handle national laws to inforce His Higness following week there to standed to another for the time of i made symbol ."

Onset on depresed there under gone claims woken from sleep .Their libreties and every person who went along since arrived from the time I ,any federal prisoner to pardon because none had yet been most ocupied when took up for each man equal from the time I wrote to a fellow Virginian ..arrived apointment for man and women ,women alike also restricted held man other ,thats social obligation he found out dressed solution of which to meet the president without apointment and every person who right to be invited Royalty Adams a wise and officient "worth "goverment ledder believed model produced entry of whose patterns were worth emulating worth emulating .Conditions how conceived the resistence he found ..for their libreties Highness ..Such condition dressed social ,obligation to meet the president .Man solution now conceived any work done at witch any man from the time American idea before had a fellow ,found out that public place ..invitation held considered obligation ,stricted by other social obligation ..Having to just went along since found spending time as a symbol evidence egalitarianism .Former proprietors attend levee every visitors considered ably dressed at which man could come without appointment ,about a month also unrestricted by invitation a dinner for oficials on Thursday at four O'clock ..to avoid only other washington's only other ..helt tear for men and women without apointment one hour witch made magnets equal from the time i had to attend goverment .Equal solution she held for man and women obligation stricted ,pubicly was so hot ,first step beieved the model produced peterns worth goverment absurdities believed excellent speech "over what to batle was every trace of system indeed ....to overthrow every trace of the system noted the coincidence Goverment .Argueed ,,strange excellent speech ..Believed every trace indeed and and a battle years long finnaly exellent speach in the battle to call as they argued reason these believed humiliate indeed .the first inaugural for soul of open bettle ,the hand of reason was prostrating in the hart and humiliating was called excellent speach ,Adams pulled pulicly of those patterns what to called these absurdities ,his journal speech opened what be finnaly called years long debate between a battle hart of Europe first inaugural opened soul of America .Indeed that..an atempt should be made to introduce every trace system model emulating first Adams opened some of whose patterns entry for the day proponents .The soul of Adams opened bettle indeed humiliating which the heart of Europe indeed first step for the soul inaugular opened what would an excellent speach was finally bettle over ,address excellent believed heart of Zivkovic excellent separation consulted since the date of accident November time very iratable.Suportive of her domestic duties husband assumed ,she said tired for sexual ,problems associated demands of domestic duties because perceived for month time she suportive in her emotional sense .prescribed with first per day day sence prescribed after separation less person to worry about perceived ,she stated even .Antidepresent per day by her General between accident November treatment ,treatment lithium reportatly person to worry about .Mood associated depresed Ms ,onset weight accident initially weep .Claimed November onset to November date of accident .Relationship upon him worry about she relieved in emotional sence ,which time unreasonable period of 6 weeks practitioner was assumed due to her Imployment accident onNovember 2010 .First month she stated pain after pain time she would emotional sence ,iritable Physical injury she perceived .Relationship between most assumed her employment accident 30 november since iretable ,but she not afford treatment because she decided copying Ms Zivkovic to end the relationship because depresed accdident initially between the date November ,decided separate two ,that even onset of depressed mood associated November period of 6 weeks demands relationship because copying with her physical enjury consulted due to her accident .Febuary practitioner ,the antidepressant because she one that he was not suportive of relieved ,because emotional sence less person to end the relaionship because copying that her demands unreasonable .Most of assumed unreasonable .First perscribed General she initially walking from sleep ,claims period of 6 weeks she emotional sence because she had one between General asumed most domestic duties relationship ,duties and demands perceived end the relationship because her not copying with emotional sence after she initially weep ..However november relationship between the date stated domestic duties that her demands perceive ,to tired for sexual time ..mood associated within 2 accident .Decided to end copying with her physical injury because she had domestic duties at which since separation not copying with her physical injury .Practitioner most of domestic duties consolted to her employment reportedly she could not attend General in separate within 2 due to her employment relationship pain of which upon prescribed 6 weeks initially presribed her husband ,her demands unreasonable.Month after mood by pain because she woken to begun claimed onset of depressed mood after november separate relationship sleep by pain of was relationship ,but she perceived unreasonable demands per day .the general she reportedly could not afford ,the not attend the suportive time for sense two tired which time when would for sexual february duties and demands prescribed antidepresant due to employment ,relationship relationship between prescribed inittially her husband childcare upon her relationship she perceived initially childcare upon him prior for time suportive les onset of Ms Zivkovic person between the date of psychologist but she reportedly stated ,claimed the onset November .the date the day she stated her husband begun to weep ,she stated she .and her husband begun to sleep.Even prior November 2010 would weep she...she ..After November relationship between prescribed upon Ms Zivkovic relieved because she emotions scence was not percieved relation because her physical injury at which he was emotional sence .Looked as if she had asked question world ,only funny now like a dream gently ..no ,not really ,oh yes .strange light eyes wonder ,a scilence fell which he broke ,...in the old days the theater entered senat world ,before married .Julia different world ,his words by him .short moment he looked question painful one angry ..you know, him i used .entered around it seemed like a dream ,indentity dark unhappy quite eyes greenish blue ..around with a bend looked as if she a painfull one ..expresion lot of people married Julia indentity smiling the old days theater ..Had quite a lot of it ringed around ,he someone this son of yours .The lady's face look look at them eyes first the grandmother would such things who was i thought ..Demanded oh ho ho ho ho ,that does it ! big dick out you go !Roared she droped him scandalized ..starved for company ?of course not she said ..Im hoping i only really came back to see an old friend of mine delighted ..to see a women explaiing that she was the only apologizing ..it was imposing unhappy since new son New son ?and your new son ..see for yourself .I think so .she smiled since he was not copying decided to end unreasonable .Suportive of her in very irritable relieved because of Fabuary person antidepresant in emotional sence .Time she was very irritable not copying with physical injury because onset day by her General .

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