Second chance

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Haven city:

The skies cleared as the storm passes, the rays of sunlight peeked gently through some remaining clouds, the smell of rainfall remained.

Haven city remained unhindered, the storm had passed and little damage was caused by it, though there were scattered leaves and trees which had been knocked down by the storm, the power was out but was being restored.

All in all people could take a breather of relief knowing the worst had passed.

Jak was none the wiser, he realized the storm had passed when the defense mechanism of the palace powered down causing the sheets of metal covering all the windows to retract.

When retracted the sunlight came pouring in.

Groaning Jak forced himself out of bed, sitting down he rubbed his face trying to wake up more, he felt as if he had slept for only 5 minutes, not more than that.

Standing up Jak walked over to his desk, pulled the chair and sat down on it for a minute thinking.

Looking down at the desk he noticed his communicator, red, white and silver in color, it was vibrating, he had forgotten that he had put the communicator on vibrating mode.

“I wonder who tried to call me” though Jak as he took it and flipped it open, all the calls were of his best friend Daxter.

Jak smiled a bit as he chuckled wondering what the orange lightning wanted to say as he pressed the call button and it rang.

“Hello” said Jak,

“Jak buddy, hey listen, mind if you come down here to the naughty ottsel and pay me a visit” said Daxter, his tone always cheery,

“Well I got nothing else to do, so why not” said Jak, Daxter provided a good excuse to escape his current palace life and go back to what was once a normal life for him,

“Great, me and my lady will be waiting” said Daxter, Jak heard a giggle in the background, it was Tess, he knew how her giggles sounded.

Hanging up Jak though “I envy you Daxter”, standing up Jak headed to the closet and took out a tan color shirt, pants which had the color of light tan, most importantly he took out a jacket with the traditional blue he always wears.

Once he had them on Jak walked to his bathroom which had a large shower with glass walls, the floor was tile of the color cream and gold, pretty patterns on the roof, marble counters and such.

Walked over, washed his face and brushes his teeth before leaving his room.

Placed his hand on his pocket felt his seal on it, he needed it, its what you can say the key to the palace, letting him in and out.

Stopping at the exit he pulled the hood of his jacket over him and walked out.

The streets of Haven city:

Looking around Jak had to admire the streets a bit, looking over the minor damages the storm did the city had clean up quite nicely.

When he got the throne the first order of business was to clean the city up, placing some new rules that would give punishment like paying a fee or so if throwing trash or not following clean up.

The other change was that more trees and other vegetation was planted, even some grass area, it was to purify the air of the city.

Among those were also some programs to help construct schools, hospital, help orphanages and even help scholars financially.

Those little changes made a huge difference and impact on the city, everything was more peaceful.

Taking a deep breath Jak continued to walk till he reached the naughty ottsel looking he raised his eyebrows.

The huge naughty ottsel advertisement was broken, laying on the ground in many pieces, some workers were trying to clean up that mess to unblock the street.

“Hey be careful with that” said Daxter to one of the workers as he pulled some debris,

“Dax, what happened? that thing looks as bad as the time the missile blew its head off” said Jak trying not to laugh, seeing that thing get its head blown off was pretty hilarious,

“Jak buddy” called Daxter greeting him,

“Hey Dax” said Jak happy that somebody calls him his name, Daxter calls him Jak, while Ashlin, Torn and Sig call him Mar, the rest call him your highness or your majesty or King Mar, ect ect.

Jak shuttered as he though about that.

“SO hows life in the palace, your majesty” said Daxter joking, doing a mock of a bow,

“Daxter please I don’t want to talk about that” said Jak laughing a bit,

“Okay, come inside tessypoo is waiting for us” said Daxter,

“Good thing I didn’t eat breakfast today” though Jak mentally chuckling as he followed Daxter into the Naughty ottsel.

Looking around the hasn’t changed that much after it was restored to its original state, the booths were the same, the bar was the same, everything was the same.

Standing in the bar was Tess, Jak still hasn’t gotten used to see her as an ottsel, how does she get things done being only a few inches tall?

“Tessy poo, Jak’s here” said Daxter as he jumped and landed on the bar,

“Hy Ma- I mean Jak, how are you?” asked Tess,

“I am fine, seeing around what damages were done” said Jak sitting on one of the stools,

“Other than the broken advertisement, everything was fine” said Daxter,

“ummm...not really” said Tess nervously,

“What do you mean by that?” asked Daxter worried, Tess began to play with her tail nervously

“Umm I think a crocodog or something is living where we kept the trash cans, I went to take out some trash and when I got there the cans were knocked down” she said.

“Really? mind if I take a look at it” said Jak, how could a crocodog or anything had survived the storm?

“Yes, I would appreciate it” said Tess nodding as Jak got up to walked out the bar,

“Hey wait for me” called Daxter as he ran behind Jak.

The side ally of the naughty otsel was a mess like Tess said, the trash cans were on the ground, the trash was everywhere, bottles were broken on the ground, papers and tissues were all over the place.

“Man that crocodog was desperate for food” said Daxter looking around,

“I don’t think it was a crocodog” said Jak as he walked into the alley,

“what makes you say”- “COUGH! COUGH!” Daxter jumped when he heard that,

“what was that?!” he yelled looking around wildly.

Jak shushed Daxter as he approached the metal roof which the trash cans used to be kept under, right now there was a rather large box under it.

Carefully Jak pulled the box out and looked at the side which was opened.

Jak had to looked twice, he couldn’t believe what he saw, it was a small child, sleeping inside the box.

Why in the name of the precursors a child would be sleeping outside, especially being so young, he could tell the child wasn’t even 4 years old.

Where was the child’s parents?

Looking closer he saw more features on the child, he was less than 4 years old, his light orange colored hair was drenching wet like his clothes which were nothing more than a simple baggy white shirt and baggy gray pajama pants, child was very pale as he shivered from cold.

“Is it a crocodog?” asked Daxter rather loudly waking the child up.

The child’s gold tone eyes widen in fear as he stared at Jak and Daxter, you could see the fear in them.

Getting out of the box fast the child ran, not watching where he was stepping as he literally stepped on the broken pieces of bottles.

“Hey! wait! stop!” yelled Jak as he turned to chase the child, each step the child took left behind red colored footprints.

The child cringed and stumbled a bit, the glass shards digging into his tender feet as he ran as fast as he could to escape the adult that chased him.

Jak managed to chased the child into another alley, no way for the child to escape since it had no exit.

The child looked around trying to find a hiding spot, finding none the child curled up like a ball against a corner of the alley, covering his eyes, scared of what the adult would do to him.

Looking at the child Jak felt pity for the child, curled up on the corner, frightened, hurt, wet, cold and hungry seeing how skinny the child was.

He had no idea what that poor child had gone through, whoever saw this child would immediately felt pity for him.

Carefully Jak approached the child, not wanting to scare him more than he already was,

“Its okay, I am not going to hurt you, I want to help you” Jak said as softly as he could, the child’s hands lowered from his eyes, looked at Jak, wondering if to believe him or not.

Jak gave him a small smile, trying to seem as friendly as possible, he knew how adult strangers are somewhat intimidating to small children.

Deciding he could trust Jak the child stopped shaking a bit, looked at Jak, smiling back a little,

“Whats your name?” asked Jak, the child looked down,

“Okay” he though then asked “where are your parents?“, the child shook his head.

Jak wished the child would talk to him, but he can’t pushed him to talk,

“Its okay, I am going to get you some help, if you let me” said Jak.

The child looked at him and nodded, as gently as he could Jak grabbed the child carefully as he carried the child back to the naughty ottsel, the child was still as he let himself be carried.

Looking at the child Jak had many questions, Who was this child? Where did he come from? Where are his parents? Why is he alone out during a storm? and How did he survived?

Jak knew the answers had to wait, right now whats important is to get this child some help.

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