Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Feeling of hate

The wastelands:

The wastelands, its known as the valley of death for those who had been banished.

But that was before Spargus was found, now its known for the priceless artifact which can be hidding under the sandy dunes and for that many explorers dare the vast desert, its hot weather and dangerous sand storms in hopes of finding their fortune.

Nobody else kne the terrain better than the wastelanders, Jak was one of them since he spend much of his time exploring the sandy desert during the time of the darkmaker war.

But that was in the past, right now Jak was driving full speed ahead with the dune hopper, his destination is the precursor temple which was settled on the other side of the wastelands.

Using a vehicle called the dune hopper he hopped across some what would be called islands and a cliff before halting to a stop infront of the large entrance to the temple.

Taking off the goggles from his eyes and removing the scarf he got off of the vehicle and entered the temple.

It seemed like a long time ago when he first came here with Daxter, it was actually fun using that glidder to reath the other side of the mountain, though Daxter never forgave him for that.

He said that if he was built to fly he would have had feathers instead of fur.

Snickering a bit Jak entered the temple, the traps had long since been disabled, continued walking down some stairs and through some hallways before reaching a light eco vent.

He stared at it for a moment.

When she was around Keira taugh him a few tricks while she was learning how to become an eco sage, two of the things she taugh him was to change dark eco into any other type of eco and how to crystalize eco.

Usually Jak would use the first technique on Adrian, but being such a young child he doesn’t want to risk the possibility of making a mistake that could cost the childs life.

Nodding his head a bit he raised his hand at it, concentrating fully on the eco vent.

Soon the air began to get a little stiffer, there was a humming sound, maybe it really was happening or maybe it was all in his head the humming and the stiff air.

But soon enough something began to happen, in the middle of the vent a little light began to shine, it concentrated as it slowly took a form before dropping to the ground.

Stopping Jak walked over and picked it up before looking at it.

It was a white almost transparent crystal, it glowed slightly bluish with power.

Smiling a bit Jak placed that eco crystal in his pocket and began to make his way back to the vehicle.

As he walked across the halls of the temple his mind wandered again, he wondered, they were such good friends, a good couple, okay they had a fight here and there, but why did Keira had to leave?

All he knew was that it started after they got back from the last mission in skyheed.

She was getting sick, everybody though it was just a cold, there had been a bug going around the city during that time.

To make sure Keira went to see a doctor, there she found out it was eco poisoning, all that time she had spent ‘channeling eco’ was actually her body trying to let loose the eco that was causing her harm, she truly could not channel eco.

From then on, he guessed things went down the toilet in their relationship, she got angry very easily, got furious when he told her he was going to take the throne.

For some reason she didn’t wanted him to take it, why not sure.

Soon that lead to an argument, one thing lead to another and soon they both ended up loosing their tempers.

She yelled at him that she wished she would have never met him, he yelled that she already made her point when she chose Erol over him.

He couldn’t help it, he felt furious that she had a relationship with such a man, what in the name of the precursors did she see in Erol?

Keira slapped him and yelled at him for being an idiot and being jealouse over a man who was dead, Jak called her a whore.

That was the end of that, they never spoke to each other or saw each other, Daxter tried to get them back together but there was no success in that, eventually Keira moved away and well, that was it.

Part of Jak demanded that he should go over to Krash city and apologize to Keira, atleast try and make nice, but another part of him told him that she should be the one to apologize to him.

He always leaned towards the second one, she had changed, too much during her time in haven, never really apologised to him after learning the truth about what he went through in prison, basically avoided him during the darkmaker war and what type of apology was saying he was a good racer?

Also asking him to be nicer to her when it was the other way around, that she had to be nicer to him.

Shaking his head Jak decided to forget that, that was not importat, someday he will fix that or atleast try to, but right now whats important is to get Adrian the light eco crystan and heal him.

Adrian is his main priority, not Keira or Erol, or anybody, just Adrian, the little boy whom he saw as his own son.


Jak walked outside of the temple, blinked out some of the bright sunlight of the wastelands.

Judging by the sun’s positions it was noon, he had spend 3 hours inside of the temple and didn’t even noticed.

Sighting a bit he took a deep breath, inhaling the somewhat clean air of the desert, there was always a hint of the smell of sand and ocean.

Slightly reminded him of Sandover.

“Mar you finally arrive” he heard, his body reactioning he took out a small pistol he had with him, pointed at where the voice came from.

Was surprised at what he saw.

It came from an ottsel or better known as a precursor that was sitting on the dune hopper as if he had been waiting for Jak to arrive.

This ottsel was pretty strange looking, its pelt was gray rather than orange, wore black tunic, purple gray pants and a black coat, had a silver belt around its waist encrusted with many purple jewels.

Its eyes were black, the whites in its eyes were still white but the color was black.

“Who are you?” asked Jak as his hand slowly went to his gun holster which was strapped around his waist, precursor or ottsel, he was not taking any chances,

“Oh forgive my manners, my name is Akuma, I am the keeper” said the ottsel bowing.

As soon as Jak heard the Keeper he didn’t think twice about taking out the pistol he had and shooting the ottsel.

Beraly able to dodge the bullet Akuma ran in circles trying to dodge the rest of the bullets Jak was shooting at him.

“Stop! you have to listen!” yelled Akuma in a panicking voice as he dodged another bullet, just barely, a little closer and it would have ended in his head,

“Why should I!?” yelled Jak as he finally cornered the ottsel against the rocky wall, no where for it to escape,

“Cause if you don’t everything will be destroyed” said Akuma gravely.

Jak glared, lowered the pistol slightly, but not enough, if Akuma tried anything Jak would not hesitate to shoot.

“You for 3 minutes to tell me why your sending a beast to kill Adrian” hissed Jak in anger.

“Adrian? is that what you call him now?” asked Akuma sounding rather amused,

“What do you mean?” Jak asked glaring at the ottsel.

“You think Adrian is a sweet, innocent boy, but your wrong, he is a monster, he is going to bring destruction to the whole world” said Akuma gravely,

“Your wrong! Adrian is a good kid, he would never hurt anybody” yelled Jak raising his gun again, how dare that ottsel lie, Adrian wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

“Thats what he wants you to think...have you ever gotten a good look at the boy? doesn’t he remind you of anybody?” asked Akuma,

“Nobody, why?” asked Jak,

“To put it straight foreward, he is Erol, your old enemy” said Akuma.

Jak raised his eyes slightly, okay, that Akuma had hit his head once too many times, there is no fisical way Adrian and Erol are the same person, they don’t act alike, that he thinks of it there are some similarities, the hair and eye color, but there are a lot of people and kids that have orange hair and gold tone eyes, also the last time he check Erol was dead and was an adult, he is not alive and he is not a child.

“Right” said Jak not believing the ottsels words,

“Its the truth, you have to believe me, that key that he stole is the key to open the darkmaker dimension, the dark makers revived Erol as a child so he could trick you and get his revenge, if he opens that door darkmakers will escape and they will destroy the world” said Akuma,

“Listen Akuma, you must have the wrong kid, Adrian is not Erol” said Jak still not convinced,

“You want proof, fine, Erol has a birthmark behind his left ear, looks like a tear drop, if Adrian has it then their the same person, if not then I was wrong and I will leave you and Adrian alone” said Akuma.

Jak scratched his began to bother him now that he noticed how somewhat similar Adrian looked to his former enemy, what if Akuma is right...he had to be sure.

“Okay...thanks for the tip” said Jak turning to leave.

An evil smiled came to Akuma’s face as he saw mar leave, everything was falling into place.

Haven city palace:

Jak slowly entered and walked the halls to Adrians room.

As he did dread started to rise in his gut, he didn’t like it.

Entering the room he saw Daxter and Tess were with Adrian, he was wide awake,

“Hey” greeted Jak gently as he walked over,

“hi Jak, Daxter was telling me about the wumpbee incident” said Adrian, his voice sounded a bit tired, but better than him being unconcious,

“Thats good” said Jak sitting down, motioned Daxter and Tess to leave.

They nodded and left, first time their quiet, usually Daxter complains about being cut out from the “accion”.

“Hey, you got something in your hair” said Jak, mentioning the first thing that came to mind,

“Really?” Adrian asked rubbing his head,

“Here, let me get it” said Jak as he pulled the child close and pulled his left ear back slightly.

To be honest, Jak didn’t wanted to see, he didn’t wanted to know, but he did, what he saw made his stocham tie in knots.

Just like the precursor said, Adrian had the birthmark.

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