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Powers Unleashed ( Book two of the mystic series)

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The town was in sight so I stopped and gathered everyone around.

"If we're to go in here there are some rules:

1.No using your powers

2.No speaking about your powers.

3. To reduce suspicion my name is Ellie, Strike you are sam and hydra your name is Heidi. The rest of you have pretty normal names.

4.No entering shops or trying to buy stuff.

5. If a member of the gang tries to fight you and you can't stop it then take a beating and don't fight back much. They cannot see us as a threat.

6.If anyone asks we are students on a trip and shelly is our teacher.

Are we clear?"

Everyone nodded."Good, let's go. Shelly, you lead the way."

Shelly lead us all to the town. It was quite small but as Hydra said it was definitely gang controlled. There were men and women walking around with guns in the open and I could hear a gunfight in the distance. Shelly began to act like a real teacher."Now the soil in this area is rich with what umm... Sam?"

Strike looked flustered then said"uuuuuhhhh iron and salt?"

"Yes, that's right. Does anyone know why? Athena?"

Athena looked realistic and said, "Because this city was once a lake of saltwater so when it dried it left the salts and metals behind."

Shelly looked a bit shocked abut still kept her role and said: "Yes that's right."

Shelly stopped talking from there and we just began walking around acting like messed up kids cause we kept punching each other and screaming. We came up to a small hotel and shelly guided us in.

The lady at the desk asked, "How can I help?"

"yes umm I'd like to check my school in"

"And what school might that be"

"Uhhhhh, saint Bernadette?"

"Ok yep, we have six rooms booked for you on the second floor."

She gave us the keys and we left to go to the stairs.

I asked shelly as we walked upstairs "How did you know to book us in with that?"

"When she said what school she searched our rooms and I saw the school name in the reflection of her glasses. We have two days here."

Right then. That was pure luck. So we have two days here but we can't stay the whole time cause what if the real school comes?

Everyone sat on the beds in the biggest room and we turned on the tv. The first movie that was free was one of my favourites, Annie. I put it on for everyone and the room went silent. all cuddled up in the bed watching the movie. Noone worrying about if we will live in the morning or not. Just thinking about each other. This film was relatable for all of us. We had all lost our parents and this was the way to get some back.

I don't think we have ever been more like a family. I felt so warm and safe that I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and I was all alone. It was quiet. Too quiet. I bounded out of bed into the next room and there everyone was sat wide awake.

Josh spoke, "We all woke up pretty early but didn't want to wake you as you looked so happy and you haven't had a good sleep in a very long time."

"I guess thanks guys."

I walked over to the recliner which they dedicated as my 'throne' and I just put the footrest up ready to relax. Shelly came in from one of the other rooms and said "Right let's go exploring. We can't stay in this warm, well-fed, cosy safe hotel all day."

Her face drooped more and more after every word. We all got up reluctantly and she lead us out of the room. We went down to the street and it was bursting with police. Everyone rushing around arresting everyone in sight.

As the bustling cleared I saw her. Seraphina stood there her eyes black and her hair gone. Her hands held a bubbling black power and people were just dropping dead.

I reacted "EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!".

They all turned around and darted out of the street. I pointed to a large valley about 5 miles off and no-one stopped running until it was within our grasp. I thought we were safe. We took a quick breather but then Nate began to choke. He fell to the ground grasping at his neck. Then he just stopped. Seraphina was stood by a tree holding a black dagger. I grabbed a key ring from Nate's pocket and we kept running. She didn't follow us through. She stayed and continued to mutilate his body. I watched as she took stab after stab through his face destroyed the last thing left of who he was.

I kept on running now at the back of the group. I made sure the group stayed on course to the valley.

After 20 minutes of running non-stop, we were here.It was glorious. In the middle of the area was a small shack. I went down there accompanied by Athena.We knocked on the door and a little girl answered. She was very skinny.

"wo ist mein vater?"

what was she saying? I had no idea.Then the voice in my head said: "Would you like me to translate my queen?"

I thought ok and they said She asks where is my father.

No one knew what I was doing then. I gave the voice control of my speech and he had a full conversation with her. I stopped and told the others what had happened.

"The girls dad went hunting about a month ago and never came back. She has been here all alone for two weeks as she saw her older brother die."

Ash and Hydra were moments from crying. They ran up to her and held her tight. She began to scream "HILFE !" I peeled the girls off of her and gave her an apple. she scoffed it down and let us in her house. It was small but ok for the people that were here. There were 4 beds one being a double and two sofas and a dining table.

Sammy agreed to share with the girl and josh would be on the floor. Ash and Hydra shared the double bed, I had my own and Athena slept on the couch. Strike got his own bed but was willing to share with josh. Then all of a sudden another girl came in with lightning coming from her hands.


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