Blitz Chapter 1

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The first chapter of Blitz gives a breif history of the world and follows our main character, Blitz, as he takes on the first opponent who stands in the way of his mysterious goal.

Adventure / Action
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A perfect world, only inhabited by divine creatures, such as gods, angels, titans, and demons. They all lived in harmony, separated and happy. Gods and angels inhabited the sky, titans roamed the earth learning about its diverse lands, and demons took refuge deep within the core of the earth. One day a titan discovered fire and brought it to a god who enchanted it and accidentally created life.

Many creatures came from the golden fire, ogres, orcs, elves, dragons, but most importantly humans. Humans were the ultimate creatures, they were as smart as elves, strong as orcs, brutal as ogres, and mastered magic like dragons. Many of them created little civilizations which then boomed and became kingdoms. More and more of these kingdoms popped up all around the earth, which upset the titans who no longer had any room to roam around. The titans attacked but were soon defeated by the human warriors called knights. Knights took all the things humans were already good at and perfected them with expertly crafted weapons.

Many years passed and the titans were close to extinction, the ones who were alive went into hiding, fearing the human knights. Now that the humans were finished fighting the titans they expanded their civilizations, soon taking over all of the earth. The next big step would be digging into the earth, so they began going deep into the world where the demons were sealed away by the titan, Daemous, who aimed to protect them. Once the seal was broken the demons escaped and began slaying the humans. Demons weren’t necessarily stronger than titans, they just had wings and could fly up into the air, the one things humans would never conquer.

During the worst parts of this human-demon war, many men were sent out as warriors to fight. One of these exceptional warriors, the knight, Blitz abandoned his post in the Grovewood night watch. This traitor was on the run and was well good at hiding. Except for one night when he was spotted in the outside of the small kingdom of Saunder. Saunder was the furthest from the war as possible, this made it a popular destination for people who wanted to live peaceful lives. It also made Saunder overcrowded since it was too small to hold many people. Slums began to appear outside the kingdom walls, the wanted knight, Blitz, was spotted in one of these slums by a guard.

“Blitz, disgraceful knight of Grovewood, you are under arrest for abandoning your post in the kingdom Grovewood. The kingdom of Saunder will hold you prisoner until a Grovewood representative takes you. Hand yourself over peacefully, may I remind you your bounty says dead or alive?” The guard called out to the warrior, his polished halberd drawn and pointed. Nervous fingers tapped rapidly on the spearlike stick, hoping the man would turn himself in and spare the guard’s life, he’d truly fail to fight against an infamous man such as Blitz. Blitz, the name that’d go down in history books, not as a traitor, but as a hero. But for now, there wasn’t any time to write books, just fight.

“Foolish for you to think a man such as myself would come all this way to get stopped by a man such as you.” Blitz’s intimidating finger pointed itself at the face of the guard. “You best run now before you feel the wrath of storms.”

This guard had no idea how to react. A man just threatened him, that was surely against the law. But how shall you enforce the law against a man who could cut you into thirds with just one slice? “You’re very full of yourself. Drops your weapons at once and come with me.”

“Am I the one full of myself? Am I the one living in fiction? I doubt it.” His hand traveled down and found the handle of a poorly crafted sword, which was pulled out of its sheath and shown to the guard. This bastard sword was nothing special, unfitting for a legend such as Blitz, it was such a strange occurrence the guard was visibly confused. “Any weapon is a good weapon when placed in the hands of a skilled swordsman.”

“Would you like to put that to the test?” Hasty footsteps were taken towards the knight, yet stopped as a bolt of powerful lightning struck down on the bastard sword shattering the blade. Yet the handle was untouched. Crackling noises came from the new blade, a blade made out of pure energy. Blitz, the graceful knight ran towards the cowardly guard. Quickly the lightning weapon cut through the halberd and not long after the torso of an unwise guard.

“If you knew who I was, then why’d you stay?” Blitz asked the two halves of once a full body as he tossed the bastard sword’s handle. It soon lost its energy as the owner walked away towards an unknown location.

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