Second chance

By SecretsofHaven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Questions of truth

Haven city palace:

Many people from around the world traveled to see Haven city, from explorers to ambassadors, from ambassadors to members of the royal families of other cities or kingdoms.

So its no surprise that almost every day the palace had to be cleaned from top to bottom and preparations were always made, this time the palace guest is an old friend, yet it seemed that that old friend knew something the ruler didn’t knew.

“Are you okay Sig?” asked Jak as Adrian hid behind him again, Sig looked like he saw a ghost.

“Ya...I am fine...uhh excuse me Mar..I have to go” said Sig as he turned around to leave,

“Go? but you just got here” said Jak confused, Sig was eager to come back to Haven to see his comrades and friends, now after seeing Adrain he just decided he wants to leave.

Did he really knew Adrian?

“Something came up” said Sig urgently, the feeling of suspicion grew on Jak eying at Sig he looked at Adrian and said “Adrian can you go and help Argo with the meal? make sure he doesn’t overdo it like the last time”.

Nodding Adrian left the throne room, eager to be away from the scary looking man.

Once Adrian left Jak crossed his arms and looked at Sig Seriously before saying “Whats going on?” ,

“Nothing Mar, something just came up” said Sig, trying to keep a calm demeanor,

“Sig your hiding something” said Jak, the months working as a soldier gave him experience, he knew when to tell when a person is hidding something, among other things.

“I don’t hide anything from my friends” said Sig seriously,

“Sig, you taught me how to tell when a person is hiding something, you taught me that well” said Jak seriously as he glared at Sig then added “You know Adrian”.

Sighting Sig said “Yes, I do know Adrian”,

“Sig, I have been trying to find out info about Adrian, something is after him, wants to do him harm and I want to protect him from it” said Jak honestly.

Looking at Sig, his face displayed something Jak had never seen before, shame, utter shame, Sig was never one to be ashamed, in fact he was always standing tall and proud.

Why shouldn’t he? he had every right to be proud cause of all the services he has provided to both Haven and Spargus.

But now he was ashamed, what did he do to feel that way?

“Mar, remember back then at the naughty otsel, remember when I said I have done some thing, terrible things, things I am not proud of” said Sig,

“Ya, that was when you were working for Krew, but you did those things to get info from Krew, you had to do it” said Jak.

Sig shook his head slowly “No, I was not talking about that time, in fact the most horribelest thing I have ever done was before I even worked for Krew, it was something I should have done, but didn’t do” he said, remorse obviously in his tone which confused Jak even more.

What in the name of Haven city was Sig talking about?

“Sig, I don’t really get what your saying” said Jak,

“Mar, there are some things that are best left unknown” said Sig with that he left.

Jak was even more confused, why would Sig say that? how does he know Adrian?.

With that in mind Jak walked out of the throne room and then heard screaming.

Sighted, he knew who it was...Argo.

Meanwhile at the kitchen:

Walking to the kitchen Adrian oo’d at what he looked around the kitchen, it was massive.

There were stainless steel counters, kitchen appliances, the refrigerator was more like a vault from how big it was, various pantries overflowing of spices, sauces and other things.

All around were people dressed in white, aprons and funny tall looking hats running around carrying steaming pots, vegetables, bottles and some other things.

“Okay you go and cut the vegetables, you spice the meats, somebody bring me the sauce, we need to hurry” said one of the cooks.

Adrian recognized him, he was the head cook, he knew cause he had seen him before, he was the only one who wore a red apron compared to the rest who only wore white aprons.

He was nice, he thinks its because he is the only one who dares to try his “experiments”, which is either meat or other food which he came up with.

Adrian was one to never throw food away, it tends to happen when you have been a few days without food, you tend to appreciate it and eat it all up.

Looking he saw Argo following the head chef, he was hysterical.

“Are you sure everything will be done in time Gage?” said Argo following him,

“For the last time, YES! it will be done in time, don’t rush me!” yelled Gage the head cook waving his knife around angrily, he was a very patient man but Argo was wearing it thin.

Looking around he yelled “Where is the sauce?! I need it before the meat loaf goes into the oven!“.

Adrian smiled, he could help.

Looking around Adrian looked over several pots and pans, looking for the sauce, he knew how it looked like, it was red with little tiny green leaves on it.

Looking at one pot, it looked like the sauce, it was red with the green leaves, dipping his index finger into the sauce he took it out before sticking it into his mouth, tasting it.

Yep it tasted like the yummy sauce on the meat loaf.

Nodding Adrian reached and took the bowl, not realizing that the bowl was big and it was heavy.

Because of those facts and also not being able to hold it properly it caused the bowl to tip over and fall on top of Adrian, spilling the sauce all over his head, outfit and even his pants.

Then he noticed the kitchen got very quiet, taking the bowl off of his hair he saw the whole kitchen staff was starring at him.

Even Argo and Gage stopped their arguing, Gage looked at Adrian he was thinking he might have gotten hurt, Argo on the other hand wanted to explode as he looked at Adrian stained and dirty outfit.

Adrian winced when Argo screamed “Why why!? look at you! your filthy!“.

Looking around Adrian saw Jak enter the kitchen, apparently he heard Argo’s scream, he didn’t knew a guy could scream so loud.

His panic attack got worse when he saw Jak, “Your highness, Mar , I am sorry, I didn’t knew the child was wasn’t my fault he got dirty”.

Jak sighted, Argo was embarrassing sometimes, but he can understand his fear, everybody is scared of making the ruler angry...especially when they know that if that ruler gets angry he will turn into a dark creature that can kill everybody in a matter of seconds.

“Argo, its okay, it was an accident, kids make messes, its normal” said Jak as Adrian ran and hid behind him.

Argo sighted hearing that as he calmed down,

“Sorry about Adrian ruining the sauce” said Jak to Gage,

“Its okay your highness, I was going to throw it out any way, spend too much time out in the open” said Gage as he took the sauce bowl back “But I do suggest that Adrian gets a bath and a change of clothes before the sauce gets everywhere”.

Jak nodded as he took Adrians hand and walked away.

Adrian’s normal routine considered of taking at least 3 baths a day, the young boy just can’t seem to stay clean he always ends up either being covered in mud or dirt from top to bottom from playing outside, getting covered with dust and such from playing around underneath the carpets or furniture or in one of the rooms which hasn’t been dusted or aired out.

Argo just can’t stand seeing the young boy dirty, Jak doesn’t seem to mind, he knows kids get dirty so its not out of the ordinary for him. But when your living in the palace, the children there are always clean, he personally thinks they have never seen a puddle of mud before, but thats the thing about royal life, looks are everything to royals.


Adrian was glad when he was finally cleaned and put on some normal clothes, this time it was an orange shirt and some overalls with his normal sneakers.

Honestly, if he knew getting dirty would get him out of that uncomfortable outfit sooner he would have rolled around dust, dirt, anything he could find in his room.

Since he didn’t have anything else better to do he decided to spend the rest of the day in the back yard.

What most people on the outside didn’t knew was that the palace actually had a pretty large back yard, it was the size of a foot ball field, had a pool which now had a fence on it.

Cause Jak was afraid Adrian might fall and drown in it by accident.

There were tree’s, flowers and definitely a lot of play area.

Adrian ran around, kicking and playing with a bouncy blue ball he brought with him, he liked to play, sometimes Jak would play with him or somebody else, but sometimes he plays with himself cause others are busy working.

He didn’t mind, if their busy then he will leave them alone, though sometimes he wishes he had more play time with Jak.

Kicking it Adrian let the ball fly through the back yard before landing on a nearby bush before running after it.

Taking it out of the bush Adrian kicked it again before running after it, laughing and entertaining himself.

It went like that till the sun was setting, it was getting dark.

Picking up his ball he heard Jak call “Adrian its getting dark, its time to come inside!“.

Adrian frowned, he hated it when he had to come inside when he was just starting to have fun, why did the day had to leave so soon?

Looking at his ball Adrian decided, one more kick before going back inside.

Setting the ball down Adrian walked back a few steps before running and hitting the ball.

The ball flew across the back yard, hitting against the one of the walls which surrounded the palace before rolling away.

Adrian ran after it, looking around he smiled when he found it next to a small gate, that gate only the servants use it to take the trash out.

It was sturdy, had a shield over that and a password only very few people knew.

Walking over he stopped dead in his tracks, listened, a very low growl could be heard.

Whimpering Adrian looked around and ran to get the ball, as soon as he did, an animalistic hand with claws stuck into the gate, threatening to grab him.

Adrian screamed when he saw the red eyes before running away, that thing growled and howled, it couldn’t get through the gate, the shield was not keeping him away from Adrian, it was the gate which was sturdy and made out of precursian metals.

It burned the creatures hand just by touching it.

Standing up Adrian ran away screaming in fright, looking back for a second he saw that thing was not following, but in that time he bumped into Jak, who was going to get him and bring him inside.

Hugging his leg Adrian began to cry in relief and fright.

“Whats wrong Adrian? what happened?” asked Jak worried as he took the child gently, trying to calm him down.

Adrian said nothing, just cried, slowly stopping, sniffling as he calmed down from the fright.

“ know I cannot help you if you don’t tell me whats wrong” said Jak soothingly at him, Adrian sniffled but shook his head.

Sighting Jak said “Okay...but can you tell me when your ready?“, Adrian looked, nodded slowly.

With that Jak carried Adrian back inside.

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