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Second chance

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The fair city of Haven had seen it all, wars, blood shed, destruction and the death of many, even after all that it rose from the ashes like a phoenix being reborn, to start a new.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The gathering storms

Haven city:

The sky darkened as gray and black clouds rolled by surrounding the sky, blocking the sun, winds began to pick up, signaling the coming of a story.

The fair city of Haven had seen it all, wars, blood shed, destruction and the death of many, even after all that it rose from the ashes like a phoenix being reborn, to start a new.

The Palace stood on top, watching everything from bellow, inside the new ruler contemplated down from one of the many balconies, lost in thought.

“Your highness its time you come inside, you will catch a cold if you stay out there any longer” he heard one of his butlers say.

Sighting Jak took one more look outside and into the sky, the darkened clouds signaling the coming rain matched his mood, a depressed mood.

It had been a year since his last adventure, it really didn’t help take his mind off of several things.

One of them was Keira, yes they kissed once, but after a few dates they began to do nothing but argue with one another, he hated to admit it, but they have grown apart.

Eventually she left for Crash city, apparently she was offered a rather fabulous job as a lead mechanic to the racers, the last time he heard of her she had moved on, got a house and a friend, a closer friend, a boyfriend.

That was a few months ago, then he never heard of Keira again.

Sighting Jak though of the other thing that had him depressed, it never left him, no matter how hard he tried to forget and move on.

The death of his father Damas. That had hit him the hardest, he could move on from all the other things, he moved on from the torture he spent in prison and also forgiven his people for his banishment, though he didn’t forgive the council, as soon as he was able he fired and replaced all the council members for new ones.

Jak snickered a bit to himself when he though of Veger, he still wishes Kleaver would make true to his threats and eat Veger.

Soon Jak’s mind went back to his father; Why couldn’t Damas have lived?

There was so much he wanted to know.

Who was his mother? Did he had other family members? So many unanswered questions and yet there was nobody to give him the answers.

“Damas, if you hear me, I miss you father” though Jak before he entered the throne room and closed the glass doors behind him.

He took a moment to look at his surroundings, ignoring the man standing a few feet in front of him.

The throne room like all the other parts of the palace screamed of royalty, the walls were painted a very light blue, the pillars were white and had some ivy wrapped around it, the carpet was red with gold tones and patterns on it, the massive chandelier hung on the ceiling providing light.

Back then the palace was somewhat dark and dead, yes that’s the right word to describe it so he gave it some changes.

Okay, a lot of changes, one of them he changed the colors which the rooms and hallways were painted, from the dark colors to life bringing colors of nature.

Had more windows made so light would come in, brought life plants and had some landscaping made.

All those little details brought life back to the palace.

“Your highness the storms is approaching, the palace defense mechanism will be activated immediately” said the man making Jak look at him again.

He wore a fine black tux, had a silver tie, the buttons he wore on his cuff were shiny bronze showing his status of a butler.

‘Your highness’ Jak has never gotten used to those words, even if they had been applied to him after his last adventure.

He remembered it like it was yesterday, as soon as he came back to Haven city, Ashlin and Torn had a serious talk with him.

The people were refusing Ashlin’s rule as Governess so they begged him to take the throne.

It was his fate eventually, Damas would have wanted it, Jak said yes and a month later he was crowned King.

True he now had everything other people desired, but he wished people weren’t so scared to call him by his name.

“Its Jak, but thank you Argo” said Jak sighting as he rubbed his face with his hands, Ashlin is right, he needs more sleep.

“I would never call you like that, its unfitting” said Argo remaining in his perfect posture.

“Right, do I have anything to do for tomorrow or today?” asked Jak,

“No, not that I know off, the ambassador of Sinaming won’t be here till next month” said Argo,

“Good” said Jak as he left for his room scuffling his feet as he walk, he was really tired.

Opening the door of his room Jak looked around, this room was as big as a his old apartment, the walls were white and blue, gold tones and patterns on the walls and ceiling.

There was a large fireplace made out of marble and in it beautiful patterns of swirls and such had been carved, in front of it were armchairs color light yellow and expensive looking like the set of a desk and chair, having gold patterns and such.

Then there was a small siren sound, announcing that the security had kicked in, there was a sound of pounding as the windows were automatically covered with sheets of metal leaving the room dark, the only source of light was provided by the fire in the fireplace.

Looking down Jak walked over to his closet, which was 3 times bigger than a walking closet considering how much clothes other people claimed he needed to wear.

Opening the cabinets he moved around the clothes inside of it looking for something, among those he spotted his old goggles.

Taking them Jak sighted sadly before thinking “I traded my goggles for a crown”, putting them back on the drawer Jak reached in again and took out a pair of pajama pants and a shirt, gray in color, very soft to the touch, there was even a hint of the smell of fresh cotton and mandarin.

Leaving the closet Jak set the clothes down on his rather large bed and began to take off his clothes before changing into those.

Jak sighted, he felt a little better, looking at his bed he pulled off some of the numerous yellow, blue and white blankets before climbing into bed and letting his head fall on the soft pillows.

Curling up a bit and closing his eyes it took at least 2 minutes before Jak let sleep come over him.

Meanwhile, outside of the palace:

The winds began to blow harder, making a very ominous sound, like moaning, the rain came soon after, first it was soft and small drops, but that was for a moment cause soon it turned into what may be called a hail storm from how large the drops of water were, how hard they hit the ground and buildings, how many they were.

Streets of the city were empty, deserted, the windows were covered with sheets of metal or large sturdy wood while everybody was inside their homes, waiting for the storm to pass over.

Or at least everybody was supposed to be.

A small figure ran across the streets of the city, the rain hitting with no mercy, the wind threatening to blow him away.

The figure which was a child of 3 years of age held onto himself as he ran, looking for shelter.

Finally his eyes found something, there was an alley which was an access to a business, there were trash cans, a sturdy roof was on top of them, hold by strong metal beams.

The boy knew shelter when he saw one, with a bit of struggle he moved the trash cans out of the roof and sat under the roof, hugging himself from the cold.

Scanning around he found a large box, taking it he put it under the roof before going into it, closing it so he could have some protection from the wind and rain, even if it was a little bit.

Curling up a bit, the child sniffled as he blew a bit on his hands and rubbed his naked little feet, he was cold and hungry.

Jumped when a loud thunder came, shaking the child tried to get as comfortable as he could, closing his eyes he shed some tears and cried himself to sleep.

While outside the storm raged on, wanting to cause as much destruction as possible.

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