Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Haven city palace:

Many people dream about living life as a royal, having servants to do all the work for you, people catering to you, but the truth is, royal life is not that.

It is some part of it, but the truth is it that a royals life is full of work and responsability, you have an image to keep, people running to you for help and if something goes wrong, like a war and such, people point their fingers at the ruler.

Jak knew that too well as he moved his head on the pillow, wanting to get comfortable and sleep, which he was not getting even with the sleeping pill he took.

Finally, after what seemed like hours sleep came to him.


“Little Mar, my Mar, what have you done?” he heard a female voice say, sounded familiar, who was it?

Felt said female run her hand through his hair, felt comforting, yet familiar.

Opened his eyes and found himself staring at a woman, she had long wavy blond and green hair, a heart shape like face, her eyes were an ocean blue eyes, a gentle smile was on her face, wore a simple white knee lenght dress with a blue ribbon tied around her waist.

She looked like something that was not from this world, yet she looked familiar.

It took a moment before Jak realized who she was, looking at her he simply said “mom”.

“Yes, its me” she said as she gently hugged him then looked at him seriously “Come...I have to show you something”.

Jak looked, he just wanted to stay with her as much as he could, enjoying the hugg from a mother he never got to know, but she looked like what she wanted to show him was important.

Nodding Jak got up along with his mother, she took his hand gently and began to guide him down the hallway, as they walked Jak noticed the hallway changed, the walls were now a gold tone color as it grew taller and larger, the paintings were changed, the lighting was changed to a beautiful chandelier, the floor was a polish tone.

Soon he found himself in the middle of a large ballroom.

There were people dressed in their best clothes as they went around mingeling with one another, soon their attention shifted to the people in the middle of the room.

Damas came in with his mom Amelia or Amy, they were both glowing with happiness as they entered, Amy holding a bundle of gold trimmed blankets.

Jak walked over, to get a closer look into the blankets, there he saw a small baby, wisp of green hair here and there on his head, suck his small fist as he slept peacefully.

“Thats not important” he heard his mom said, turned to look at his mom, she looked at the hallway and pointed.

What would there be there that is important?

Jak walked there, deciding to find out one way or another.

Entering he looked around the hallway soon he saw a person standing in the hallway, peeking occasionally into the ballroom wondering if to enter or not.

His carrot color hair was combed back with some gel, wore a fine black suit with a red tie tucked in neatly, black dressing shoes.

Jak emediatly recongnized him as Erol, but why did Amy wanted him to see Erol?

As soon as Erol tried to take a step into the room he was tackled back, Damas grabbed the young man, dragging him away with his mouth covered.

“what tha?” though Jak as he followed them.

Erol struggled in Dama’s iron grip as he was dragged and then pushed into his room.

Damas locked the room, the look he gave to Erol send shivers up Jak’s spine...he didn’t feel as if he was seeing the Damas he had seen in this was somebody else.

He slapped Erol, sending him down,

“Why...why do you do this to me?” said Erol staying down, sniffled as the 17 year old tried not to cry,

“You want to know why? you have seen it already, I have told you a thousand times, your nothing” hissed Damas at him,

“Thats not true! I am something, I am your son!” cried Erol at he looked up at Damas.

Jak looked shocked, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, did Erol just claimed that he was Damas son? But, thats not it?

Damas laughed at him “Yes...its true, but you don’t matter to me, because you will always be a failure while my true son will be a winner, always, your just a waste of space here, a waste of attention which my true son deserves”.

“I am not a faliure! and I am your true son!” yelled Erol at him, anger rising,

“Your mother gave birth to you, I just donated my sperm, think about it that way” said Damas before leaving and locking Erol up.

He yelled and began to hit and kick the door, crying out in anger, a few minutes passed before Erol gave up, slowly slid down the door as he started to whimper and cry, like a child.

This was a side of Erol Jak had never seem before and thought that didn’t existed in his former enemy.

Standing there...starring...everything was slowly clickingtogether in Jaks mind as he thought...was Damas the same person that beat Erol up claming he was trying to smother him?

He looked and saw his mother, she was in pain as she stared at Erol’s suffering.

She looked at Jak, she had a look of remourse, pain, regrett of not seeing what was going on soon,

“He never loved him, he never loved his caused his undoing...the city’s war...its pain...Barron taking over...Erol never knew love, only pain and suffering” she said tears were pouring out of her face,

“Why?” asked Jak,

“I didn’t give birth to Erol, his mother was somebody else, Damas cheated on me” said Amelia.

Jak shooked his head, no, it has to be a lie,

“Ask Sig if you don’t believe me” she said before vanishing.

end of dream:

Jak jumped awake, his mind going a mile a minute trying to process what he saw.

Suddenly he jumped yet again when his communicator ran, taking it he was surprised to hear Daxters voice.

If he remembered correctly yesterday Daxter told him that he was not his friend anymore and never to call him again, so why was he calling him now?

There was silence after the hello, he heard somebody talkingin the background but couldn’t make out who it was,

“Daxter? Whats wrong?” asked Jak slightly worried about his friend,

“Uhh Jak...mind coming over to the naughty otsel...please...its Sig” Daxter whimpered,

“whats wrong with Sig?” asked Jak,

“Nothing, its just that he said that if you don’t show up in 5 minutes he will start skinning us” Daxter answered in fear.

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