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Of The Senate

Of The Senate

The Ivory Miracle pt 1

Once upon a time not so long ago, near the edge of the Radius of Post-Wrathing Ahbon, and quite far south there once lay a delightful little cottage with strange little attachment. The purpose of which only the multi-millennia-long owner knew and fully understood, for it was the product of an agreement made with her secret sister. The owner lived there with what we’ll just call her great niece, for that is what she always knew and wanted herself to be. And though they lived content in that quaint little cottage as the Niece grew older, the high-altitude trips to and from school at the capital peaked her childly curiosity as she looked down at the dark, mysterious and purple-tinted world below. In years to come, the Niece saw more of the world, and witnessed her first dose of what she called evil. And her great aunt allowed her to explore, said that life is too short to stay and wait for the best chapters to write themselves.

So the Niece chased on through the night, eyes dead focused on that evil act. She chased and chased, and caught in her maw the root of the problem - a secretive society of what she recognised as evil intent. An underground organisation who to this day still plot against one of the Niece’s dearest friends - the sad heart of the world. But through chasing evil she found love - an unexpected ironic twist, and the Lord’s proudest invention.

He would have been proud to see what had come of it.

Back at the (now totally decimated) millhouse, Mulverry stood - her robes muddy and slightly torn yet her injuries more or less fully healed via a vile but useful magic potion that was more or less just hot water and putrid leaves.

Now - where was the phone amongst the pile of broken wood that was her house, and the product of the Beast’s rage? Well, it was over by the fireplace, which seemed to be the only thing left standing in her house, the wheel still slowly creaking on the other side of the broken wall.

“... There’s a... Problem, isn’t there?”

-- Eigengrau had left his paper of great importance on a very far away table and couldn’t reach it for the length of the phone’s cable did not allow for it. Quite annoying, yet there were more urgent issues at hand. --

“Yes, how did you know?” Mulberry asked.

“I could... Tell by the way you dialled. Anyway... What seems to be the issue?”

Mulberry cleared her throat.

“Well, I was successful in closin’ d’ portal.”

“... Yes?”

-- Eigengrau had by now devised a plan to obtain his paper of importance without disturbing the phone call, but to carry out said plan would require his cellphone - now where was it? --

“But I was a bit too late, see. ‘Dey had already sent ano’der band of thugs out. They ambushed me, there was nothin’ I could do. I’m a bit rusty y’see? And now they’re out in d’world, huntin’ the Hero, I don’t suppose. And my Toven. I should never have let him get a taste for adventure.”

Eigengrau paused to make sure that she had finished. “... Well now we are in a bit of a... pickle. I hate pickles, they... Make my throat tingle and set me in a coughing fit”.

“Eigengrau, dear, I’m sorry you feel that way. However, we need to focus on the issue at hand.”

“Yes.” Eigengrau’s joints could be heard metalically clinking inside his fabric skin as he lay back in his chair.

--He had located his cellphone by this point, and was using a stylus to text instructions to a robotic vacuum cleaner that was tending to its own business just across the room.--

“Well I think the most sensible thing to do here would be to...”

Mulberry cut the Professor off mid-pause. “Reform the Senate Eterno!” She exclaimed.

“No.” Said the Professor, though he hesitated - it seemed that the thought had never crossed his mind, likely because he resented the idea so much that his brain automatically turned it a blind eye.

-- The now hacked vacuum cleaner now waited before the Professor, who unscrewed the top compartment and took out the dust-and-dirt-collecting container --

“Well yes, it… I suppose would be a logical action to take but…”

Mulberry couldn’t help but grin, even under such awful circumstances.

Though Eigengrau was just as morose as ever, “Can we not? I think I’d… rather let this world expunge. At least that way, the end would be quick and… pain-free. Those twins… Those wretched, insufferable twins. I can’t stand them. Especially… Yoshinjiro.”

“Oh come now, Professor. We all know how much ye like yer logic! Situations such as these are exactly why the Senate Eterno exists!”

Eigengrau groaned monotonously, for him this was a worst case scenario. “... Alright, I suppose it’ll have to happen sometime in the near… Future anyway, if we do want to save the world, that is. Do we?”


The Professor huffed, “Fine. I will see to it that the Senate are reformed again in good time, Though I must inform you that I… Will do so with great reluctance.”

-- Eigengau placed the dust-and-dirt container into his tableside weather-machine, which projected its innards onto the landscape within a hundred-mile radius of the city, spawning a small hurricane. A breeze was picking up inside the Professor’s office. --

“Oh don’t you be that way! I’m going to be making my way to Atlantis as soon as I get off this call. Can we wrap this up shortly? I need t’ find Toven, I’m quite worried about him to say d’ least. Say, I might as well bring d’ Hero along on my broom wit’ me when I come, ey?”

Eigengrau paused, “I would say that were a great idea, if only… It weren’t such a blatantly, stupidly obvious one.”

“Mhm, and what about the Reaper kid?” The Witch asked.

Eigengrau shrugged, though the Witch had no idea. “If you wish. I… Don’t really care.” He said in a voice that killed even Mulberry’s chirpy mood sometimes.

“Great! Well, I’ll see you soon.” Said the Witch.

“Goodbye, Eithne.”

-- The breeze Eigengrau had created lifted the paper from the desk, right as he was placing the phone back down. It flew right past his face and directly into the paper shredder that, through a strange improbability, turned itself on. And just when the Professor thought life couldn’t get any worse, too. --

It would have been of interest for Mulberry to know at this point that her crystal ball had gone missing a couple years ago during a very nice picnic with the family of one of Toven’s old classmates. It had taken place in said family’s back garden, in fact. Mulberry had wanted to make an impressive first impression, as it was rare that she ever had friendly conversations with new people - and so she had brough her crystal ball along with her to show off. Some terrible miscalculation had occurred, and the crystal ball had found itself rolling down a slate path and out onto a brightly-lit street. Still rolling, the ball found itself falling into a drain, where it continued in the dark. Some time passed, and the ball soon emerged rather far away, and washed up onto a shore made entirely of junk!

Mulberry would really liked to have known all this, as she spent the next twenty minutes looking for the damned thing. See, it would allow her to observe the location of Toven and his new friends quickly and easily.

“Dul go h-olc ort!” She cursed, and decided that she was going to have to search for the trio the old-fashioned way - with a broom, and a general sense of where they had already been and where they were going.

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