The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 2 The Sheer Humanity of it all!

So outside us four, and the bride’s parents, we were complete strangers to everyone else. Including the son of my colleague, the groom, whom I had only met once on a golf outing a few years back.

And pretty much the four of us found ourselves alone and ignored… !!

Then as the evening wore on, there was no pretty much about it, being stranded alone I dare say!

For I found myself completely alone!

Due to two of our group taking early leave ( The devils decided not to spend the night) and the fourth had taken up with a young man she had met ( I would say cougar if I was not a proper gentleman and actually rather fond of the lass meself!) ….

So I was sitting there, at an empty table, and soon the boredom began its subtle creeping in ...

I had not been guiling enough to plan a quick excuse to exit, nor so lucky to find someone dance with, so I made my way off the island and waded over to the bar and took up a solitary vigil on a padded stool. The watered-down drinks were free, so after about 5 old fashions along with two shots of a surprisingly decent scotch, I was feeling pretty good actually!

But even though I was enjoying meself in that aspect, I was still a wee bit bored, and therefore started peevishly musing about, you know, things…

Fancy Gowns shimmering jewels, sweaty dancers, weaselly eyed gits, and fox’s amongst the hens….Were all the wild diverse avenues my mind travelled along at that time and junction…

And it was during my boredom tinged thoughts when I again caught sight of the lad…

I, of course, had seen him earlier when we first arrived and was busy getting drinks for my group from the bar.

His mother was the satin gowned maid of honour to her bride sister, and he had been latched onto her at the waist of her midnight black bridesmaid’s attire, hanging on joyfully as she was in conversation with the best man.

I soon found out that the lad’s Maid of Honour mother was single. But though very pretty, she was no older than some of my students!

But at that time my attention was pulled away anyways’ by a plate of Hors d’oeuvres being passed around and as I ate and mingled with my colleagues, I continued to watch the lad and his antics from the corner of my eye.

Then dinner was announced, and as We made way to our seating, the lad totally escaped my mind… till now...

And now, here I was, observing the lad’s promiscuous antics again

Taking sips of my current old fashion, I had been watching with mesmerized interest, the Bride’s Mother.

She was a rather attractive lady, young for her age, who was wearing a rather fetching gown of sleek blue ruffling satin that flowed jauntily along with her fine fully feminine figure, swishing and swaying most delightfully.

She was wearing a rather pricey ensemble of fine jewellery, including a short gold herringbone necklace set with a large fiery diamond at its’ centre, flanked by four glittery smaller stones. I found the whole package enticing enough that I was pondering over the dos or don’ts of asking for a dance...for she appeared not to be attached to any male courtesan.

It was as I was watching that I again saw the thirteen-year-old lad, sneaking up from behind a table and hug his grandmother, who leaned down to reciprocate...( the lady was petitely short, so she didn’t have far to bend) the diamonds in her swaying necklace rippling with pinpricks of expensive fire as the brushed the top of the lad’s tousled haired head!

So, he was still at it I thought…

Now, when I had seen him darting about earlier, while Hors d’oeuvres were being served. after finally being shaken loose by his mother, he had performed this hugging antic on his grandmother several times, and once each on his Bride Aunt and Maid of Honour Mother!

Now, this lad was also obviously across the threshold of young puberty: as was witnessed by his actions, in the way he was sneaking up and giving those graspy hugs of his, the fingers digging into the shiny satiny, tightly fitted, gowns of his targeted females.

They all thought it cute enough, especially the gullible Grandmother, who thought it was “precious” and just laughed, and squealed happily, “look another drive-by hugging”, or “thanks for the hug honey, it was needed”, encouraging to no end the youth to keep his voyeuristic advances up, for he attempted this several more times as I stood watching from the side-lines … Though his Grandmother was the only female not to fend off repeated attempts!

But, and damn me own eyes, I had noticed that far more was going on than just a bit of runaway hugging !!

The little miscreant was also Copping a bloody feel from his distracted victims!!

The Lads arms, as he hugged his grandmother’s warm figure before running off, were noticeably brushing just under her perk breasts, moulded nicely by the tight fitted ’mother of the bride” gown she was attired in.

I also knew that, along with copping a feel, he was had also enjoying the tingling sensation from the slick satin material of the long, swishing gown the rather youngish, stylish wealthy grandmother was wearing…

Perhaps I was jealous?

It was as I watched him repeat this performance again and again, that my mind was taken off asking anyone to dance, and my attention started to follow this lad to see what he was all on about, to confirm my hypothesis if you will.

I soon saw that he was now turning his touchy attention upon a different source for his promiscuous behaviour!

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