Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Sadness of loss

Haven city palace, a week later:

People around the city were busy either cleaning the streets, hanging up ornaments or such.

Today was a important day for haven, it was the lantern festival, a chance to honor, family members, loved ones, soldiers and those who passed away during the war.

During the day people set up and bring flowers or give maintenance to the graves of those who pass away, many incients, flowers and paint are used during the day.

There is also small stands set up which offer free sweets and drink to people.

When the sun goes down and the stars come up people light and let go dozens upon dozens of lanterns with the name of those who passed into the sky.

In hopes that their loved ones know that they have not been forgotten.

Inside the palace Adrian looked at Jak as he was busy packing things up in a bag, in went flowers, white and black paint, scented candles and such.

Adrian felt he should be happy, its a festival, but he is not, he doesn’t have family...or at least not that he remembers so who was he going to honor?

“Adrian remember to take your jacket with you, it will get cold at night” Jak told him as he zipped up the back pack.

“Yes Jak” said Adrian as he ran to his room, opened his closet and took out a wine red jacket before running back to his guardian.

Adrian is unsure of what to call Jak, according to Argo he should start calling him dad cause he adopted him, but the young boy doesn’t feel ready to, he just sees Jak like an older brother, yes there are moments that he does feel like Jak was his dad, but...he is just not ready to accept Jak as his father.

Taking Jak’s hand they left the palace.

Haven city cemetery:

It was build after the wars, most of the bodies that are buried underneath the grounds of the cemetery are cremated.

There were so may deaths and bodies that there was not going to be enough space to bury them all so cremating and small graves were the only options.

Adrian looked around as he saw people, some in tears, other in groups and some were alone were busy cleaning or painting the small tombstones, others were busy planting flowers or just arranging flower bouquets bough from the store, trying to make them look pretty.

“Jak...I don’t have anybody” said Adrian as he looked up at Jak, as usual he was disguised, to keep people from noticing him as their ruler he applies black grease on his bi color blond and green hair cause of that it temporarily turns black, the only thing that might give him off is the color of his eyes, but nobody seems to notice much.

“You can share my parents” said Jak as he looked around making sure nobody was watching them as they sneaked into a special area in the cemetery.

“We can share parents? Is that even possible?” asked Adrian curiously, Jak nodded to that as he looked around.

In the area it was what looked like a private garden, there was green everywhere, a weeping willow with vibrant colors of blue and green, hidden underneath the long hanging branches were two graves.

Both were slightly dirty and weeds have overgrown them, showing that they haven’t been tended to in a long time.

Adrian looked at Jak as he went to his knees traced both graves before starting to take out the weeds, nodding Adrian brought the back pack Jak had closer to them before he too started taking the weeds out.

When the weeds and the vines which covered the graves were gone both him and Jak scrubbed the graves a bit, cleaning out the bits of root which were slightly stuck on the graves before taking out the white and black paint and paint brushes.

“First we paint them white then the engravements we paint them black” Jak instructed,

“Okay” said Adria as he went to tend to the left grave.

Touching it a bit Adrian looked at Jak and asked “Who is buried here?“,

“My father Damas is buried there” said Jak as he began to paint the grave on the right.

Adrian looked, the mere name made his stomach churn, not in a good way, he didn’t feel comfortable or wanted to do this grave now that Jak said that name.

“Jak...can we switch?” asked Adrian, Jak looked at him, that was strange request but decided not to press on the matter.

“Okay” said Jak as he he got up and both he and Adrian switched graves.

As they painted Jak though back, for weeks, months and some years he had wondered about his family, his past, what was before Barrons reign, what would have happened if his father lived?

Jak blinked as he felt tears coming from his eyes, no he couldn’t cry, not in front of Adrian, he didn’t wanted to worry the boy.

When done painting the graves white and the paint was dry Jak traced the letters on the graves with the black paint since Adrian didn’t know how to do it.

“Okay done” said Jak as he took a step back, Adrian looked both graves, they were clean and seem to shimmer a bit with the white paint.

“They look better” said Adrian as he walked across the graves inspecting them, as he did his left foot fell as he stepped into uneven ground.

“Ouch” said Adrian as he fell on a patch of dirt.

“You okay Adrian?” asked Jak as he helped him up,

“I am okay” said Adrian dusting off the dirt in his pants.

Jak looked at where Adrian fell, it was weird, the ground next to his mothers grave was slightly sunken an slightly long uneven oval shape.

Touching it Jak dusted the grass, it was slightly newer than rest, was something burried next to his mothers grave?

“Jak...whats wrong?” asked Adrian playing with his thumbs nervously,

“Nothing, nothing” said Jak shaking his head, not wanting to worry the boy as he walked to the back pack, took out the candles and flowers.

Placed them on the graves before leaving with Adrian.

A few minutes passed, the wind blew softly making the long branches of the tree move slightly, a figure stepped into the grave site wearing a long black cloak which was comonly used in mourning.

Sitting on his knees between the graves the figure took his hood off revealing his identity to be Sig.

He patted the grave of Amelia, Jak’s mother before setting his sight on the uneven ground,

smiled a bit before saying “I made a lot of mistakes in the past, I shouldn’t have taken Damas side, this time I promise I will protect you, nobody will mistreat you ever again, I will protect you and make sure you grow up being your true self”.

That night:

The lights of the city lit dimly as nightfall came, Adrian held Jak’s hand as he walked closely to him, he doesn’t like going out after dark.

What if the Keeper was there?

Jak looked at Adrian, it was obvious the poor boy was frightened,

“Its okay, nothing is going to hurt you” promised Jak,

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep” said Adrian looking up at him.

Jak raised his eyes, how does such a young boy know a saying like that? Adults do, but young children don’t.

Then all of a sudden Jak felt Adrians hand roughly slip off of his grip, Adrian screamed as he felt claws dig into his shoulder before being pulled away from Jak and was dragged away.

Adrian screamed as he was dragged across the dirt road, rocks impaled into his back as he was dragged off, it wasn’t that bad since he was wearing clothes and jacket, but still was not a good feeling.

Jak ran after Adrian and who took him, smiled, apparently whoever took him didn’t knew that he was heading to a dead end alley.

Turning Jak stopped as he stared at it was not a who, it was a what, a thing.

Its shape was animalistic, stood on its hind legs.

Acting quick Jak meditated, as fast as he could he needed to use his dark form.

Taking over the dark form launched at the thing, clawing it, punch, kick, anything, the thing let go of Adrian.

Seeing he was free Adria hid behind a few crates trying to hide.

Giving up the thing ran off, it was not going to win, not tonight, not like this.

Dark Jak panted before returning back to normal, Jak looked at the damage.

There was scratches all over the alley, his body had cuts which bled slightly, bruises, but he was fine.

Adrian peeked into the alley from his hiding spot behind a crate, he looked at Jak, his eyes teared up seeing him hurt.

“Its all my fault” said Adrian as he sniffled,

“No, its not, nothing happened” said Jak trying to calm the young boy down.

Adrian stomped his foot and cried “Yes its my fault, the keeper is after me and you got hurt trying to defend me from him”.

Jak looked at Adrian, his heart breaking from seeing the young boy so destroyed, blaming himself for what happened.

“Adrian its not” said Jak as he slowly approached Adrian and gently hugging him, pulling him close, letting him cry on his shoulder.

For the first time, in a very long time, Jak felt like he had failed miserably, like the time he had failed to save his father.

“Come on, lets go before it comes back” said Jak as he got up, Adrian helped, with a limp he and Adrian walked as fast as they could to the palace where they would be safe from the keeper.

Early the next morning outside of the palace walls:

Morning was yet to come as the first rays of the sun had not come out yet, people were still in their beds, sleeping for a few more minutes before waking up to start their day.

Even if the streets are supposed to be deserted, their not, a figure paced around in anger as it looked up to the palace with its beady red eyes with pure fury and hatred.

It was not a person, it was a thing, its body was that of some form of humanoid animal, somewhat resembling a wolf but had a few differences, the pelt was spiky like a hedgehog, the color of it was a plum purple color and a black purpulish color..kinda like dark eco and black, there were purple crystal spikes on the back of its shoulder blades going down its back and ending on its tail, its hands resemble that of a bear with how large it was and the size of its black claws. The eyes, they were a pure red, some scratches can easily be see all over its body.

Its eyes shone with anger at the mere though of a boy.

He escaped from him again, time after time that annoying little brat has managed to either escape or outsmart him, him who is the keeper! one of the strongest soldiers of the Darkmaker army!

He could feel it, the anger and impatiences of his master rising.

It would have been easy, it should be easy to get rid of the child, but its not, the child has the precursors on his side, whatever that is precursor related the Keeper can’t touch, unless he wants to be burned till he is nothing but ashes.

Now its worse cause the child is under the protection of that idiotic Jak Mar.

The thing growled just thinking about Mar and how he stopped the darkmakers, how that...brat managed to outsmart him.

If Mar knew who that child was he wouldn’t want to protect him!

The keeper stopped growling when he though that, he re thinking it, of course, why didn’t he though about that before?

If Mar knew the truth he wouldn’t want anything to do with the child, he’d kick him out, once he was out of the palace it would be easier to capture the child.

The keeper smirked as a plan formed in his head, yes...very soon, that child will be under his mercy, which he will give him none.

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