Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

How the other half lives

Haven city palace:

The palace stood, tall and proud, a symbol of royalty and hope of the future to others, even more when the ruler is the hero of the city.

“Home sweet home...I guess” though Jak as he and the child entered the main hall of the palace.

The child looked around in childish wonder, what child doesn’t dream of being royalty or anything, Jak on the other hand never though about that, when he was a child he dreamed to explore the world, be in a boat or in a balloon with nothing but a telescope and a handy dandy compass to lead his way discovering new lands, experiencing new cultures all over the world.

In a way yes Jak has done exploracion, yes he has experience new cultures, but his fate had assinged him the task of being a ruler, so after a few great years of exploration he took that role, but often wondered if someday another adventure would come.

“Your majesty, your back” he heard, looking he saw it was Argo wearing his usual silver suit only this time his tie was red in color.

Argo bowed then added noticing the child “I see you brought a young guest, may I ask whats his name?“,

“I don’t know” said Jak honestly, he had asked the child atleast twice but the child refuses to tell him, he refuses to talk at all.

The child looked up at him, not saying a word, shaking his head Jak said to Argo “Mind if you prepare a guest room for the child? he will be staying with us for today”,

“As you wish your highness” said Argo bowing dow before leaving.

‘Your highness’ how Jak had hated hearing that, can he call him by his name Jak, is it too much to ask!?

Sighting Jak looked at the child before asking “You hungry?“, the child nodded eagerly, he was starving.

Jak snickered before leading the child into the dining room, aparently the cook somehow knew that he would be coming around that time since the table had been set with silver dishes and silverwar, in the middle a large bowl of spagety had been set, steaming hot and smelling delicious.

The childs mouth had begun to water as he and Jak each pulled a chair and sat down, Jak served the child a dish first before the child passed out from hunger, then served himself a dish.

As soon as the plate was down the child dug in, eating fast and with great apetite.

Jak had to laugh a little seeing the young childs face covered with spagety sauce before serving the child another dish.

Before he could finish his dish the child had already eatened 3 helpings of spagety,

“Hey slow down, foods not going anywhere” Jak scolded softly to the child, he looked at him and nodded before swalowing what he had in his mouth before taking another bite.

“You know, you need a name, I can’t keep calling you kid” said Jak, the child nodded.

Thinking for a bit Jak asked “How does Ryan sound?“, the child shooked his head,

“Hunter? Adam? Robert?” asked Jak, he shooked his head to all of them.

Taking his time Jak looked at the child, he was really strange, like a riddle wrapped in mystery or a dark secret inside a ridle box wrapped with chains of mystery either one of them.

“How does Adrian sound?” suggested Jak, the child though before nodding,

“Okay, Adrian it is” said Jak nodding as he got up and cleaned up a bit.

He never liked being waited on by servants, always like to do things himself.

When done Jak led Adrian to the room he would be staying, it was one of the 20 guest rooms there was in the palace.

It was strange seeing the reaction of Adrian when Jak showed him the room.

Many other children would be thrilled being in a room like this, it was huge, had soft blue carpet, the walls were painted a sea foam green, had a bay window, huge bed with many pillows and soft blankets, a book case full of picture books, the chandelier had desings of stars and moons which shone prettily.

But what was most amazing in the room was the beautiful mosaic window which featured the season of the year, auttum, summer, winter and spring.

Adrian entered carefully, looked around the room as if making sure its safe, walked over to the mosaic window, traced the desings before looking at Jak with a small smile, he liked the room, but why was the child so afraid?

Gently Jak led him to the bathroom, helped him wash his face with a soft towel, little bit of soap and water, then the child brushed his teeth before Jak helped him put on some pajamas.

They were sky blue, smelled like the ocean.

As Jak helped him put on the shirt he noticed something around the childs neck.

“Hey whats this?” asked Jak gently, Adrian grabbed it, holding it close to his chest,

“Its okay, I am not going to take it, I just want a look” Jak coaxed taking Adrians necklace gently before looking at it.

It was strange necklace, the strand was a dark purpulish metalic that felt cold to the touch, the charm was a key made out of the same metal, the sharp and thorny desings on it were oddly familiar to Jak, same with the black crystal incrusted on the key, he swore it glowed purplish for a second.

Why did it looked so familiar? had he seen something like this and where?

Adrian took it back, hid it under his shirt, its obvious he didn’t wanted anybody touching it or so.

Taking his hand Jak took Adrian to bed and tucked him in,

“If you need anything I will be right across the hall okay?” said Jak, Adrian frowned and took Jaks hand before giving him the puppy dog eyes, he didn’t wanted the adult to leave.

Giving into the puppy dog eyes Jak sighted and said “Okay, fine, I’ll stay with you”, whats the harm in that? its only for tonight.

Adrian scoot over so Jak could have a spot in bed.

After getting comfortable they both went to sleep.


It was strange, Jak could hear voices, multiple ones, they said

“We all wear mask, when it comes off is when we show our true selves”,

“Never judge, for things are never what they seem”, all in that nature.

Getting up Jak yawned before getting up from bed, looking back at the spot he was shocked to see, himself, yes himself, he was sleeping, Adrian slept next to him, blundled up like a mummy.

This is a dream, it has to be, how can you explain that?

Then he stopped when he heard some footsteps outside of the room he was currently in.

Raising his eye slowly Jak carefully walked till he was outside of the room and in the hallway, thats when things got stranger.

The walls of the hallway began to change, it went from the normal light cream color walls to gray and red colored walls, the lights turned on as the whole place changed.

In an instant Jak found himself back at what the palace used to be, but how.

Looking behind he was shocked, Erol, his former enemy and rival was walking down the hallway, wearing his usual krimzon guard uniform, he looked around, seemed to be sneaking around.

Jak stood deathly still as Erol came his way and walked through him, literaly, like he was no more than a ghost.

Jak looked, suddenly everything started piecing together, he does not exist here in this...illusion, but why is he here in the first place.

Putting his attention back on the enemy he noticed Erol was taking some form of wall, looked around before removing the piece of the wall and taking out what was a book of sorts.

Sat down and began to either write or something on that book, Jak couldn’t tell, before placing it back in the secret compartment and placing the wall back before leaving like nothing happened.

Before Jak could say anothing he felt as if he fell through the floors to what felt like a never ending fall.

End of dream:

Jak jumped awake and started wildly looking around, he was back, back in the guest room, it was all a dream, just a dream.

Sighting Jak let his head fell back on the pillow before looking at the window, it was morning.

Turning he looked at Adrian, Jak had to admit, the child was incredebly cute when asleep, curled up, one thumb touching his lips.

Jak smiled a little, he had to admit, he would miss Adrain when he goes to the orphanage today if his parents don’t show up.

Shaking his head Jak touched the childs shoulder before shaking the child gently.

Adrian looked at Jak tired before burrying his head under one of the pillows, wanting to go to sleep,

“Come on Adrian, we got stuff to do” said Jak shaking him again, giving up Adrain reluctingly got up from bed to start the day.

Streets of Haven city:

Everybody have their good days and their bad days, one day your having the most absolutely awesome day of your life, the next your having such a bad day you wish you never left your own home.

Jak was having a good day, he had to admit Adrian was really fun to hang around.

After checking the Freedom luege HQ to see if Adrains parents had shown up, which they didn’t so Jak decided maybe Adrian could use a little fun before he was taken to the orphanage.

It was very hard to find out why a child like Adrian was left alone, he was a very sweet and well tempered child, he was also a bundled of joy.

Jak laughed a bit, Adrian reminded him a little bit of himself when younger as they got some ice scream.

Adrian held his single scoop of vanilla as he licked it, was slightly melting, it was obvious he was enjoying himself as he walked next to Jak on their way to the orphanage.

Adrian had no idea where he was going, in his mind he though it was going to be a fun place, he liked Jak, he was the nicest adult he had ever met.

They walked over to a 4 story building, it was very long, side to side, there was a grass area around it, the building itself was painted yellow while ivy wrapped itself around the building giving it a very picturest look along with the windows and the balcony that was there.

Entering the building through the double doors Jak entered with Adrain, there was a mini reception area with a small play area for kids.

“Adrain, go play, I got to do something” said Jak gently pushing Adrain a bit.

There was little need cause Adrain took off and pretty much jumped on an area that had some stuff animals there, that kid loves animals.

Walking over to the reception desk there was a secretary working there, she was somewhere in her late 50′s, had black hair with some grays tied in a bun, wore a vest under a red dress, had kinda of a grandma look as she was busy doing some paper work before she noticed he was standing there.

“Hello young man, how can I help you?” she said in a very sweet tone,

“hy, umm, I am here to drop off Adrian, I am sure the Freedom luege informed you of his arrival” said Jak politly, there was no need to be rude to a kind old lady.

“Let me see humm” she said looking through some paper work before taking out a salmon pink colored paper “A yes, Adrain, don’t worry, he will be well taken care off till a family comes to adopt him”,

“Thank you” said Jak nodding before he began to leave.

Adrian noticed Jak leaving withouth him so he ran and took his hand, looking at the boy Jak shook his head and said “No Adrain, your staying here, this is your new home for now”,

Adrian frowned before he clutched ontu Jak’s leg refusing to let go,

“Come on Adrian, its not bad” coaxed Jak trying to get him off of his leg, Adrian began to cry as Jak tried to get him off.

Jak finally got Adrian off with the help of the secretary, Adrian cried, screamed, pulled anything to get out of the secretaries grip, it was very obvious that the child didn’t wanted Jak to leave him.

Looking away Jak walked out of the building, half way through he looked back, he could see from the window of the reception room that Adrian was still crying while the secretary tried to coax him.

If anybody saw that they would think the child was crying cause the father himself went to abandon him at the orphanage.

Sighting sadly Jak wondered if this was the right choice, shaking that though out of his head Jak though “Yes it is, I can’t take care of a child, I got no experience” before walking away.

Though every now and then his thoughts went back to the poor boy.

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