Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


A few months later, Spargus:

What once was a hidden city, a kingdom which nobody knew that existed had changed after the darkmaker war, now that everybody knew of its existance it had become a rather popular trading, hunting and fishing port.

More high tech than before, but retaining some of its old culture and customs, Spargus was a home for traders, fishermen and wastelanders.

But right now the city had the biggest crowd as people came from miles around to celebrate a new heir.

Adrian looked down from the balcony of his room to the streets of Spargus, man he though Haven city was like an ant hill, he was wrong, he had never seen so many people running around.

It was not only outside of Spargus, it was inside as well, the servants were running up and down, doing this, fetching that, hanging stuff here and there.

Why? nobody told him, he couldn’t even leave his room, Jak had told him to stay put in his room.

The truth is he wants to leave the room and find out what is all the commotion going on, all he knows it started with this weird test Jak had him take.

Doctor Warren rubbed cotton swabs on the inside of his mouth then took samples of his hand, skin and blood, Adrian admitted he cried a little when Warren injected this big needle so he could get blood...also admits that Jak had to hold him down as the doctor got the blood.

Then 3 weeks after that Doctor Warren came in and talked to Jak, Adrian didn’t hear what he said but before Warren left he looked at him weird.

Then after that everybody started acting weird around him, calling him your majesty, bowing, now he knows why Jak hates it when people do that, its annoying.

But mostly confusing, why are they doing that? he is not he? Well he was adopted by the king...but that doesn’t make him royalty.

Sitting down on the bed inside the room Adrian sighted, he wanted to go home, be in his old room and with people he can recognize, not in a city which he knows nothing about, inside a palace that he got lost 3 times trying to look for the dinning room.

The sound of the door opening made Adrian look up, he was glad to see it was Jak,

“Hey dad, are we leaving today?” asked Adrian hopping he said yes,

“No, why? you want to leave?” asked Jak as he sat next to the frustrated and impatient boy,

“Yes, I want to go home, I don’t know anybody here” complained Adrian, slightly in fear,

“Thats the good part of life, in a new place you can get to know new people and make new friends” said Jak trying to cheer him up.

Sighting Adrian said “I suppose so...Dad, why are people making a big fuss today? its not friday yet”.

Jak laughed a bit at that then patted Adrians head “I was going to tell you later, but I guess now is as good as ever”,

“Tell me what?” asked Adrian curiously,

“You remember the test Doctor Warren did to you?” asked Jak,

“Ya...umm you promise not to tell anybody that I cried right?” asked Adrian nervously,

“Don’t worry I won’t, you see, the reason he did those test is to get dna, to find out who is your father” said Jak,

“Really? I didn’t knew that was possible” said Adrian amazed,

“Trust me, it is and right now I know exactly who your father is” said Jak,

“Who is he?” asked Adrian getting eagered to hear what Jak was going to say,

“Damas Mar, you are the son of Damas Mar” said Jak, Adrian looked confused at him, not getting what he meant,

“I don’t get it, I though Damas was your dad” said Adrian confused,

“Yes he is, you and me, were brothers” said Jak nodding,

“But your old..and how come I don’t remember?” asked Adrian even more confused, he couldn’t understand what Jak meant to say,

“We time traveler back in time to live in Sandover, where we would be safe from the Barron but while we were in the ride you accedentally fell out, you must have ended up in the darkmaker dimension then here in this time when you escaped ” said Jak,

“But why I don’t remember?” asked Adrian,

“You must have lost your memory somehow” said Jak.

Adrian stared at him shocked then said “So that was why you knew my name was Adrian”, Jak smiled and nodded, it was clear that Adrian was believing the sugar coated and fake version of the truth of his past.

Both he and Sig knew Adrian didn’t remembered anything from his past.

They both agreed it was best to keep Adrian’s past a secret from him, it was for the best, this way Adrian could have the happy childhood and life that had been denied to him back then and raise him to be a good young man in the future.

“At first I wasn’t so sure it was you, so I had the test done and it turns out you really are my long lost brother” said Jak “Prince Adrian Alexander of the house of Mar”,

Adrian giggled then said “It sounds like a tounge twister”, Jak chuckled and patted Adrians head,

“So..your going to tell me whats with everybody running around like ants?” asked Adrian,

“Their busy preparing for your coronation” said Jak,

“I get one?” asked Adrian confused,

“Ya, your going to rule Spargus one day” said Jak,

“But I though only the oldest got to rule?” asked Adrian confused,

“You were the oldest back then before we time traveled” said Jak,

“Ohhhhh” said Adrian as he understood then added “Can I still call you dad?“,

“Sure why not” said Jak, Adrian hugged him and said “Glad were together again”,

“Me too” said Jak holding him into a tight embrace.

A week later:

Adrian felt like he wanted to puke as he occasionally peeked into the throne room, there were more than a billion people in there, he was sure of it.

Just the though of making a mistake, tripping, anything made Adrian sick and nervous.

Pacing around he looked at Argo who was there to make sure he was ready and remained clean.

Adrian looked down at his outfit, it consisted of a white dressing shirt, brown fancy pants as his dad calls them, boots which reached slightly bellow his knees, what seemed like a cream sash that went around his waist, a brown dressing coat with gold buttons and some gold desings on the sleeves of the coat, a sand color scarf of some sort which hung over hung over his shoulders and trailed mid back to act as if it was a half cape or something and finally the seal of Mar which hung on his neck with a leather strap.

When the doors open Adrian froze as he stared, the whole room seemed to have fallen into a silent state, he couldn’t hear anything but his heart which was close to jumping out of his chest, his nervousness was boiling over, he felt his hands get sweaty because of it and what was worse he couldn’t remember what he was suppose to do.

Jak smiled and making sure nobody watched him he made a hand motion which said “come here”.

Mentally nodding Adrian walked foreward, carefully, making sure he didn’t trip or anything, the eyes on the room made him nervous, he wanted to leave, but he felt a little better since Jak was there.

In what seemed like a long time he finally reached where Sig and Jak were standing infront of the throne of Spargus, next to Sig was a monk...uhh what was his name? Seem, ya, that had to be, he was standing there, for some reason didn’t look happy as he stared at him while holding a pillow, on top of that was a gold metal, very simple in design which was done in a simple open circle, right in the middle of it was the seal of mar, displaying itself proudly.

If Adrian was right, it was a circlet, he had heard Argo and some people talk about it.

Adrian looked up at Sig as he cleared his throat and said “Normally our king Damas should be the one to do this, but sadly he has parted, but will always be with us and will be watching proudly as we crown his true first born Adrian, the true heir to the Spargus throne”, people cheered then quiet down as Sig spoke again “Do Adrian are ready to accept the responsibilities and duties set before you?“.

Adrian felt nervous again, he forgot what he was suppose to say, was he suppose to say yes? I do? or what.

Swallowing a bit Adrian said “Yes, I am” hopping it was the right thing to say, he felt relief when Sig smiled at him and said “Are you ready to help out your people…well, more so, then ever before?“,

“Yes I am” said Adrian now with a little more confidence than before,

“Never to abandon your position, you will fight for your kingdom and people?” Sig continued,

“Yes, I am” repeated Adrian.

Taking circlet Sig said proudly “You are now Adrian Alexander of the house of Mar, prince of Spargus, my succesor when I retire” with that he placed the circlet on Adrians head, went around his head and rested on his forehead comfortably not slipping bellow it.

People cheered as the ceremory was over, Adrian sighted in relief, Jak smiled at him and whispered to him “You did good, better than I did, I accedentaly said what I was suppose to say backwards”, Adrian giggled a bit, he felt a little better,

“The worst is over now we go to a party” Jak said, Adrian nodded, he was mostly glad the coronation was over, he was still worried about the fact that he was going to run a city someday...and he had no idea how, but he will learn..right?


People packed into the ballroom to celebrate the crowning of the new prince.

All around there was dancing, food, beverages, all the good stuff, to Adrian, this was surreal, it had to be some sort of dream, from being in the streets trying to survive, being chased around by a monster and being with no family to finding his family, his home, his past, everything.

He looked up at Jak, true he is his brother, but in his heart, he is the father he had always dreamed about having.

Jak smiled at Adrian, patted his head, looked at Sig, the old wastelander finally seemed happy, truly happy, as if this weight was lifted off of his shoulders and he could finally enjoy his life.

Even though the past few months have been completly changing to Jak...also saddening since he found out his father was the true monster around here, he was glad...he got his answers, he had family with him, his mother would finally rest in peace knowing he would make sure Adrian would be well taken care of.

Those things were all that mattered.

“Can I go play?” asked Adrian as he pointed to the crowd of children which were going to be taken to a separate room s they could play while the adults mingled,

“Okay, just be careful” said Jak patting Adrians head, nodding the child ran to the group.

Jak chuckled as he watched Adrian go with the children.

“What did you do to the key?” whispered Sig to Jak, making sure nobody heard,

“I hid it” whispered Jak,

“Hid it? why not destroy it?” whispered Sig urgently,

“I tried to destroy it, I used everything I could think of but it all failed, hiding it was the only option left” whispered Jak,

“I hope its a good hiding spot” whispered Sig before their attention went back to the party.

For a moment there was no conversation till.

“I am sad cause I was not able to crown my own son” Jak suddenly heard, both him and Sig froze in the spot they were standing, that voice they knew too well.

The room got quiet as people stared shocked, they were looking at something behind them, turning around Jak’s face darkened as they saw the person standing behind them.

Once Jak would have given anything to have his father back...but not after what he learned.

“What do you want?” Jak hissed as he stared with a look of hatred, he had never given anybody that look to anybody except Barron.


Adrian smiled as he ran around, looking for a place to hide, everybody was playing hide and seek and he didn’t wanted to be the first one to be found.

Smiled as he came to a large door made out of palm wood, crafted into it were desings of books and some leafy precursian like pattern, taking the door handle he opened it and looked inside.

“The library, nobody will think of looking here” though Adrian with a giggle as he entered and closed the door behind him.

Looked around..this was a strange library, there were cases and stuff, but no books, just some type of paper all rolled up on a wodden stick.

Adrian looked and ran around, looking for a hidding spot then smiled as he found a spot behind a curtain, pulling them he hid behind.

Stayed as quiet and as fisically still as possible, soo his ears picked up a sound of the door opening, then small steps, two people came in.

Then jumped when he felt somebody poke his shoulder, nearly strangled himself trying to get out of curtain.

Breathing hard Adrian heard, “I told you he was hidding there” a girl said, “Why are you always right?” a frustrated boys voice said.

Looking Adrian saw they were twins, had to be, their so identical, with their blond platnium hair, a strange color of brown eye color, but the biggest difference is that one is a boy and another is a girl.

The boy wore simple black slacks, brown shirt and a sand color vest, the girl wore a vibrant green dress and a brown belt around her waist, both had black shoes.

“Who are you two?” asked Adrian looking at them, they looked somewhat familiar, where had he seen them before?

They smiled and said “You know us”,

“I don’t think so” said Adrian,

“Think harder” said the girl.

Thinking Adrian looked at both of them, thinking, then it was as if a light bulb lit on top of his head,

“Gol?...Maia?” he said, as he finally remember the full names of the two people he saved, they smiled and nodded,

“Yes, but that was our old names, my name is Makensy now” said Maia,

“Mines Godrick” said Gol,

“As its our sage oath, we owe you our lives” said Maia, who will be now known as Makensy,

“We want to repay you for saving us” said Gol, who will be known as Godrick, then they heard Jak calling Adrians name,

“Jak can’t know of us yet, so keep it a secret please” said Godrick, Adrian nodded before they left.

Adrian went his way, looking for his dad.

He definetly would have a lot to learn...and what awaited him would be surprising.

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