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No one is going from this place until last coin counted. ...coughed total I.Believe should. ..

One -thousand everyone. .sat down.

Two clerks. ..and set at place ...himself stood with his left hand and his right hand. ..extended to rest to rest down upon the clerks. ..opened one, and in between contents cascade. .....in glittering hand near hand young signed to clerks to hold the empty. .. Open mouthed to his right. .hand beneath the table when hand was full it's contents into wait. ..stopped out laud questor collective. ...

Put all on the table. ..and begun again. ...at sundown rose from his chair.

The day is conscript

Our business is not over. ..I in this house - formal session after the sun has set. ..therefore I suggest that we now the temple of success and swear our oats.

It must be done before we in violation of direct order from the people.

Looked across. ..stood son counting far from over improved when nervousness evaporated. ..

Senatus is duty to remain there. ..supervise the rest. ..of this long task I. ..expect u to do so and I hereby grant your own oath tomorrow. ...

Course of addition to my previous condition I had to go trough a very unpleasant experience. ..again affecting my physical strengh that I have worked so hard for. ..and as for how my intention when things finally materialise. .punctures happened resulting in worsening my condition so in I would have to negotiate a fantastic deal before quality and popularity completely go to waste. ..so. .each feelings of isolation physical impact creation of "their" work donating. ....time and independent screening with notoriously long hours involved for to achieve their idea of achievable and fun. .regularly executed goal of "a pack " -effort always knew. ..initial judgment based on their quality encompassing project developed (physical abuse at the night of my arrival) which intimidating and so I would to option sum of starting $10.000.000 to go towards the damages I have had the opportunity to experience due to the lovely effort and great memories accumulated by submitted quality control here in mental observation" health campus Joondalup " .work projected based on a given topic heavy weight circle eternity ( girl was wearing perfume. .)challenge organised by "wonderful" medical staff and practitioners professionals in to have experiment with the new techniques. ..

Champion estimation followed fame throughout posted animation -challenge to enter hall of fame?! Style and techniques.,talents loving maniac, proof of knowledge in disturbing multi skilled human being ridiculous master mind ,force to reckoned with while eating heart of extraordinary beautiful girl. ..?

For a comic creator that could to be little disturbing. .production accomplished stunning design. .

"Anyone capable of becoming supervisor "

I want exactly differently someone in 22min!lol?to serve on my knees being damned to make my way on their choices. .?.well. ..I can pride feeling. ..

Involuntary attending Mental Health Campus in Joondalup by Dr Melwille Smith belief of me having at my chronic pain condition himself added disorder that is treated..:" why am I?

I have gone trough a big trauma 3 years ago due to my back injuries and having to deal with it workers compensation itself which wasn't pretty, due to from since then I had to live with my own new appearance and as also at the same time of course same the morals of the person who I was as because it's the person who I am in regards to myself and family n friends. .and of course broken can not to be avoided so my mind providing necessery wonderful fact acknowledging person who obtain condition of support the concluded self physical condition.

Just recently before the cage" have discovered my goal and of course will continue on forward towards achieving .Da Mira Code Lol makes the inspiration now. Being here I have seen much. ..way to much. .. On perfect to go to waste losing art opportunity my character discover I was. Additional wonder ...

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