The Young Hugger Mugger

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Chapter 8 What If it was not My Trick?

So while I waited for my colleagues return, I let my mind play out a scene similar to that of the movie, adapting it to the circumstances of the reception venue as opposed to the movies luxury liner casino night club version

A lady’s real necklace of diamonds would have been a lure…

In my mind, I envisioned a suave James Bond type( Sean Connery?) was dancing with the grandmother....

As the music wafted away, he would lift her hand, kissing her well-jewelled fingers. “Thank you for the dance my lady” he would say, his Scottish brogue laden words melting her heart. “ I do so apologize for being so clumsy, perhaps too many martinis?” (shaken not stirred)

“That’s ok dear” she would twitter totally fallen under his charms as she placed her free hand to her chest, her fingers not reaching quite high enough up to discover her missing necklace.

He would look over her shoulder, “That’s your grandson over there then lass?”

As she turns her head he continues on In his richly deep accent, “a handsome lad, perhaps he would also like a dance with such a charming lady?”

My mind shook out that thought, and still not seeing my chum returning from the loo, I took a long thoughtful swig, and went to the scene I had actually witnessed, the lad dancing with his classy Grandmother. I played out what they would have been saying.

She would, of course, been praising her grandson as they swept around the dance floor.

“You look very handsome me darling” the grandmother would say as she looked into his smiling cherubs face with his pink cheeks.

“And you are very pretty also Granma,” he would also say, as his arm gipped tighter the rather nicely feeling material of her dress.

“Thank you she would say” her hand reaching up to happily adjust her necklace as she has already several times that long day spent.

Only this time her fingers failed to find it!

She stops, her hands searching.

“What’s the matter, Gram?” The lad then asks seeing her look of alarm.

“Gran’s diamonds are gone!” she would answer with worry as her heart starts sinking, she would look around rapidly along the wooden planked floor.

He just smiles with that cherub’s innocence. “Tis ok Grandma, there’s a magician here, he made Sadie’s necklace disappear and reappear. Here, he’s over at the bar, let’s go find him!” he happily says as he tugs her hand.

That was the thought that had made me bloody scalp prickle and did so again now as I thought how close I had been to being blindsided

My chum meanwhile had come out of the loo and was by my side.

“What’s up luv, you seein ghosts?” she asked seeing the far away concerned look on my face.

“Nothing really.” I said, “just thinking how disappointing it twas not getting a dance in.”

“Should have cut in!” she scolded squeezing an arm, “I was actually getting bored anyhows!” she very prettily lied to me, in an effort to ease my thoughts.

I smiled and raised my glass, she did the same and we clinked them, cheering to the rest of a wonderful weekend ahead.

We drank for a couple of hours, chattering amiably amongst ourselves.

But Her wiles had failed her at the Ranting Raven, no one ever made the attempt of approaching her from the gathering of patrons, and she did not want to walk alone back to the hotel where we both were staying.

So when I said I was finished, she left the pub with me.

Then, arm in arm, We decided to take a long stroll along the dark waters of the waterfront.

And so, I did, after all, manage to get me dance in!

It was on a pier overlooking the river that was just downhill from where we were staying…. We danced in the pool of light caste onto the wooden dock by an ancient overhead lamp.

And no! , cause I know where your minds are at my fine inquisitive friends, there was no purloining of my dance partner’s necklace, though it was a pretty thing at that!

But it was too raw, the timing, if you know what I mean!

But I did have an idea for a new trick for the next time I danced with a young lady sporting a similar glittery necklace!

And there is that upcoming posh Charity Ball my colleague is always doing puppy whines about wanting to attend, but never being invited to…

Fini, and Cheers to everyone


This story is based on an actual event. It was at a wedding I had attended to several fortnights ago. The situation was very similar, and I found meself deserted by cohorts and in a position preventing me from leaving. I had witnessed the antics of the lad hugging about and certain comments made by a pratty bridesmaid led me to come up with the phrase hugger-mugger. In my isolation, I then started to come up with the story above.


The movie I mentioned in part one is, of course, the French one about Arsene Lupin...

though there is also the one that stars Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova as a female pickpocket lifting jewels at posh events. but I do not for the life of me remember the name, for it has escaped me.

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