The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 5 Let us play a Name Game …

The little Hugger Mugger, I thought, as he made to dart away.

But in that second, with those words in me head, I had a most epiphany like flash of brilliance( at least to my drink filled brain) inspired by that thought as it travelled down an avenue of my mind that had caused me to take note of how loosely a rhinestone necklace was being held up around the departing young lass’s neck and at the same instant I saw the girls prying the lad’s hand from her waist and placing it just under….. said necklace’s clasp!

It all put me in mind of a trick I had once heard of performed by vaudeville magician Harry Kellar....!

I quickly grasped the lad by the shoulder before he took flight.

“Ere now, how would you like to play a magic trick on the lass yonder?” I asked as I directed his attention to the girl who was just at that second disappearing down the hallway leading to the back hallway girls’ loo?

He nodded exuberantly!

I than conspiratorially explained a sleight of hand trick he could help me pull off on his very own.

He had rather caught onto the idea as I explained to him in simple terms, making it sound far easier than it would/should be.

I gave him a gentle push ..” Go get em, tiger!” I said with unbridled encouragement.

And so, with a rather lustfully smouldering fuse lit, making any additional need of persuasion moot, off he scurried!

I watched with growing anticipation as the lad approached the hallway, then took up a position next to a potted palm plant, waiting and eagerly watching.

The young bridesmaid reappeared, and upon her approach, the laddie moved in behind her, placing a hand on the young bridesmaid’s sleek back, grabbing at her attention as she jumped startled, and started talking her over with a pointed affably.

In a few minutes the pair of them were on the wooden dance floor, once again looking exceptionally cute as a couple, as they danced to a rather preferable romantic slow tune whose name has slipped my mind, so focused was I on my mischievous endeavor being carried out!

The young darlings mimicked the adults around them and embraced closely against one another.

I looked around, nor were any of the said adults paying the pair any heed.

I had directed him to try and slip off the girl’s necklace as the first part of a trick to play on her. But I was really figuring that he would bumble it and get caught out, which would be an amusing thing to witness...

He pulled her in closer, and she fell all in for it… maybe she was experiencing the same female feelings as his partner!

For her eyes were tightly closed.

With his partner so engrossed, my lad easily reached over a satin clad shoulder, then moved his fingers to the back of her neck, where he gently pulled at her rhinestone necklaces silver chain and it’s quite easy opening clasp.

He fumbled a bit with said clasp, but I saw him peeking over her shoulder for a better look, and he managed to studiously slip out the hook on his second attempt.

He then carefully began to pull it up along the front of his dance partners blood-red satin gown, then over her shoulders’ sleeve and down her back where it dangled for a few precious seconds

As they sparkled away down her back, I began to feel a prickling myself as I perked up, this may actually bloody work!!

I watch as he then, quite unnoticed, secreted the necklace into a side pocket of his suits’ jacket as I had instructed him to do.

I released my breath not realizing I had been holding it...

He had gotten away with it, and his prettily dressed partner hadn’t a bloody clue as to what had just transpired with her departing necklace, and no one else had either.

They finished the dance, it seemed like an eternity, but it was thrilling to try and catch glimpses of the girl’s now bare neckline!

He had winningly pulled off the first part of the trick without being caught out.

Not quite a true mugging, but a very nice bit of deviously huggery thievery just the same!

I had figured he would get his hands caught in the till which is the show I had been expecting to watch play out on the hapless lad.

It would have been amusing in and of itself if he had been caught red-handed, but this new game would be almost as fun.

Finally, they broke apart and he walked off with her.

I held my breath again, but he seemed to inherently realize that as part of the “trick”, he didn’t want her suspicions raised by being quick to leave. God bless his natural budding adult male like deviousness!

He had done it, but I wasn’t through with him yet.

The game, and watching it being played out, had been all far too exciting for me also, and there was the encore to now pull off!

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