Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Unanswered questions

Haven city market:

The market is where the most activity is seen during the day and night, 7 days a week all 365 days of the year.

Its also one of the most remodeled place in haven city, since it was pretty much oblidurated in the darkmaker war, right now it was a market under a roof, each had their stands and stored around the place.

Jak looked around in one clothing store, looking at some of the kids clothes, touched the arm of a soft blue sweaters, it was soft, made out of cotton.

He was completly at loss at this, he had no idea what he was going to get for the child, he didn’t even knew what size the child was.

Taking it and some other pieces like shoes, socks, atleast 3 shirt, 2 sweaters one blue and the other gray, a red whine colored jacket and some other things before checking out.

When done Jak left carrying a rather large shopping bag and began to make his way back to the naughty otsel.

As he walked Jak’s thoughts went back to the poor child that was found, why was this child alone? why hasn’t there been a missing child announcement?

When a child is reported missing an alarm is set on, the gaurds would be searching everywhere, asking people, anything about now, but nothing, nothing is announced or anything.

Did the parents reported the child? or did the parents abandoned the child? did the parents died and the child wandered out, trying to find help? did he ran away from abusing parents?

Jak hoped neither one of those were the cases, it would greatly hurt the child, rejection and the death of a parents are the worst feelings in the world, feelings Jak knew too well.

At the naughty ottsel:

The child looked around the bathroom from inside the bathtub which belong to the two umm...he is not sure what they are, the adult man, ummm Jak called them ottsels, Tessy and Daxy he thinks their names are.

The bathroom had a small bathtub combination shower, color black like the toilet and the sink, the tiles were a brown color, the walls were tiles of the color cream, brown and black arranged in patterns that the child found pretty.

He looked down at the water as he splashed the water a bit, it smelled nice and he liked the bubbles in it.

Jak, Tessy and Daxy are nice, nicer then the other adults he had met.

All of them yelled at him, chased him with a bat when he was found looking around the garbage or sleeping in their property, he doesn’t mean to make a mess or anything, he gets hungry, he needs to eat and he also needs a place to stay.

The child looked at his little hands and fingers, they were getting pruny from how long he had stayed in the water till Tessy told him it was time for him to get out of the tub.

Getting out and wrapped a towel around himself to dry off, stopped when he heard somebody entered the apartment, heard the door open.

It was Jak, he heard him talking about something, something about having a hard time finding clothes.

Holding the towel the child carefully left the bathroom wandering into the livingroom.

There Jak was taalking to Daxy and Tessy,

“There he is” said Daxter pointing, Jak looked at him and said “come here”.

Walking over to Jak he took out some clothes from the bag he had, helped him put it on.

The child looked at his clothes, wore a white shirt underneath a long sleeved soft blue sweater, its sleeves were very long, if he left his hands and arms down the sleeves would fall covering his hamds, his navy blue jeans were slightly baggy, looking at his feet he saw some untied brown shoes with a gray sole.

Reaching down he took and began to play with the shoe strings, it feels funny and looks funny as he moved and played with the shoe strings.

Jak chuckled as he shooked his head gently finding the scene funny.

Kneeling down till he was at the same height as the child he reached, gently pulled the childs hands away from the shoe strings before he proceeded to tie them in a knot.

When done Jak was surprised to find a pair of arms wrapping around his neck, the child was hugging him.

Jak didn’t knew what to do or think, it had been a long time since he had been hugged, it was as if he had forgoten somethings.

The child let go, smiled at him a little, obviously was greatful for the help Jak, Daxter and Tess had given him.

“what are you going to do with the child?” asked Daxter,

“I don’t know, take him to the freedom luege HQ, Torn will know if a child was reported missing” said Jak,

“Good idea, but if you need any help, give us a call” said Tess.

Jak nodded before taking the child’s hand and leading him out of the naughty otsel.


The little child looked amazed as the elevator door ding sound before opening up on the main halls of the FFHQ, there the walls were gray, the floor was metal, there were some doors, each leading to either the meeting, the guards locker room, the training room, briefing room and the commanders office.

Jak took the hood off as he walked down the hall to the commanders office another way to say it was Torn’s office, dragging the child who was looking around distracted.

Why Torn you ask? he would be the first to know if a child was reported missing.

Getting to the door Jak knocked in it before entering the office, then snickered at the sight inside.

Torn was busy giving kissing lessons to Ashlin and they were having such a good time that they didn’t notice Jak had entered the office.

The child looked disgusted as he childishly said “ewww”, Jak looked at the child surprised, he could talk, that was good, but why didn’t he talked?

Torn and Ashlin jumped as they noticed Jak and the child,

“Sooo, this is what you two do in your spare time” teased Jak,

“None of your business Mar, besides what are you doing here?” said Torn, tough guy act as usual.

Jak gently pushed the child so he was in front of him, he looked at Torn and Ashlin, they were scary looking, so he looked down, played with his sleeves before hiding behind Jak.

“Awwww, you couldn’t have a kid so you adopted one” Ashlin joked,

Jak glared at her and said “Don’t joke, no, I found this kid in the alley next to the naughty ottsel”.

Both Ashlin and Torn raised their eyes, “Your kidding right?” asked Torn,

“No, I want to find out if somebody reported a missing child” said Jak patting the child’s head,

“No, no child has been reported missing” said Torn.

Jak sighted, he wished that the theories he came up weren’t true but asked “what’s the next step if the child parents don’t come to get him or report him?“,

“The next step is if the child is not recovered in 24 hours he will be transferred to an orphanage so another family can adopt him” said Ashlin.

Jak looked at the child before saying “If anybody comes you tell me”, “Yes sir” said Torn as both he and Ashlin showed sign of respect.

Jak wished they would not be so formal, he is just like them, with a title that’s all, nothing special.

With that thought he walked out of the office, the child clutched onto his leg as he walked.

Looking for a moment Jak realized he had no idea where the child was going to stay for tonight, scratching his head Jak though before saying “Looks like you will see how the other half lives for tonight”.

The child tilted his head, probably wondering what he meant to say by that, he will find out soon enough.

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