The Man Called Hayworth

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Jane and her cousin Jack must adapt to pirate life after being captured by the mysterious Lyana Loom and being forced as crew members on her ship. Lyana has spent most of her life looking the man responsible for killing her parents. Jane must assist Lyana in her urge for revenge, but will he also help her learn how to love?

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

As the female pirate in front of me pointed her pistol at my head, I couldn’t help but think back to how we got into this position. I believe it all started when my cousin Jack and I took the most dangerous job ever asked of us. Robbing the crown jewels.

It was late at night when all was resting. We had somehow managed to sneak past the guard by the door of the London Tower. Jack knocked out the two guards by the safe while I attempted picking the lock. Having been a thief for so many years it was simple for me. Once past the first line of defense, we were faced with a large vault door. We placed the dynamite all around it and stood back as they all went off. Luckily the rest of the guards weren’t around at the time so there was no one to hear the explosion.

Once the smoke cleared we were greeted with the sight of rings, orbs, and coronets. There was the sword of temporal justice and the Sword of Mercy. Orbs from families such as the Tudors. At the far end of the vault was a section of crowns worn by past kings and queens. The most recognized one being the crown worn by King Henry VIII, father of Queen Elizabeth I. We took out the bags we hid in our coats and started filling them with the jewels.

“We’re going to be rich!” I whispered.

“Hurry up, it’s almost sunrise, The next shift of guards will come soon,” said Jack. We stuffed the last of the jewels in the sacks and sneaked out of the tower.

We carried them to the cart and took off. We arrived back at criminals quarters to meet our boss Sebastian. He is the brains of the group. Jack and I walked into the little hut where Sebastian was already waiting for us with another man dressed in black.

“Welcome back my friends,” said Sebastian motioning us towards the client.

“I hope you have what I requested,” said the man in black.

We handed him the sacks before He opened it and started to smile.

“Well done. Here is your pay,” said the man in black placing four big bags of gold onto the table

We handed him the other sack before he threw 4 bags of gold at Sebastian. The man in black thanked us and left the hut. Sebastian counted the money and split it evenly between the three of us.

“You earned it boys,” he said before leaving us to go who knows where.

Sebastian was always like this. Once the job was done he would keep the conversation short and get to wherever he was going. Jack said it would be better this way in case one of us ever got caught during a job.

“Why don’t we celebrate by going to the inn and drinking to our heart’s content,” said Jack.

“I’ll join you, but I just want a good night’s rest,” I said. Robbing is tiring and I never really was a big drinker.

I decided to go too but I didn’t wanna drink. I just wanted a good night’s rest. Robbing is tiring. Once we arrived at the inn Jack immediately started drinking. Jack had a girl by his side after being there for barely 5 minutes. Jack always was a ladies man. He had thick longish blonde hair and hazelnut colored eyes. he wasn’t the buffest man but he was still pretty muscular. It was hard for women to keep their hands off him. especially the woman clinging to him at the moment. I was very desperate for sleep and was not in the mood to be up all night hearing screams and moans

“I reckon if you’re spending the night with the lace you get your own room.”

“Why of course. After all, I know how precious your sleep is to you. And I plan on staying up all night,” said Jack with a grin on his face, turning back to the woman.

I shook my head and got a room, but I couldn’t sleep. Something felt off about the heist. It had felt so simple. There should have been more guards at the tower, and someone should have come sooner from the dynamite explosion.

All of my inquiries would be answered the very next day.

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