The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 6 Tricked the Lass

He brought his innocent victim over, grinning ear to ear at me as he peered out from over the top of the short girl’s head.

Well done I said to him, as the girl looked at me, a bit confused as to what well done was on about.

“Another Trick my lass?”, I asked, and she shook her yes head happily, glittery earrings flailing enthusiastically about!

I lifted up the girls gloved hand, palm up, and placed a penny onto it, keeping my hand on her palm.

I then told the lass to close her eyes and winked at the lad, who smiled back knowingly, as she obediently did so.

I motioned him to hand me the necklace, and he did so. With the quickness of a dip, I lifted the penny and replaced it with her necklace.

I took the straw and tapped it along her now quite bare throat, she giggled at that, then tapped it on her palm, telling her to open her eyes.

She did so and her eyes went satisfactorily wide with astonishment as she saw a rhinestone necklace dangling there. Her hand went to her throat, discovering the “cupboard was now bare!”

She hoarsely gasped as she realized the necklace was her own!

I had her hold up the necklace and had the lad re-clasp it for her...

Her eyes were still wide with the belief of an innocent who thought she was witnessing real magic instead of a bit of basic thievery!

She hugged me, and I shook the lad’s hand with a wink before sending them off…a pub somewhere was still calling, and I wanted to go and follow its enticing voice.

I thoughtfully watched the young couple whisk off, weaving amongst the crowd, till they were lost from my sight, my mind half taking in once again the swishing of a most delightful gown as I mulled it all over while watching.

That had been easy enough trick, quite well played I thought, like in a movie.

My mind drifted onto various movies I had seen, and one in particular jumped out. (read on and see if at the end you can guess which movie?)

As the movie flashed across my mind I looked in the direction the lass had gone, lucky for the young lady her necklace had not been real, for if I was a rogue of that thieving nature like the actor from that movie, well I could have easily rearranged the sequence of things and have walked off pretty as you please with diamonds in me pocket.

I chuckled at the thought as it popped itself in my mind, for I had not been thinking anything of the sort as I had orchestrated the trick, and would not have if I hadn’t thought about the movie! Besides, ladies that young never wear the real thing anyway, not unlike actress’s, and .....stylish grandmother’s!

For said Grandmother was once again in my line of vision, her back to me, as she merrily was chatting away with one of the prune face spinster Aunties! I tipped my head in her direction, for it was time to finally, happily, vacate the premises.

Then as I rose to leave, my last remaining (cougar) chum from the original group, joined up with me. her “friend” had deserted her for his school mates.

I regained my seat as she took the vacant one next to me, ordered her a drink, and a refill for me.

She was dressed rather prettily this evening, white long-sleeved ruffled satin top, and a long sky-blue satiny skirt. She was wearing her sapphires that evening, the same ones I have seen her wearing at various other posh parties we have both been at m though usually not together.

Looking her over, I decided to stay and hold the fort with the lass for a bit before shoving off.

We sat and drank for about 15 minutes, and as my chum was chatting away merrily about her conquest that evening.

I found my eyes lazily drifting over the dancers out on the floor. It was still quite a show, a mixture of flowing, colourful evening gowns and flickering jewels contrasted by formal suits and severe black tuxes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I again spied the Bride’s mother, the young Grandmother, who had managed to squirm her way from the severe Auntie.

Her blue gown shimmery under the lights rings on her fingers dancing with glittery flickers. Amusingly enough she was now dancing with her grandson, the same huggy muggy lad who I had done a bit of magic for, and who had been my most willing accomplice for a trick played out upon the young princess bride’s maid.

I had been watching the pair with causal awareness when “Blimey!”

Suddenly something I observed forced me to snap out of my reverie and sat straight up in my seat...

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