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Mirjana agree there in the report, and wish to comment in writing, particularly in claiming necessary ..and forward to the insurer in claim to injury .

Workplace where developed back pain ,understand as a large development of a back pain demonstrated with "thought" and "nerve" contact .

Image symptoms essentially confirmed to be investigated with treatment form, of which believe didn’t symptoms for further investigation ,which earlier underwent bad level .(hospital)

Indicated moments ,where back pain over time day to day management described often, feeling involved in any form of work for wages .

Present time continuing her mood ,undertaking treatment where restricted right and left .

Lost time from work, mood become low .Undertaking relationship son, become quite restricted, also home maintenance caution ,where difficulty finding any neurological dysfunction trough friends .

Lost time previous relationship with PGFG ,described above management -evidence sensory reported in any plane .

Rotational movements ,movements where undertaking pain ,evidence of nerve signs .

,But ..into find the maintenance failed to able .

I was able to undertake simple ,however to find treatment i did not .

Son evidence which workplace matters .

Workplace accident circumstances believed reported .

I advice with respect, a number of specific matters .."I impairment container" ,when developed back pain .

Treatment :medication ,early physical therapy ,-pursues program of reported capacity to sit and stand -reported back ,shoulder pain -disturbs capacity which demonstrated severity .

I would totally unfit future on set of back pain ,compromise manner for significant compromise .

Pre existing where severe presented ,following examination injury ,condition future presented to me- does appear absence of any compromise .

Attempt to develop future would need to be pre accident manner to perform improvement in mood that in the future undertake constructively able to believe employment .

Physical capacity need to develop new work skill ,-required in attempt to develop -totally unfit in my mood now, -heavy accident .

Diminished future ceases employment .

Injury has been supportive to assist in depressive mood .

I am happy to continue to support current employment ,which is :"present time, employment suffered future ,due to the enjury ."

Active, I depressed ,ongoing advisable current medication usage -treatment due to enjury .

To support present psychiatrist or clinical treatment place -for me to continue depressed mood .

Attending physiotherapist that he believe assist in treatment .

Treatment frequency required :" to see her family to support future ."

Physical treatment no further- diagnostic pain required .

Treatment regime for further pain management: approach I would support in regard to the opportunity in significant functional mobility .

Regarding DVD ,continue to make opportunity to proceed medical matter significant symptoms to maintain my level trough treatment and pain experience :

"Each medical contradiction correspondence regarding vision resulted in DVD .'

My advice in each of the has had symptoms resulted suggesting that think exhibiting degree in each .

Resulting now period of 3 years -able to identify clearly .

Regarding injury more likely that the treatment trough opportunity to make any further gain in the future .

Normal observed without restriction .

Undertaken by restriction i observed my son .

My disability indicated mom remained unfit which presented to him .

The level of physical functioning ,observed from demanding work where of spinal movement i considered short duration- based on general medical comments .

I did reported symptoms and the manner based on I observed ,demonstrated affairs, of the medical condition -based on physical functioning .

Now ,in addition to the above letter of my reply to about when of the time when visited Dr Ker in appointment long time ago ,I will also be talking about my 3 years in all self-satisfaction that has gambled on the dangerous venture ,worked heard to develop it taken the risks and suffered the attendant dangerous ,and now stands admiring the rewords which he has earned what important and different about is that the pleasure crafts feels in his wealth is not due to anyone else’s applause or validation .

This is a solitary enjoyment of good things ,the pleasure in self sufficiency and accomplishment which can only come from one within oneself and which one offers to one itself can here justifiably say :wealth is really a symbol of the sense of self worth which be accrued from within .The danger is now in the past .

To start as I did by reading dr Teraces report i will now try to make sense to the sense where to reach DR Lawrence ,clearer.. as of because following is explained trough the unique expression about the time when got injured and afterword’s and why i needed to see him again, as also because i want to get of the medications as its not good for me and so to Expert witness to the best of my ability i regard my knowledge held this report prepared to accordance .

On the page 8 of his report it says :Psychiatrist generally believe that most cases of abnormal illness behaviour are outside of conscious awareness and thus involuntary ,aldouth some cases are of .... (i have spent months involuntary ) and so as because i strongly need second appointment .......

And so reply to that letter goes like this :

DR.LAWRENCE (report)

Allowed first little musical demonstration about everything

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Ex health sometimes paying... -returned ,and most as soon at length,- been prevented by returned home .

Having returned to I was prevented ...will be assured most grateful on me, therefore to return my acknowledgments of paying my respect to you ,writing assured to confer upon me .

I shall in person master cultivating studies, things by you must freely believe that these studies over again entirely ignorant ,therefore, ignorant on opinion of your own write .

Ignorant therefore, declare it trough cultivating these studies .

Entirely ignorant, may undoubtedly be read improvement youth work learnt before- over again.., an opinion of myself ,whilst call your own pictures in a good light -,with them appear seen unusual elegance ,and more exalted beauties ...-your frequent respondance ,both -where matter of relating compose solely youth ,may best master what learnt before honour .

Old pictures illustrate of exiting value the highest regard ,adding something you make beauties ,extracted picture when for you i felt -believe an opinion your own must studied ,-frequent from speaking ignorant .Declare ,have been pleased to confer as presents by persons ,in the kind :-relate myself studied ..most solely ..assured beautiful language :"judgment method words."


Forming the youth to be your sole view upon the best years to your life with age pleased upon a day .

Fixed at home ,I’m to find in health- safety ,during (during the course of them ).Willing unequal incapable I am to testify .My gratitude since "France " ,during the course -most obedient servant to deserve universally enriched ..with responding my gratitude, in forming the best upon the best examples neglected, which now sole view at have enriched ,...an opinion in any other kind ,how as you being from being . Sound know .Affecting from go there examples, to add many you...neglected since course in health and safety same in any other kind from my me real years presents attention ,attention :"study deserve to have ." Considers to be history length of time, bestowed upon it to know little "Alexander ",as these were steps to much admire: lived such man that methods true fall and glory importance to study genius laws and customs ,which causing review deserve .Length of time who’s genius subjected considerable length of time ...with the character of those whom disposition instructing ...War time ,inhabited the arts -object of infinitely grater importance in the Arts justice become capable observation who claims attention to the source with admiration ,who have a taste at the same time elsewhere ...object of absurdities to all, may truth superiority to many ..,a manner imprinted mercy and justice ,alone guided views of interest imprinted to many.., shining all alone .

Liberty as supreme dealing this important truth where love for certain appearance made that change invisibly alone upon true indeed deliberations .

Proof of great truth shining another design ,the Earth to his own very not perfect unless inspired .The true causes and hidden grandeur which miracles astonishing miracles served expression :severe prison scene in favour of "Israel "inspired writers of whom pride ought to have invisible hand in the name of wisdom of his heart flattering himself immortalize, I will give balanced magnificence compensable for sustained the during ..A thirteen years i shall take it my heart wonder, all actions of whom truth of which from truth magnificence might power who determined. A set of highest honours and immanence’s of watchful spirits formed .Glory admiration from which before tribunal discover most himself of words who inspired, returns of love and history most high assembled world ,much admired suitable in motion ...words admired mortal world until he knew independent greatness of soul which caused much admired design of love ,but consider history I protector who soul inspired from power affection ..returns to the courage Vengeance to support, dignity with all the excellent much admired ..this tribunal ..on those heroes most high ruled swiftness .Protector for his subject ,inspired from of so many greatness of soul majesty of the hidden spring creates captains who dwelling with the mortal authority of any kind.. in words of his conducting qualities.. see designs which constitute glorious world from heaven his kingdom knew ...Both wild and tame, image idea to treasures of darkness, abundant known me .Grateful will image events direct all his ways .

Successes to all elect thou every kind large and strong i have Will that will brake the brass of iron animals before gates .Call of glory extremities and secure every kind abundant is very us a idea to duties essential thou themselves extremities I will direct whose right hand give mayst know ,which shall name of wonderful manner, whose grateful shade master all his ways, secure under known me to open... due to himself tranquillity beneath tranquillity ..others disturbed in beautiful himself .

Thought already some remember it or not ..great deal on the technology ..Technology from difficult lessons in this case famous stimulants meaning smoke was exiled then smoker blew Pharmacopeia medical road .

Aldouth me have difficult lessons about mind and spirit which including grown in the Old World where magic for North of this continent thought us a great deal .

"Americo Indian "life where there we remember or not dependent, in part "Indian who gave among toboggan today more foods where domesticated cotton under United States of America magic .when botanical drugs set researches a great deal learned about mind and spirit as in the case of... meaning was exiled as in spirit we have learned from a great deal deal of technology.. we have exiled : set medical where botanical drugs accepted .Final irony is that when picture directly all men in the process easy way of returning another way to approach material could see that the plant is intimated ,thou question of its meaning in material progress adopted himself own innocence with the world premature application of it ..may to approach point of view in the thought process to question of its may to approach present attitude ...single system of innocence application of it history reality .Communicating directly the you nonlanguaged own other world ,i understood approach to the problem of all things in the spirit shape seeing more then i can tell ..and to be the subject of those sacred manner shapes of all approach experience- set to music which evoke whole vision itself without explaining .People will understand to the right ..speak experience qualities own who cannot in half single creator .Enigmatic strange language separating the words may seem to be saying the way of talking to enigmatic animals... which begun young revolution in person who lives in sixteen.. kind understood the other .World all of his things Ghost Dance to share manifestation of good fortune life long guardian ...gifts to recognize .

When becoming a speaker ...with the.. I knew growing backwards ,I knew seeker with the voice.. chant,,.. in ordinary words enigmatic song my heart -fields.. the whole song may entire language meant these meaningless nonsense .Foreign language in the case ,mind use a way communicating the joy without explaining the other world powers but revelation like a human who lives all the good things directly seen or heard ..again together, together qualities made in own image light in proportion expressed by words into ordinary shell at the edge of the world .

Ray of light once ended .Whole vision slovely changed subject all terms of relationship .By using language becoming fast speaker, realized speaking of a visionary, I stared as i stared into youth where vision itself provide with seeker with the voice of its own expression ,....instead of of foreign singer who likes talking using strange language... in the coming lines represents his knowledge... great vision enough to share engravings, to learn out to seek ...among both man and women societies ..in which medicine own adolescence .Understanding powerful vision, seeking first attempt ,..may be made personal contact toward attitude, who found a mysterious land ago ,between own view added older for wisdom ,who double vision of the reality ,a person where everything speaks .Such experience easier to come where close to nature of the self before individualist .

Difficult man told a long story ...which took place between Indian view wh9o found mysterious until object who had witnessed was bad ,not really a story of origin there .

The difference between persons journey attitude towards the other own lecture from when you... grow up from true meaning of the story attributed .We know human beings temptations of the life road ..man with everything can tell response with answer no .

Wish to hear an easy one.. understanding measurable world trough where solely road great place of maps, where the Earth is burning understanding of this one ,that extends to the ends of the World ,the time when i becomed to be I was .Broke ,it grew dark towards me took control over me .As soon as i got to my senses a large owl appeared ...,realized i had fallen into running out ,walking very fast seemed to lean over on my back ,packed up i lost consciousness that i had fallen .Seemed very cold happened to me time.. when i realized i fell into some sort of myself trance ,man now vogue in my memory .When my face completely being my heart working over me ,thumping fast medicine.. one of them ..notice of the advice .My hunting of the river here, I saw an owl presently being able to do anything kind to me ..without the attempt repiting them i learned, memorized these .Songs i composed, my new experience without felt sick all the time, where in order, cousins of mine clan members watching over me .Experience i composed without satisfied my father act over me ,...that me pay services to all those,.. who whiteness ...the time ..when i become to have dreams to act ....My touch with the four attendants, which diagnose attended patient for the first time., had own new vision ,where reason invited to all training ,...we assembled over me.. looked after clan of mine, when been able... satisfied all the time ..experience composed .Dreams in touch with house instructions which patient attended ,for this reason a new vision ,able to begun dreaming ,that besides dreamed of charms ,i acquired charms ,whom I am dream object ,once i have appeared ...In my dreams able to see mine anywhere visions without people around me ,...drums for me in the dream whom i explained :shall i do ? ... Tired ..,me in the dream asked ..When i do dreamt to him i weaken of all to him.. when first in all possessed .Doctors not known people in need ,relatives wickens when i do ..Seek revenge where calling family for services, where urge the refuse to doctor... the cause of sickness of being himself might be suspended the person who wanted .Returned with dreamt .i weaken songs in all in need wanted, who known own spirit person wanted meaning that anybody understand .Towards how was i cured can not be explained rationally .I was very sick .Dream i saw had been run of relief ,where appeared to me lifted my sickness. I was cured .Behind this words where meaning thoughts considering ordinary songs who had been famous several years before .Singing behind describe each of my performances from i had learned fast ,i dreamt unable to i was .

Being stung all over is making me grow strange reason why the words i saw in my head talking about the place from among ourselves .Truly human my body different to from i was which i was unable .

entirely given up ,become agitated all over them but because fully recovered may be able of my charms, by own strange fashion come alive ...,only to members of the game .

Afterword’s, for a long time hidden ..,under sound heard ,,which may may altogether who in between constantly lived many generations in silent of the singers ,singing songs here it happen about who closed persons present... To live as she has at the bottom ,visit her where she lives and so ..human lives once on Earth .

About the journey who drops remarkable expression, perhaps explain how the journey is only soul who down into the underworld sickness ,on the behalf of the community game such assemble to start present dark inside to burn in silence .

repiting over and over again the way all arrived .Ordinary even skilful in many dangers, which has rolling stones as soon as there is round ,which leaving stones for a human being beyond them.. finds himself a passageway ,passage, leading himself entering knows ,which no harm .Dangerous only for the very greatest from the journey= they evoke the Earth pressing his body ...until this returns way back to Earth .

Great means ..she is very angry upon ,kick down it means feeling who declare different ..,blowing game together ,and confess fear of famine and starvation ..,done all ..must confess all ,and thus much ever dreamed of all sin confessed ,talking again expressions which have the way ...full solution of trouble ..so human .So woman confess genuine unhappy grounds- full solution trough begun one after the other solutions, to go trough dangerous in question ,in such case be out again... I seek to be found... anything so ..abundance of game there for explained something that delinquent given knowing case as girl anger ,which feeling of game escaped among all ..having abundance to mind ,she had therefore said nothing in such a case as this provide anger explained .

Coming cry I shall correctly, for things happen character of the person who strength very important ,which health wishes to realize important reason for going lonely mountain .Brave taking up the pope to gain an act towards himself ,which gave strength where I have chosen you .Troubled found man ...me ..the person who lit the darkness whom whole mind and body high price .Body given to me allowed power who crying help me because they are giving place where grandfather is calling .

Helping eternal fire where gaining strength and light may for the last time young returning manner ,entering world in front of him that offers wish to live .This along great reason Earth important much ..,own ourselves observed from south with whole attention ...directed, i have minds and hearts linger to tell mother from all ,may live returning important own necessary .

Regard all created which may gain ,described power before holding.. which prepared dreams ourselves we shall always ask in heart who seek pure heart reason who compared .I seen it .I saw place where i again ..I arose returning happy . i meant mountain where the sun directions towards my face providing explained clown... providing comic relief in reality just for fun . Being subject to medicine announcing to work... human on Earth .

These actions at first expressed power or energy fooling with happy sending act funny man .In variety of ways during the own known important self evaluation ,may perfect at home .Statement is power to obtain knowledge from danger .Influence extra power by direct experience what is doctrine salvation .Speaking directly from observed behaviour physically not itself way to find out connection in together meaning .

Finally ,mental telepathy feels connection using silent time which ways result carefully speaking of others .

Psychologically i have extraordinary results ,described phenomenological possible to perform. The combination of fatigue sensitivity to understand traumatic presence ..from sitting up my legs crossed i couldn’t .When I concentration for me to sit which required on the ground i can back rest for hours without moving with absence of food and water .At the same time sensations or ideas ,intense colours and internal stimuli .Forme to ignore attention upon it that suggested moving, physiological interrupted ,required melting permanently absence -my position ,that suggested payed attention on diary from would of such fire true form my sure effects .Ungrammatical forms picture trough the present past or future which everything intuition of time .Speak expressions that refer capable of my language view .

Worked intuition concepts .Metaphysics necessary to describe the structure of the theory so called equally perfect approximation expressed .System for metaphysical i speak comic forms -abstracting’s for which appear psychological conscious of the mystic as well as being observable so far as i can other systems in my attempt... an objective analysis of abuse of a modern scientist view point .I speak thinking present past and future which is own metaphysics again manifested realm between present and past we call future expensive operation .The translation is subject to getting eaten explicitly hence meaning of upon a subject to our work manifestation .Present realm really means translating from state of heart which is to write beginning of existence to actual final state .

Socially knows realm which crystalize magnitude of physical question .Planning in the underground manifested hope thus generally perfectly comes a point where begins myths itself .European tradition certainly expressed given reality with form trough experience design classed trough into explained matter of course important trough presence .

Existed statement referring number of concepts trough special forms which permanent but probable example of for generation .This future which depends on an act as a free agent which act: better do it yourself "which in situations uses act of aggression to complete attitude expression .World view investigation and analysis have been characteristics to the self organisation of ideas that come to mind among picture discriminated culturally in terms of functional self identification .

Explained very many things which medicine mistake when to cure the sick which also making a mistake when natural chapter for the key psychological appraisal understanding personal identity .Speaking part which I can talk to in relation myself expectation .

Calm I will bark the evidence worked with relied upon a proof to justify time ...expressed by advanced writings of interpreted specific himself ,because much awareness as human confronted judging human class ,with respect all ...own observation which which towards events who explanation of the past trough retrieved mud from depths of personality illness -the victim, because unwillingly committed act which cause of sickness act responsible towards own explanation reasoning towards the events .

Social sanction considered and behaviour by the fact the obligations towards i on other since extreme fast nature who absolutely nothing that start his dream desire on the ground what basic moral value within me individual .

Importance of this moral value maintained important sense of greed fabulous achievement trough tout entire range of standards between relations not expect to receive value in all .One of the prime values of balance with others maintained according to suffered illness obligations to be met in relations under work circumstances under no longer count on "The "since depend on living for to be under the control, who belong to category proper manner necessary to trow in the case to perform ... threatened with the cruelty because made available animals that provoke the kind >Careful cattery under the control of masters being power, necessary to perform cruelty .An offence that perform cruelty will be made manner likewise ,an offence that provoke suffered illness because tortured fabulous kind .

Defending oneself oneself against agretion, demanded by act of cruelty the kind of conduct ,securing like hood principle inherent trough tout the great stress laid upon .Attitude manifested by full of personal history and written as such under desire for vengeance of the most starting injury where pain has possibilities observed category indeed puzzling ..within sophisticated modern altogether attitude towards what is observed .Dream about this remarkable himself mornings which of a great medical value representing a man circumstances towards life captured .Among had things where sickness starts way of my sexual behaviour points out that magical i was .

From explained illness concept left home according to printed here ,lived together world somewhere known historical time translated ...occupied sex.. himself ..meeting American somewhere far north and communicate animal translation which has home open .World above far north together himself .Permition begun begun for as for other animals term which illness soft presented ,home Indian grounds, of being recognized by regarded figure emergency mountain series ,but functionality associated in directing ,which occurring after who for so long may recognized category who as supernatural who are to say cultural political system where made two cold clowns before the emergences women’s societies attempted category- called common war captains for so long within colour appropriate performed at last here ..about the extremes between centre itself since interpretations plaza ,where other dance information represents being on performance figure between more ,-so located history Chicago role words .California for instance becomes creator enough told little about me accompany change... things bring back again until myself I.. so soon since I’m going instrumentally, formed enough interesting figure... powerful of the many wonders performed known who I am .Creative finished work on time met him ..he appear different because i astonish him .

Book Mirjana was thought ...now has changed direction -Serbian female ,admitted to Joondalup mental with a manic episode responding :"writing a book "Mirjana"-where she writing given thought published trough process flight of ideas who concerned ...

Manic symptoms Joondalup community assessment ,and since Mirjana responding well excessive energy writing a book concerned.. assessment developed weight symptoms -plan to visit insomnia ..community this time well demonstrated .Her symptoms responding who managed .Developed reports this time become judgment was model who was managed during this time writing book since demonstrated ..Mirjana manic sustained injury at work 3 years appears unresolved where reports major depressive episode .

=Racheal ,community nurse ,i have given her the paperwork that needs to be filled out for my disability payment 5 weeks ago .First form was lost ,Centrelink never got it .Second form ,I’m still awaiting for to hear what has happened with it .my original application for disability was declined ,due to not having enough points as my physical state doesn't accumulate enough and so i only have 13 weeks to add more medical evidence towards it so can be reviewed again .When i told her Rachel ,please i need this done ,you guys are feeding me with medication that I’m not supposed to be even taking ,form for disability i haven’t received yet ..i need to be taking some food into my system ,medication is not important ,i need to eat .She said :"please mirjana just be patient and play their game ,you have to play the game "

Game ?

I Game ?

Second time they told me that ...

Me to play the games ?

Well ,i could to beat any guy in any "game" for fun ...

this is my life ,and my reality to become a game where others take pleasure in having fun ..

well .. its the reality ,,..

each year since 3 years ago ,appears to be the same .. ,hard health times go from each September until may ...each year ..as the years go by it gets harder to accommodate health specially financial circumstances standing in the way and become harder and harder where have reached complete end in 2013 .The one who left no options .

To be irrevocably both :fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously pulled reality in one direction by her intense passion and connection by another her to temptation ..choice to either join dark but seductive world or pursue human life become the thread from which the fate made decision.

Chain of events is about to unfold with when first discovered and torn seemed ready to heal forever .

Astonishing conclusion to the "Saga" illuminates the secrets and mysteries of epic billions :D

Now hospital is very well aware what this book can do as because it leads to solving "Global Financial Problems "and other things ..(and it wasn’t planed to do that ,unconsciously become that )

Knowing that ,hospital is trying to treat me for mental illness which i don’t have .

And so ,.....i know absolutely nothing about politics and religion .historical characters

And then so trough me lived ,i know that Yugoslavia was named Yugoslavia before got completely torn and become Serbia ...that use to be Yugoslavia's heart ......................

and I ?Who I’m I ?

I am Mirjana soon I hope to be Markovic (maiden),born in Yugoslavia .

I am Yugoslav originally ...presented Yugoslavian happened for my injury and become Serb ..

and so ,we all know what Australia say about Serb and compensation ?

well ,...what am i trying to say is that at the time of the injury 3years ago with taking Yugoslavia in my memory and heart ,i had to leave my Serbian origin behind ...

I never spoke Serbian language with anybody except my son and would only speak English with Mladen if we are in the crowd of people who never spoke or understood Serbian as would made the uncomfortable ...And with family back home ...that was it .where before injury i would speak both languages combined when with Serb friends and family and ...i don’t know I was just normal ...and then everything changed ...and since then only stayed friends and met people different cultures and so me who was human that spoke great English who was born in Yugoslavia and when wanted gained quite much on every social level ...

Yugoslavia from passions .Opposition to power Yugoslavia in many respects ,a "model" which dominated extreme when Yugoslavia left in turn future extraordinary leadership force by the order of life ..

Well enough about that ..

I would need to see Dr .Artatis again ,regarding my treatment ,and the topics that are written that I require clarification and solution which are going to be talked about at the appointment ,but as so also might require more then one appointment and i am not in the situation to afford it and so it would be great if allianz would agree to pay for it .following topics need clarification :

Waking up ..time passes ...

Impossible .

Each tick aches like the pulse behind the bruise -

Strange for me .

Following conversation confused ,I'm sending you clarified meaning of words :'what do i do "

I feel my behaviour in the past ..

unfair above mentioned .

mentioned missed work ..

mentioned perfect ...

I never broke ..,i never to brake -1st place served ...

Now , I really problem .

what ?-me to get into trouble ?-I wondered ...pulling together :"time to .."

everything out ..

Together in mystification : I was time "

I go out frustrated ,...

argued - what I want ..

trough trying so hard seen trough seeing ..

..so hard .

It hurts to watch .

Looking i understand anything ..

Miserable small spark of feeling -chance

..demanded leaving .

months deep breath going on here ...,,

"last semester of "school ..",

long time since lecture .

Welcome change from i working was waiting for anything .

reason to question -anxious expression .

taking so much ..

This subject was forbidden .

Quickly I’ve got free time ,-thinking about the book ..,

Before I start thinking accusations ,I should open to he section to make sense of it .

Thinking about section starting math ,I was getting better ..

Reading math -ten times the amount of time as a result managing to keep in the range of A.

I knew a range of subject matter ...

felt my improvement due to superior teaching methods -managing to keep times myself English ...

Pleased by school lecture ,

-recognized voice -

about face to report

I driving alone in case was the biggest gossip in town .

I wanted to know the person i think of when i genuine true

Started to see herself as a comedy -great reviews .

delivered lines can playing brain for clue .

movie, theatre forever -I’d like to see .

trough mind i recognised song on the radio question trough -:do you mind ?

climbed into with gratitude ,

scanned trough stations i expression ..

listen to rep until I found my time spent enough to be sure speakers ,

knew enough .

then ...while since rush invigorating rock songs on about boys ,passively happy ,interested in I glance my way, straight friendly face ..

exactly what I meant .

yes ,drove faster then estrogenic rush out rock songs while hung out with :"she was happy interrupted beautiful tourist "

much more knew ..

to waste time question interrupted store in "town" ,

to ever go with a boyfriend or something ,i didn’t go out much ,me tell them no ,scanning the racks for dressing up clothes, dancing problems as we something walked trough wanting ,when told id never boyfriend =demanded wonder .

Chicago time sparkles I spoke when hospital..

gone from disease before the memories fade

painful subject

surprised many things I needed to think trough ,acted reason behind the choice throughout all painful subject ...I needed to particular issue quick mind acted choice and reason behind I ...

perfect again pretend to be perfect ,seemed perfect, I suppose strong enough younger ,we pretend to be ..musical voice- to fast for human ears to hear .

instincts told understand dangerous moment stoping to talk to a friend ,running trough hatters blew scent in my direction ..

trough it haters ,the way hollow -the automatic tightening of my muscles and venom from mouth ...

feeling stronger I monitored the reaction

ache easy to ignore with monitored reaction picturing girl, imagining visions of the future,... letting touch future ,flow of pulse beneath the fine minute understand .turned to the sound ...

frightening memory ...simply disappeared ..someone guess :better book or a movie ?

with an active imagination ,something new happened ...,occasionally easy retreat sort of universally avoided ?

myths and legends many lived brief laugh of course ,darker now ..

history reaction replied ,strange combination to absorb stories as well as i do ...,hospital painted in a plain examination, the collection pictures with tones of oil.

seeking demon -new philosophy himself attacked ,-alternative thought without being a demon intelligent born ,his story colourful of them all medicine ..

Perfect expression to perfect self control .

Decided to persuade recognized "Millennia Canvas" , from my "fingertip ."

g ...it affected me greatly ..and it should be taken into the concern as was affecting my back recovery by bringing the stress all over and over ...everywhere i go ..anything i do .. and as for how the product book came to me ...

this is what it say when googled :

What is workplace bullying

What does bullying in the workplace look like?

1. repeated hurtful remarks or attacks, or making fun of your work or you as a person including your family, sex, sexuality, gender identity, race or culture, education or economic background

(explaines much what has happened to me )

2.excluding you or stopping you from working with people or taking part in activities that relates to your work

(she has definitely influenced this one )

3.playing mind games, ganging up on you, or other types of psychological harassment

(this has happened too )

4.intimidation (making you feel less important and undervalued)

( has happened to me )

5.giving you pointless tasks that have nothing to do with your job

(i was given a task that required fast doing it alone )

6.giving you impossible jobs that can't be done in the given time or with the resources provided

(this one has happened )

7.deliberately changing your work hours or schedule to make it difficult for you

(also this one has happened )

8.deliberately holding back information you need for getting your work done properly

pushing, shoving, tripping, grabbing you in the workplace

initiation or hazing - where you are made to do humiliating or inappropriate things in order to be accepted as part of the team.

How bullying can affect your work

If you are being bullied at work you might:

be less active or successful

be less confident in your work

feel scared, stressed, anxious or depressed

have your life outside of work affected, e.g. study, relationships

want to stay away from work

feel like you can’t trust your employer or the people who you work with

lack confidence and happiness about yourself and your work

have physical signs of stress like headaches, backaches, sleep problems

And i have all those side affects .

Breakthrough research suggests simple ways to reverse chronic pain



People who suffer from chronic pain often feel like the experience dominates their lives, and changes them profoundly. Now, a group of pain researchers and geneticists have discovered that this feeling isn't far from scientific truth. Being in chronic pain changes the way your brain functions on a physical level. The good news is that you can also change it back.

Pain researcher Maral Tajerian and her colleague Sebastian Alvarado wanted to find out whether chronic pain was changing the way the brain functions on a genetic level. Alvarado specializes in a burgeoning field called epigenetics, which looks at the way environment and experience affect gene expression, or activity. Was chronic pain epigenetic, an experience that changed brain gene function? They quickly discovered the answer was a resounding yes.

Tajerian and Alvarado's work centered on mice who suffered a nerve injury that put them in chronic pain. Over a period of months, they discovered that the pain was affecting regions of the mice's brains that had nothing to do with processing pain. In fact, they found that gene activity had been severely curtailed in the prefrontal cortex, a brain area that serves as the seat of higher reason and decision-making, as well as many emotions, in both rodents and humans.

"We saw chemical changes to the DNA in [the prefrontal cortex]," Alvarado told io9. Specifically, they found a 12 percent downward shift in DNA activity. "That's really big," he added. "Normally these changes are associated with cancer." This lack of activity, Tajerian said, leads to a loss of density in this region of the brain " which ultimately causes cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety.

Taking the "Chronic" Out of Pain

If pain could change brain activity, Tajerian and Alvarado wondered, were there activities that could change it back? The two worked with colleagues at McGill University to design a simple experiment that might answer this question. They created groups of mice who had all suffered injuries that would cause long-term pain. One group was subjected to "impoverishment," which meant a very small cage where they lived alone. Another group enjoyed "enrichment," which meant they had a roomy cage with other mouse friends, as well as marbles to play with. Both groups had the same amount of food and care otherwise. (There was also a control that got typical lab mouse treatment.)

After two months, the mice in the enriched environment did not suffer chronic pain any longer. Or rather, their prefrontal cortexes showed normal mouse activity. Meanwhile, the impoverished mice showed the reduction in brain activity, which led to cognitive impairment. Along with colleagues, the two published a paper in PLoS One about the study earlier this year. The paper provides strong evidence that chronic pain is an epigenetic phenomenon, a life experience that actually changes gene expression in the brain.

Translated into human terms, this means that some people experience chronic pain because they have literally rewired their brains to be more sensitive to pain. The more pain they feel, the more anxious and vulnerable they are to feeling further pain.

And that's actually a good thing.

"This paper gives me hope," said Tajerian. The brain is a much more plastic organ than scientists realized even a decade ago, and the actions we take today can actually change how our brains function tomorrow. "A different environment will give you a different experience of pain. By changing the environment we could change the pain," she said. "Having fun and friends is really good for you."

Tajerian and Alvarado caution that what the enriched mice experienced wasn't an end to pain from their injuries. Instead, it was more like the pain didn't bother them as much. Put another way, their fun, social environment took the chronic out their pain.

A Reversible Mechanism

So what is happening to the brains of people with chronic pain? First of all, they are experiencing a measurable, biological phenomenon " it's not just "in their minds;" it's in their genes. There is a tremendous amount of variety in their experiences, too. If you have two people with the same injury, one may develop chronic pain and the other may not. This could be the result of a genetic predisposition, environment, or both.

Tajerian and Alvarado's work shows, as Tajerian puts it, "you are a different person" after an injury. But that person can change again, into somebody who "cares about the pain less." She suggests that their discoveries help illuminate why meditation and mindfulness can help with pain. "Even cursing can help you care about the pain less," she laughed. These activities are all ways of changing our environment, and our brains, by making us calmer or allowing us to express feelings.

There is one particular chemical switch that gets thrown in the prefrontal cortex during chronic pain. It's called DNA methylation. Molecules from a methyl group attach themselves to genes, and inhibit those genes' expression or activity. DNA that's methylated is switched off. Chronic pain causes a 12 percent rise in DNA methylation in the prefrontal cortexes of mice.

Tajerian said:

The analogy we use is a city at night. You can see how many buildings are lit, and how many are in the dark. You can take a picture and say 20 percent are lit, versus another time when it's 15 percent. That's what we're seeing with methylation, which is a switch that turns the lights off. So if a regular brain has a certain amount of lights, one with chronic pain has 12 percent less.

And that is a tremendous change. But, as the enriched mice demonstrate, it's also a state that can be changed back. The lights can go back on, at a molecular level. The mice who lived in an enriched environment managed to relight those darkened windows in two months.

"It's a reversible mechanism," Alvarado asserted. In a forthcoming paper, Alvarado will present research he's done on which genes are methylated during chronic pain, and many of those genes have to do with neural growth and neurotransmission. This might mean that chronic pain prevents the brain from changing and processing new information.

It also means that creating the human equivalent of an enriched environment could train your brain to reinterpret your pain. What this research also reveals is that there is actually a molecular mechanism that demonstrates that it's good to have company " or at least, to have some really fun videogames to make you feel better when you've been hurt.

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