The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 3 Huggery Muggery

The youngest of the bridesmaids by far was the 15-year-old sister of the Groom.

A rather immature teenager at that. Looking like some Disney princess! Quite resplendent in her fitted red satin gown and wearing rhinestone ensemble that matched that of the rest of her fellow, though much older, lady bridesmaids!

But she certainly was not acting like a proper princess as she now whisked about playing at cops and robbers with my 13-year-old mischievous lad.

Said Lad, whose fingers were doing more touching than just tagging the fancy dress of his fetchingly attired playmate.

So, ordering yet another old fashion(my seventh for those keeping tabs), I watched the pair…

Not really being a voyeur in my defence, for my professional interest does lay in the realm of the study of human nature, though as a criminologist this was a thin argument at best for applying it to the situation today...

Soon the girl was pulled away to join the bridal party who had started swishing about on the dance floor, and the lad, looking glumly on, and with all his “victims” out of reach on said dance floor, eventually headed off, and the direction he took was going led him straight past me!

I perkily noticed this fact, and my thoughts began to take on a new form!

I looked up over the top of his head to the dance floor, rather envious that I was not able to participate with a fluttery satin gown, jewel laden lady of my own!!

I spied the young 15-year-old bridesmaid dancing, she seemed to be enjoying herself as she slow danced with her 17-year-old partner, who otherwise had been basically ignoring the fetching attired lass!.

I also caught sight of her necklace as it was caught up in the lights.

It was glittering u a storm, sparkling madly in the dim lights, as were the rhinestones on her dress!

I looked around; all the bridesmaid’s opulent rhinestones were sparkling. The Grandmother was also sparkling about on the floor, dancing with some spiff in a tailored suit!

Despite my misery at being there, I felt something stirring up inside of me.

Not surprisingly (to me) a rather mischievous thought came into my head propelled by a combination of the resplendent bridesmaids dancing on the floor, the attractive glittering of rhinestones, the approaching lad, and the fact that I was really quite blasé about the whole affair, being stuck there and all!

Of course, I was also probably a wee bit more drunk than sober by that period in time, causing me to follow my whimsey without much sagacity or discernment...

My thought was in the direction of doing a quick, possibly amusing study, on channeling this approaching Lads spirited passions by broadening his horizons!

In simple terms, Tune the lad in on expanding his conquests through an adult’s apparent permission, then turn him loose to give “drive-by hugging’s” amongst the flock of dressed up bridesmaids may be most amusing... Like an amorous puppy scurrying in amongst a group of shiny feathered clucking chickens!

So, while I eyed the approaching lad, I nonchalantly put my hand into a jacket pocket fumbling for a selection of ever-present coins.

Now my Grandfather had been a magician of sorts, and I had been weaned on watching his sleight of hand tricks with coins. As a young man I had learned a few of them myself, ( as a way to meet the fairer sex of course) as well as a slew of card tricks, and always had a few props with me.

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