The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 4 Adventures in Sleight of Hand

As the lad now sauntered sadly by me, I caught his attention by dropping a penny. He obligingly retrieved it for me, and as he handed it back, I turned down my wrist, then took my hand to his ear appearing to change the penny into a twenty-pee piece…

When I handed the coin to the amazed lad for keeps.

Thereby also gaining his full and undivided attention.

“Want to see another?” I asked, and he shook his head eagerly. I pulled out a deck of cards and had him ruffle them up a bit. Talking it up to him as I did.

The simple card trick would allow me to banter and stoke the id of his sexually driven impulses whilst the ego thoughts in the lad’s head were following the cards. With my intent to stocking up the super.

The first trick was an easy one that had him picking his own card from a group laid out on the bar. It was as I went through the motions, and watching his focus on the cards, I mentioned his Grandmother asking if he thought she looked pretty. I knew I was firing up the lad, and after I set him loose, planned on watching him take off like an exploding rocket to give her another hug before he started the branching out I was hoping to inspire.

I then showed him a second trick. Talking about hugging and how all girls liked to receive his grandmother! ……. like the girls in the red gowns, I added after a dramatic pause for effect.

I saw his eyes quickly dart over to the dance floor, then quickly back at the cards as I finished up my trick

By then the bridal party, blissfully unaware that they were being primed for a series of hugging muggingly hugs, was leaving the floor!

I also observed that the young brides’ maid, deserted rudely early by her partner, was standing off to the side watching the departing dancers…..

And that gave my inspiration a new course, totally a new path to diverge down…

I knew I lit a fire in the back of tis lad’s mind about dancing, hugging, and such!

So, I went a step further, mentioning how wonderful it was dancing, almost like a long continuous hug.

I could tell by the way he stiffened, that my words were quite well received by this promiscuous lad.

He quite obviously was “rising” to the bait, and appeared more than eager to listen to me.

I turned him around and pointed out the young 15-year-old bride’s maid, suggesting he should dance with the lass…

Like a puppet on my string, he obediently went off and I watched as he approached the lass, and talking to her, she took control and led him off to the dance floor.

The pair did make a cute couple and it was rather entertaining to watch the two of them acting like young adults. She was by far more graceful at it, but in her partner’s boyish fumbling’s, I noticed a rather strategic placing of his hands and chest that could not have been mere accidental!

At one point she reached around and moved his latched hand from around her waist to a less compressing spot on her upper back … Right below her necklace’s clasp, I observed…

All in all, it was a quite satisfying observation of young hormones in action, and I was quite satisfied thus far with the results of my “experiment” when the dance ended.

I fully expected him to leave the pretty lass, toddle off to find his Grandmother or Mother, and do a bit of “Drive-by Hugging”!

And having quite enough of that to fill my day, I rose to find, and bid my adieu and congratulations to the happy couple, before heading out into the wilderness outside to find a friendly pub.

So I was both rather shocked, and a little bemused, when as the dance ended the lad came back towards me, dragging along his pretty partner like some panting puppy with a bone. (and yes, there was a very good reason for thinking up that analogy, but please get your mind from that gutter now that I have put it there-Winks)!

He wanted me to show her a trick…. And how could I resist, as they both looked up at me all wide-eyed and expecting me to work some miracles!

I smiled at her, her eyes large with excitement, glittery like her long earrings swaying freely from her ears, bouncing off her cherub’s red cheeks.

I reached again into my pockets and pulled out a pence.

I took up the young lass’s satin gloved hand and appeared to place the penny onto her palm, curling her fingers over it before she could have a proper look.

I told her to hold it quite tightly now.

As she eagerly did, she looked down upon it, her free hand plying with the shimmering rhinestones of her necklace.

As all sets of eyes were glued on the clenched hand, except my own, I was idly looking the necklace over and noticed that chain of her necklace was clasped around her throat by a simple hook in the eye, but at the time did not think it of any significance to it.

I said something about needing a wand, and reaching back pulled the straw from my drink.

They both giggled at my impromptu choice, as I took the straw and tapped it on the back of her hand holding the “Penny”

I told her to open her hand and she did, both gasping that the “penny” had turned into a shiny fifty pence piece. I told her to keep it, her face beaming.

“Here miss,” I said, “let me see that hand again?” She gave it to me and as I pulled two more pennies from my pocket.

I Laid the penny on the backside of her hand and had the lad hold open his palm underneath, after apparently placing a penny into it also. I then brushed my hand along the young Miss’s making the penny vanish.

I told them to look in the boy’s hand, had him open his fingers and there was not a penny, but another fifty pence coin, which I let the lad keep as they both gasped over the magical transformations I was performing!

The gullible young pair were quite keen for more after that…

So I began to show them some tricks with playing cards, keeping them both spellbound. It was passing the dreary time by I will admit, having a chance to amaze the young urchin and the jewel laden princess in her fancy dress with my simple tricks!

But the opportunity to be excited by my tricks led to other things and feeling the need to alleviate, the girl took her given leave to shyly head off hurriedly to the loo in a swishing of her long gown.

As I watched her scamper off, I again eyed the lad, who also seemed keen on also scampering off after her.

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