Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Haven city forest:

Dread filled the forest as two people entered, both with a rescue or recover mission.

They were hoping to rescue Adrian, get there in time, if that is not the case then they were probably there to recover a dead body.

That though made Jak feel horrible, why hadn’t he seen the truth before? why didn’t he noticed the truth sooner? why didn’t he noticed that precursor was really a disguised darkmaker?

Right now he is praying that Adrian is alive...yes Adrian, Erol’s true self.

He wants to find him, alive, take him back home where he would be safe, from everything, give him the love that Damas had refused to give him.

Jak bit his lip, trying not to cry, he cannot cry, now its not the time, he has to be strong if he wants to find Adrian.

“He will be alright, I am sure of it” said Sig as he stumbled a bit, suffering from the effects of alcohol.

Looking Jak began to wonder if it was a good idea to bring Sig with him, but right now there was nobody else to help him.

Another problem is that the forest is very large, Adrian could be anywhere in it, but where would he be?

He though for a moment then it hit him...precursor artifacts, the buildings, it was holy land, a place where evil cannot touch.

Why hadn’t he though about it? Adrian always seemed safer inside the buildings of precursors, so he had to be there.

“Sig...we got to check all the precursian buildings in the forest” said Jak.


Adrian sniffled as he raised his head, felt worser than before, he felt cold, weak, he could beraly get up.

Soon his ears picked up as he heard sound, like leaves crunching and a twig or two snapping.

Adrian looked around scared, fearing for his life, did the keeper came back?

Soon the bushes moved aside, Adrian cried of relief as he saw it was Jak and Sig...well he was mostly glad that Jak was there.

Soon that relief turned to fear as he said “Get in here before the keeper comes back!“.

Before any could react the Keeper jumped from its hidding place and landed on top of Jak.

It felt like being hit by a hover car going at 89 miles per hour as he fell to the ground, “Goodie, now I can kill you both” said the keeper before Jak wrestled him, trying to get him off.

This darkmaker was surprisingly strong, thats saying something since Jak had faced many oponents, lukers, metalheads, mauders and some more, but this was stronger than all of them.

Trying to help get the darkmaker off of Jak Sig used his peacemaker like a club hit the keeper 5 times, missing 2 and nearly hitting Jak once because he was still under the influence of alcohol.

“Stop it, stop it! you can have me and the key, just leave my dad alone!” yelled Adrian crying,

“I will kill you both, no matter what” laughed the keeper.

Jak felt fury take over, the keeper had harmed Adrian and what was worse he tricked him into believing the real threat was that innocent boy, there was also what he knew of his father now, the abuse Adrian who is Erol had suffered in his hands and because of that the Barron took over, he used and manipulated a wounded mind who obviously cared about the city and its people even more than Jak did back them.

Jak couldn’t take his anger out on his father...he was dead, but he could take it all out on the Keeper.

Yelling in anger Jak turned into his dark form, for the first time all power up from all the anger he had been forced to bottle up till just now.

Grabbing the keepers head Dark Jak dug its claws into the keepers eyes, if it cannot see, it would be harder for the darkmaker to attack and defend itself.

“You will not hurt my son!“Dark Jak snarled at the Keeper as he damaged the darkmakers eye beyond repair.

Yelling in pain the keeper pulled off, holding its face, “You think blinding me will help!? I can still hear you and smell!” the keeper snarled at Dark Jak as he got up and Jak took over.

Then the keeper yelled as it reached for its back, Jak could see two arrows had pierced into the skin, the wound got worse as the arrows somehow seemed to burned into the wound.

Adrian eyes widdened, thats it, the metal used on the arrow must be a precursor metal, darkmakers can’t touch anything that its precursor, if they do they will incinerate into nothing but ashes.

Running over to Jak Adrian grabbed his arm and said “come on, we have to escape”,

“You cannot escape me boy!” yelled the keeper regaining its composure before running and pouncing on them.

Adrian and Jak got down on the ground as the keeper jumped pass them and fell right in the precursian gazebo, slid till it was right in the center of it.

The creature howled and snarled in pain as its skin began to get hot, smoke was literaly coming out of it as its skin was set on fire which glowed a heavenly blue color before its form burst into ashes.

Ever so carefully Jak, Adrian and Sig approached the ashes of the creature, stared at it for a while till the wind blew them away.

For a moment there was silence, then Adrian said “Is it over?“, Jak looked at the boy and said “Yes, he is gone”.

Adrian cried in relief and hugged Jak, he smiled and held the young boy then said “Unless I heard wrong, I swore you called me dad”,

“I did, you saved me” said Adrian not letting go of the hug then asked “How did I got here?“.

Before Jak said anything Sig lied “You slept walked, thats why Jak called me, he wanted some help to track you down”,

“Oh, thank you” said Adrian.

Jak looked at Sigs face, he was right, it was best Adrian didn’t knew the truth, he can’t know about his past, about him being Erol, it was for the best.

“Come on...lets go home to get you some medical help” said Jak then looked at Adrian, gave him the light eco crystal “Adrian, you make sure you hold that, it will make you feel better”, Adrian nodded, held the crystal tightly in his hand.

Jak grabbed Adrian and carried him, he needed to get back to the palace to get proper treatment for that eco poisoning Adrian had.

“Jak when Adrian is better, I have a proposition you” said Sig, Jak looked at him as he wondered what Sig was going to say.

Meanwhile inside the darkmaker dimension:

That dimension, there is no light, no wind, no warm, no life, it was all gray, black and rocks, mostly like caves.

A place of fear and dread, punishment and pain as all the bad people and evil creatures were locked in there.

A darkmaker soldier looked at a dark tunnel of a cave, feared it, its hands trembled as it held a bone and some ashes, the little that remained of the Keeper Akuma.

Scared, it entered the cave, inside it was all darkness, yet there was a breath, it moved, as if it was alive.

A pair of evil yellow eyes stared at the darkmaker soldier, it shook in fear as it showed the creature the bone and the ashes.

At first the darkmaker did nothing, then there was a loud roar which shooked the cavern, the soldier barely dodged the rather large fisted claw before running away.

No soldier wanted to upset, their master the Darkmaker Chief.

It growled as it looked up to the carven ceiling, furious at the Keeper’s failure, angry at the though that their trapped.

Yet it didn’t deter it, it was going to get its revenge, see that idiotic child die in its claws.

“One of these days Erol! you will regret crossing the darkmakers!” the chief growled furiously.

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