The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 7 A Stark Realization

“What’s up? “my friend asked me with amused curiosity.

“Nothing really,” I said, as my eyes confirmed what I had seen was real.

Better “eeflay ethay emisespray” was what I was thinking, and the sooner the better my mind added...

I turned towards my mate, “you know, I really feel like a proper drink and not this watered down tosh!.

Let’s say we take a stroll towards our hotel and try to find a nice friendly pub on the way?”

“Capital, “ she said jumping at the chance to leave, squeezing my arm,” I’ve had it with this scene too lad!”, and as I looked in her eyes I saw her look towards a table off to the side where the young man who had caught and discarded her fancy, was perched with another, younger, lady- one of the shimmery decked out bridesmaids.

We went to the exit, and as I helped her on with her faux mink wrap I looked over her shoulder for the grandmother and my touchy lad.

They were still dancing.

And the thorny issue that had me fleeing into the night, was still, well, an issue !! It looked like I was going to just make it out before...

My mind was a mass of whirling thoughts as we walked out of the venue and onto the smoggy street. I suggested we continue to walk; I needed the time to clear my head for a proper think...

We strolled off, arm in arm (her idea, but a most welcoming one).

I was vaguely aware of my friend’s fancy party dress whipping along my leg as it fell swaying in the light breeze from beneath her Faux mink. But my churning mind was not properly appreciating the experience, for it twas entirely back at the reception.........

We found a pub, the Ranting Raven or some such tomfoolish name,

I helped her slip off her wrap and holding it, pulled out a stool for her.

I still had the kind of feeling that one gets when having been successful in avoiding an embarrassing situation...

Ordering a pint I took a good long swig.

Meanwhile, My friend excused herself to the loo with a perky chirp as she patted my cheek

I watched her swish her way off, noticing that several others had also taken notice.

We were both entirely overdressed for the premises and so would naturally attract the local hooligans notice, though there were one or two other handsome devils there ( aside from meself of

I also knew my flirty colleague was entirely aware that she was being watched, and I pondered if I would be leaving the pub alone.

But I was alone now for a few minutes, so I abandoned that line of thought and allowed my mind to wander back to the reception, and the reality of what I had seen that made me decide suddenly to take wing and flee the premises like a blind bat out of hell…

Blimey! was what I had uttered under my breath once I had confirmed that my eyes were not playing tricks on me as I was watching the young Grandmother as she danced so charmingly with her young lad of a grandson.

I had noticed that, although her earrings and rings were glimmering under the incandescing lighting, but nothing was rippling fire around her throat, for her neck was bare, as barren of her fine (bloody expensive) diamond necklace as had the young bridesmaid had been of her fake rhinestones!

Blimey I had thought again, had I created a monster? Had he lifted her necklace to have me do the trick for his Grandmother?

I had immediately known that that was a path I did not want to follow… too many questions would have likely been asked by his Grandmother, and with my thoughts that had been conjured up the thievery that had taken place in the movie I had once seen, I did not want to risk anyone else drawing up the same conclusions...

Rhinestones were one thing; real diamonds were another...!

And, What If?...

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What If it was not My Trick?

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