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Third dynasty of the order

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We were staring at uncertainty. Uncertainty of our success, uncertainty of our survival, uncertainty of what awaits us on the others side. I took a deep breath and with a single step, I was inside.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Last days of the great harvest, 225 of the third dynasty of the order

You may be wondering why I write these diaries and tales, when you have already grown to be a man who rules the masses. It’s for you to learn even when I’m not around. If by some chance that I have fallen you will still learn. I will start this tale with the grimmest of news, which by your time will be old and lost to history. But today, it’s fresh as the mountain’s air. A peasant came today speaking of great plague sweeping north. I had not heard of the plague, but even this news by now is weeks old because of the considerable journey the poor man must have undertaken. The south around Arbtuk is the providence of Grimthor, the capital of their great province, where the massive rolling fields are located in which you will someday play. I ask of what he knew and the man spoke of beasts of ill reputation. In fact, he claims his village was attack by the leading edge of a much greater force. This is not a plague of disease and pestilence but teeth and claw. I write his description as close to original as possible: The creatures have the hunched over bodily posture of flightless birds with grey flesh covered by thick elastic muscle like material that wraps around the protruding heavy yellow ridges. Their maws are like reptiles with thin and wiry arms with four digit hands designed for grasping. Their hind legs are strong and muscular developed for endurance rather than speed. Although from reports, they move slowly when nothing hostile is nearby. The creatures are predominately meat eaters. Amongst simple straw huts and through the yawning dirt roads, the creatures came in great packs. The village had forewarning but only from rumors of great “monsters”.

The beasts were given the terrible name skirg malal. Malal meaning malignant and Skirg meaning scourge in commoner tongue. But also Malal means evil in the ancient tongue of men and skirg means night sickness or more directly translates too night terror. But since the attack is in broad day light, it could be assumed that this is in the more recent commoner tongue. I must find more info before I can act. As I sit upon thrown of Sendarian, where in first era, the last of the kings of discovery once sat, I can’t help but ponder as to what fate will befall us. My adviser Advincie seems to sense the same. I’m getting the most horrible feeling from a situation that, for all I know, isn’t all that bad. Still I should investigate the rumors of this threat. I whisper into Advincie ear so the he could hear me over the murmur of crowd of refugee inside the throne room. I asked him to fetch the Lord Marshal Sir Eric Strider and High-lord-marshal Sir Edward Holmes. A moment later they both arrived. Eric dressed rather plainly almost as if seemingly trying to blend in with the peasants. I knew the man since I was in my twenties, so I knew new him pretty well and this fit into his character. He didn’t see himself as a superior to the citizens of Altimier, instead their equal. Edwards was the previous Lord Marshal when I was being tutored for the day when I became king and assumed the mantle of leadership. I’ve only know him recently. He came from aNobile house and was raised around royalty. He saw a clear division between commoner and aristocrat. This view was expressed in public by wearing lavish outfits. I could see he was dressed completely the opposite of Eric, wearing flowing embroider silk robes with gold trim.

Eric is the first to speak. “What do you need my lord?”

I remember that my head was bowed and I was lost in a tangle of thoughts. I can’t remember what I was thinking about. Though in hindsight, this would be the most important event for next thirty years or so. I had to hear him ask again and then I focused on present. “I receive some disturbing news.” I told Eric but it was meant for the both of them. I informed of this situation. Eric was hit the hardest because he could sympathize and actually cared for the people. It was a trait I shared with him. While Edwards merely saw this as part of his duties and choosing to remain disconnected from the events. The news didn’t have an effect of him of any kind that I could see. Without hesitation he asked, “My orders?”

“Edwards, take large garrison force and make for the last village attacked. You will investigate what happen and prevent any further attacks deeper into Altimier. I want you to send word soon as you can. Eric, the closest town to Greathor is likely already under attack. I’m sending you to secure the town.”


Lord Marshal Eric Strider, personal entry of the battle

My early years weren’t spent preparing to be lord marshal. No my early years was spent being a soldier. It was my childhood dream despite my father protess. Your father can tell you how to live your life. You must follow your own dreams or be haunted by lifetime of regrets. I was stuck for the longest time as initiate in the man at arms branch of the military forces. The lowest and most despise rank in the army. It wasn’t until I joined the 404st battalion that I began to make a name for myself. In short order, I had caught the attention of general Krell and he submited my name, without my knowledge, for Lord Marshal. It felt good to be out of the confines of the castle with my boots on the ground with my old battalion. The 404st would always be my home. I have dispatched them with all due haste to Alafrae. (ala is said with both a’s unstressed and means dwindling. The word is use to describe a time of dwindling. For example: ala malal means dwindling evil or dwindling malignant. The second is usually said as a way to acknowledge someone is getting healthier. Ala disder’ndae means dwindling sense, use exclusively for someone who is severely lacking in common sense. Frae said like fray with more of an eh sound at the end, means light.) Despite my personal feelings, I have left the men under equipped as to save time by not encumbering the troops.

By the time we cross the river of Tulkska(named the ancient people of Tulkska), the towers loom on the horizon near the main gate. The main gates had been hack and hew open. The stone walls on either side had claw marks embedded all the way to the top. Amongst bottom were blood and feather. The gate itself wasn’t complete destroyed and partially block passage into the inner city. We had to unbar the door before we could charge in and finding a few soldier still standing trapped in the bottom of a tower beyond the wall using shield-wall formation to keep out the attackers. This is when I got my first look at the beasts. The beasts had graceful balance running on ridged tails with long bony protrusion and ossified tendons. Many had feathers of many colors upon their heads with uniquely upcurving blunt snouts.

I order my men to lure the creatures away, but they seem distracted by their pray. It was bizarre single mindedness because they ignored blow after blow. Yet we couldn’t inflict harm upon them. Our swords seem to glance off of its hide leaving no mark. Even with us trying to the point of frustrating to harm them, they weren’t taking notice. Even with one of the creatures being stabbed in between the ridges, it was only semi aware that it was under attack. It turns and lunges instinctively digging its teeth into the shield and becoming stuck. In this moment to my humble awe, he drives the swords under the chitin plating. The creature panic stricken cries call the attention of the remaining creatures and there was chorus of responding cries. The eight or so creatures look down mournfully at their fallen member and start squawking amongst each other. With their cries becoming faster, more frantic and ever more distraught; it seems like the creatures were going to withdraw from the fight. But one of the creatures with a blue streak formed from feathers across its head, lunges forwards. This behavior had paralyzed me; I forgot my train of thought staring at the bizarre spectacle. Another soldier, I didn’t even have a chance to see his face, must have come to his senses and step in front of the attack and is knocked to the ground. I snapped out of it. I could feel my Adrenalin sure forth. I ordered the men to hold fast.

The men themselves were wearing chainmail over thick leather armor and equipped with a light hide shield. We had a hundred to one advantage and pressed it. Surrounding the creatures from all sides, we stabbed, slashed, and chopped until the last the creatures fell. I turned my gaze to surrounding city. I could see massive towers rising into the horizon before me, most made of wood but some of stone. Shops lined either side of the road leading further in. It connects with the main road that winds it way through the city. The part where it connects is right next to a massive walled off open courtyard surrounded by balconies. From here I could see up the main street stretching into the distance.

I could see citizens fleeing away from the main road because it was filled with a living today wave of the creatures. Thousands of them had flooded the streets and like islands in the sea of bodies were soldiers desperately fighting to survive. Me and I my men were confined in the narrow side street that lead to main road and taking every inch beyond that was grueling task. At start of the battle I was seemingly frozen for eternity in a moment and in that moment I thought about my family. I was certain that this was the end. I had spent the early part of this week helping my daughter with her elective studies. She was not content to be a simple peasant, but dreams of greatness and greater purpose. Regardless of this, she was old enough to start helping out her mom with the chores. Now these things seemed like treasured memories. I fought many wars and this was hardly any proper war as anyone could describe. There was something alien about these creatures. My father was a big game hunter who tracked and hunted all manner of beasts from the dragons Aitomoti to the Dregroth, a bear like bipedal humanoid. This was like nothing he ever hunted.

I order my men to form up because in a fashion like controlled chaos, they had surrounded us. I felt time skip. In one moment we’re surrounded and a heartbeat later; we’re in combat fighting for are very lives. I should have seen it coming, my slashes harmlessly scraping against their armor. After wasting my energy striking the target at least dozen of times to no avail, I told my men to hold fast and to do what may seems obvious. Wait for the moment to strike and plunge the blade between the armor plates. Sadly we couldn’t instruct nor advise the rest of the soldiers throughout the city. The first couple critters was difficult to kill to say the very least. Each strike took a lot of time and planning and courage was in short supply. The first creature took me minimum of three tries to end it miserable life, but the next was two tries. Each time one of the creatures died the rest became weary and less incline to attack. The bulk of their forces bypassed us. When we saw the parting dust from a great many of the beasts, I knew we had to follow suite. I order my men to peruse and a messenger approaches me.

He was quite formal and salutes me in the usual Altimieran manner which was a subtle pleasant gesture. Though I wasn’t sure how he had mange with stress as bad as it was. I made my own salute. He is quite frantic in his words, “We’re tried to evacuate the citizens. The initial attack has separated our forces. We got men trapped through the city. The closest group is in Decceon church. I lead the way and you follow suite. My alunai light guide our path.”

The church inside one of three large squares. The square itself is surrounded by wrought iron fence as tall as a man and beyond that was many buildings fashioned from brick and mortar of varies sizes and stories. The center had a brass and stone fountain. To the north is the stone church which two stories tall not considering the steeple. From many windows archer were firing down at the mass of creatures kept at bay by the iron fence. A few had climbed over. We formed up on the right side out of eyesight of our foe. I could not see if there were any civilians around. The entire area felt warm just from the body heat of the creatures so packed together. It had crossed my mind to order the men to from up shoulder to shoulder. With training it proves unnecessary as the men formed up without being told. Most of creature continues to beat against the fence. A few realize the some hundred and twenty men still under my command had formed up outside the horde. I could quite clearly see the faces of my men in the evening light. It was perhaps an hour from the sun setting. The fear had been struck from them by baptism of fire. The first ten or so creatures fell with ease. I then order ten men to distract a small portion of larger horde by striking the fence. Little by little we’re thinning the hoard. Eventually the right side weakened and remaining creatures charged us. I have to say I was quite valiant. We were encircled again, but as the enemy fell, we eventually encircled them. All the while archers concentrated fire on the right side.

With the entire right side cleared, only the left side remained. They may have had numbers, but there were no brains amongst them. They were so easily distracted. We formed a shield wall as the creatures took notice and charge in one colossal wave that is crashing down on our position. By now the lingering ache set in and my muscle were stiff. By the time the final creature fell, I couldn’t stand even without a single injury compromising my health. I may have wished to rest, but time was of the essence. I order the men from the church, thirty in all, to join ranks and take position in the front. They would take the brunt of the next assault keeping heavy fighting away from the exhausted troops. I asked the scout if he knew where more of the survivors were. He did not.

We pick a direction ahead further into the city. About twenty kilometers in, they found hastily crafted barricades with sharpened pieces of wood with creatures impaled on them. There was no one protect the barricades. Past it was a canal that was at least fifty feet across. On the other bank was a group forty strong of soldier actively engaging the creatures and guarding a stone bridge with more hasty fortifications. The fight is lopsided towards the soldiers. I ask how much fighting they seen. They told me about the nearly constant combat since the city was first attacked. I ask how tired the men were who replied with enthusiasm, that the men were quite fresh and ready to right.

Then for quite some time the town was quiet. The creature had chased any remaining survivors north where the outskirts of town met the low lying farmland and between the both of them were rocky outcroppings surrounded by massive wheat and barley fields. The creatures were thinned out by attacks from troops who were to my surprise, holding their own. There was nothing really to report of this battle. We attacked not in formation but scattered, because are enemy was scattered. Afterward I had to ask a great many people if the civilian got out. I hardly had a chance to see if my orders were carried out. Almost none of the soldiers could give me a straight answer. Maybe they did or maybe they did not. My hope lies in the fact that there were no bodies to be found save for soldiers. This was no victory by day’s end. Indeed, we may have survived but we did not win.

As of writing this, I’ve order a courier to be sent to Dratheinian (pernouced Drath-ee-ian with Drath meaning old wrath and Einian meaning where the sky meets the horizon. Loosely translates to: ‘Where the place of the old god’s wrath base upon folklore of old.) It will be several days before any word could be sent and citizen are still fleeing north. I’ve order my men to rest and tend to the wounded, who there is great many.

The rider approached quite late. I could see the last of the orange coming over the horizon. The scout’s journey was a long one and warrants the amount of time that he was gone, but I had not in my stomach regardless. I wasn’t sure why. I ordered him to report on what he saw. I was informed of many great swaths carved out of the ground by heavy foot falls and claw marks carved into stone buildings. The wood in the straw building were snapped like twigs. A great many bodies were thrown about and the blood had run into the mud turning it a rusty color.

My men have arrived very fast to Greathor, the village of the “Sun Dance Maiden”. It’s a traditional style village built from wood and straw like many in our kingdom. Near the roof are protruding carvings of woman’s faces and upon the walls are carving of everything from horses to your ancestors. The prominent drawing is a fair haired maiden on horseback. I regret to inform you that the city of once such grace and beauty is now a deep cesspit that stinks of rotting flesh. Many the beautiful structures have been torn down and the remainder has deeply embedded claw marks. The earth has been stamped flat by so many foot falls that no track remains. I feel no choice but to bury the dead and wait for orders. I send this letter to you in hopes that you may respond. The sights and sounds are dreary and evil hangs over this place. We have been here only in hour and I would swear that this place is haunted. It’s probably the atmosphere my lord, because I’m not superstitious. Please send word as soon as you can.

- Sir Edward Holmes

To sir Edwards,

I have receive you message. But I have received many more messages as well. The city just north of you was attack by great many of the beast. I do not believe you are in any danger, but any case, stay on guard. I am coming with more men swiftly as we can on horseback. You are to fortify the village. We are bringing supplies to turn the place into staging ground to seek out the monsters wherever they hide. For now hold tight, you will be seeing Eric shortly. He is a strong man who is a master of tactics with a patient mind for battle or diplomacy. Trust that he will set things right.

-Sir Author Hanson

Final days of the great harvest, 239

To my brother Oswald, United Eastern District

I hope the winds have found you favorable and life is calm. Though this I would hardly believe even if you told me. From the moment Edwards has arrived, there has been suddenly renewal of my heart. The air is practically electrified now that we’re finally doing something about this menace. The haunting feelings have subsided and I’m beginning to believe it was stress. Sir Edwards isn’t a traditional soldier in the normal sense; he seems too muscular for such a thin frame. His face is stern with a deepening broad chin and angular nose. I would say that I like him if not for the scowl that seems to be across his face. It’s like that expression was carved into a rock. You would never catch me scowling like that, you would dishearten the men.

He had us immediately mobilize the men, but he is waiting for shipments of steel armor from the capital. He won’t have us facing the hoard in chain mail and leather armor. He wouldn’t settle for anything less than steel armor. Though if he had the choice, we would be using scale mail and full plate armor. He also doesn’t want us flying by the seams of our armor. Around the clock scouting mission is what he ordered. He hopes to locate the enemy before the king arrives

- Joseph Oswald, Edward Battalion

Winter revival, 240

- Sir Author Hanson Diary

I’m most thankful that winter hasn’t arrived early. I pray it stays back, at least until the problem is resolved.

We followed the widely eyed rumors south. It may seem like a trivial matter, but the safety of our people is no trivial matter. I spoke to countless fleeing citizens and sent out scouts to speak to various individuals. I’m intimately aware of the fast approach of winter as the first snowflakes fell. The weather is still warm and during the peak of day it’s hot and bugs hurry about catching the last of the good weather. I sent the initial response force in warm weather closing. They were in hurry and cold weather clothing would have only slowed them down. Now it’s an imperative that the clothing gets to them. So with me I’m bringing twice the standard amount of cold clothing, enough to completely clothe the advance forces. I myself in the 240’Th day do not feel the sting of winter’s Embrace which is fast approaching. Luckily the great harvest lives up to its name this year. The harvest has been bountiful.

We are moving at a slow march twelve hours a day to hurriedly meet up with Edward Holmes. I’ve forgone any luxuries including a decent pair of shoes to expedite are arrival. I’ll have to send for one once I arrive as my feet are sore and blistered. I’ve also instructed Advincie to look up records of the original town inhabitance.

Winter embrace, 240

- Sir Author Hanson Diary

I have arrived at the camp. it is nothing more than makeshift shambles of boards and nails holding back an oncoming storm of such magnitude that man couldn’t possibly know of such a thing; nor should mankind ever know of such a thing because valor and arms can only take so you so far. We have brought many other things with us besides sword and steel. No, no, we have brought masonry and the like to build defenses, to build walls and towers. Upon the walls we will put archer to rain down death upon the enemies and devils that have troubled us of late. I hope to one day defeat such creatures and I pray by your time it’s already over and that you don’t have to experience the woes of our time. For I know of what the men speak of, something is out there and it knows we’re here. But I fear not for my safety because I trust in the safety of my sword and sheild. I walk in the light and I’m ready for anything. As is my order, but as it stands, I know not what we’ll face. This mist is parting so my heart is not as heavy, but the weather baffles me. It’s the winter’s embrace so the biting cold is to be expected. In dark of night and bright of day the weather changes so frequently. During the day the temperature drops down to below freezing and at night the temperature rise to hotter than the peak of summer. Somedays the temperature will go from scolding hot to freezing in mere minutes. Men are plagued by heat strokes by night and frostbite by day. A strange sickness has stricken are men. We’re calling it temperature shock and it causes delusion and fever. The men tear at their flesh and cry out strange names in the night. Their screaming never ceases and prevents us from getting any sleep. Three days ago a man who seems reasonably well started scream and staggered off into the mist to be never seen again. I ask why the men didn’t restrain him. The few people still sane couldn’t tell his cries of agony from the other men. I posted a guard to restrain any other men who might wander off. But the guard wanders off leaving behind profane writing scrawled in the dirt. This assured the men that this place was haunted. Truly some evil force is at work in these lands. These lands were once mighty and great and the gods of old watched over it. But now the gods have forgotten about us and don’t care for the people who walk these lands. What does a man do in such times? These truly are the darkest of days for men. There are many great beasts in these lands. Is it their death too? No, for this is only the trouble of these lands.

Winter embrace, 253

Sir Author Hanson Diary,

The static fortifications are constructed and just in time to. I feel a great doom upon us. Very few men still stand at their stations as most are bed ridden. What little men who could be mustered stand ready to give their life in a moment’s notice. I fear it won’t be enough. Every day the men loose hope and the mist returns. The light seems to be fading as if the days are getting shorter and heaviness is in the air. It feels like you can’t breathe. Every day my men loose hope and I know not what to tell them because they look to me for encouragement. I have not yet seen the creatures the Marshals spoke of. I heard reports of how vicious the fight was. I was told of monsters not cursed places and great evil. In my heart I know I’ll get my wish, even if it’s not what I want. On the rising of a new dawn, I could see a massive tilde wave of bodies heading towards us. The amount of men I was capable of mustering was few with most too stricken to stand up. The great general Eric readies his men and rallies men too sick to stand. These men lean against their spears or against the walls and manning any weapon they can. He somehow fared well in this tragedy, not being pale and no color leaving his cheeks. The man is of sounds mind and firm in body. He is dedicated and focuses to the task even while his king falters and succumbs to madness. Now I can finally see the beasts for the first time. How I wish I hadn’t see them. It was disservice to me seeing them, the tragedy and horror upon my face. Wave after wave appears from know where and moving swiftly like a raging tide. They batter against the walls like the sea crashing against the shore and slowly climbing over them. These walls weren’t built high. They we’re merely meant to slow the creatures down and it works. Truly in evil purpose here because the mental weakness came before the initial attack that drives us into the ground. The most surprising thing to find is that the most sickest man in the middle of their madness still have enough sanity or relying on instinct to fight back. Squads have been formed up as fighting has broken through the walls into the inner city where lies the ruins of the original city. Fighting is only getting worse as the mid-day sun approaches. Now I find myself in the midst of the battle. At first I was in the rear simply studying and observing, trying to assess the situation and rally the men. Now I’m in the forefront as the battle has come to me. As my sword clashes with the creature, I find just how terrible is this war. My arm quivers and my strength wanes as the battle continues late into the day. At this moment, I feel for sure we have lost. There is no chance to win. Yet the tide passes and bodies were stack around us in great heaps. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing so much bodies, death, and destruction. The greatest surprise of all: my men still live! We lost very few men in the attack. How great a fortune to survive this attack. We are truly blessed because the enemy wasn’t so blessed. The enemy is vanquished.

By night the delirium and madness has passed leaving no trace that it ever happened and the men have no recollection of it. By next morning the men were refreshed in a way only the old gods could have bestowed upon us and we sauntered off to battle. I feel my heart triumphantly soar with ever thunderous step toward the enemy that so troubled us this day. Though I wrought upon the ground in dismay, I will not shutter in the face of the greatest evil. For we had many wars now and again to be forgotten about and instead sung to are children to preserve peace in their hearts. For, war should be of old men who have something to gain from it and not of their children. But I know more than that, there is something different because mere beasts do not attack man. Beast fear the unknown just as man would. A rabbit could eat the wrong flower and die. The wolf than eats the rabbit and then he too is poisoned. But this is not the case.

Winter’s embrace, 255

Two days have past and my men are no worse. There is a general sense of wellbeing amongst the men. Laughter fills their hearts to bursting and you can see it in their eyes. They almost make me feel like I’m home again, roaring fire, the smell of cedar, a warm blanket wrapped over me as I curl up in my favorite arm chair. Amongst the mist one of my men has found something … interesting. If one is to call sheer, undeniable beauty interesting. Such beauty that the mortal mind dare not comprehend for it would shatter like a mirror into a thousand piece and rain upon the ground. These portals, if I dare call it that, orange hues with gold interlaced, are by far the most beautiful things you will ever have the graces of the gods to witness. I and a few of my men are investigating these anomalies to see if they have any relevance. We do not dare touch them for fear of harm falling upon us. I feel compelled to say that these may indeed be what trouble us. The beasts are not of these lands, certainly not. There is no record of them in recorded history. I’ve sent instruction for Advincie to look up the record of the original town’s inhabitance for a wizard or anyone who might have seen a wizard. Furthermore, to question the refugees on the subject and keep his ears open for rumors whether it merely is a wizard who studies it or a wizard who knows about it and created it.

As for this day, I’ve decide stop are search and tomorrow, we will head for Greathor until we have something to go on. The weather is turning foul with extreme winds battering us, and the first heavy snow fall. Every step is arduous and it’s hard to start a fire. To make matters worse, the days grow short.

Winter’s embrace, 257

With all do haste, we made for Greathor passing both snow cover crags and forest. Rolling hills prove a dangerous illusion with snow shifting sending men tumbling down severely wounding them. My men are slowed by numerous sprain ankles. We arrived after two days and now are at rest. A courier arrives late this day showing several teeth and claw marks proving the natural beast are out. The letter shows that no written records are kept of these spheres prior to the attack, so they must be involved. Furthermore, it mentions rumors spreading amongst the citizen of Altimier of a female alchemist who saw a strange wizard enter the town’s alchemy shop looking for some peculiar items. There is no reason for a wizard to be out this far. Yet there is no novelty in seeing a wizard in these parts. The few out here are just passing through making them more than likely to end up in the inn instead of the alchemy shop. So the coincidence is not to be forgotten. There is much strangeness to this world and I wonder if what, if anything, it has to do with this … device.

Many of town’s buildings are severally damaged and there is no time to repair them. Instead the men cram together in the few intact houses. The houses are well insulated from the cold and the hearth burns night and day. You can hear the wind howling furiously outside. The further we get into the winter’s embrace the worst the weather becomes until sunlight is drowned out in one never ending blizzard and that’s in the warmer regions.

Winter’s embrace, 265

I spend the 265’Th day hold up from prevalent winds and biting cold. There is stillness to the air that seems both unnatural and peaceful. Despite the unpleasant conditions, my men for many days have been searching high and low, and low again in many of the deepening places. Rumors persist that the alchemist might be alive. The alchemist in the first towns to be destroyed is lady Luxembourg and she has since then disappeared, possibly lost forever and given back to gods that loved her so much. It’s whispered of the darker things the wizard might have done. Even worse is the rumor that this wizard is really necromancer, the worst of dark arts that the gods have forbidden. After so many dreadfully darkening years only to see my kingdom come to this, dark arts. The dark arts in the heart of my kingdom, the kingdom my family built, and beset by demons that appears from thin air. It’s enough to trouble an old man’s heart. As the sun set low in sky we get are first good news. The sister to lady Luxembourg says she is alive and fled to her house. Luxembourg herself is deeply troubled and traumatized. Advincie is a gentle soul perfectly suited for job. His compassion and kind heart will surely help her cope with this trauma. The man actually had a saying relevant to situation: wounds of body heal, wounds of soul do not. Though talking about the mind, metaphorically the mind is your soul and that is the part of her that is wounded. Those memories torture her continuously and she will never be able to escape from the images as they are burned into her mind.

Advincie can be at times overbearing. He cares about everyone and at times you may feel he tries too hard to help everyone. Despite his stern face, most of the time he is easy going and never takes anything too seriously. Those soft eyes of his give him away. He is personally going to her house where he will hopefully find some words of wisdom to point me towards where these beasts come from or the wizard who created them.

Winter’s embrace, 270

She told of a decrepit hunched over elderly man, who despite this was quite spry, who enters her shop quite frantic in a mad hurry to acquire some very peculiar items including an artifact from a long bygone era. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of it. It was supposedly related to the Noricduimn (pronounced Nord-ic-dumnn with a short “u” sound and stressed “n” sound. Also known in the old tongue as Norqueek Malal or frozen evil. Norqueek meaning anything to do with the cold and Malal meaning evil)

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