Tales Of Arosia

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Adventure / Fantasy
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It was a decent day in omba, a small town near a forest on the east coast. The sun was shining, there weren’t many clouds, and the birds chirped a happy tune. Liam loved it. A small clearing in the woods revealed a small hill with a great view of town.

“How could anyone not like the coast, it’s always beautiful.” Mira, my little sister said from atop the hill.

“Well for starters some people don’t like water everywhere. And others don’t like to swim. Some don’t even like fish. Plus, there’s always a chance of a tsunami.” I replied with a sheepish grin. “Well we aren’t some people. And a tsunami is soooo rare.” She said with a grin of her own.

“That’s true.” I said standing and walking up the hill to stand beside her. We stared out at the town in silence for a little while, Watching people go about their business, playing, working, eating, chatting, or just relaxing.

Then it happened. I heard a scream, Then another, and more and more. Shouts echoed through the town, as the guards ascended on the threat. From our vantage point, me and her watched in horror as archers shot down townsfolk and pursuing guards from atop trees on the northern side of town. Arrow after arrow, in a few minutes everyone on the streets was either dead, or writhing in pain.

“Mira,” I said, “Mira run to the stream next to the border, stay hidden, and only come out if me, Mom, or Dad comes. Got it?” I averted my gaze from her trying to hide the fear.

“What about you?” She said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I’ll be fine, i’m just running to find Mom and Dad ok?” I replied hurriedly.

“Ok.” She said before running off into the woods. She stopped at the edge of the treeline to look back, she said something I assumed to be I love you, then took off between the trees.

“Now to find our parents.” I said as I stealthily made my way to the town. I ducked in between trees, and down in ditches, even up and over the roofs of small houses. Then dropped down into an alleyway and looked around. There was a little girl sitting on the ground. I was gonna ask her how she survived but then heard footsteps approaching. I quickly looked around for a way up or out. Hopefully one that the girl can get away with. But there was just a shaded corner and a dumpster.

I was covered in all black so I stepped into the shadowed area and told the girl to hide behind the trash bin. She wore a very bright blue and pink shirt and a lavender skirt so the shadow was basically a death wish for her. She complied and did her best to fit in the area between the trash bin and house. The shadow was not ideal because not only was it just a shadow, it was directly opposite the entrance, so there was no way I would make it through this. Well, guess this is how I die. I held my breath and closed my eyes as the footsteps grew closer but then they faded away.

The two soldiers walked by not seeming to notice the small alley. Just as I let out the breath one of the soldiers came around the corner calling to his partner.

“Hey Dan. We never checked this place.” His voice was gruff with a hint of an accent. His long shaggy black hair made him look like a hippie. But his teeth were such a shade of yellow that they outshined most bananas. He walked forward into the clearing and barely glanced at my hiding spot. His eyes wandered the alley resting on the little tuft of the girls skirt that was peeking out from behind the dumpster. He chuckled, then started forward.

“Hey little missie, i’m not gonna hurt you.” He said in a soothing voice. “Please come out.” The little girl peeked out at not-dan and gave him a once over. Seeming genuine she stepped out from behind the trash bin, and followed the man towards the center of the alley. I silently cursed and sent a prayer to no one in particular that the little girl be safe.

“You see.” Not-dan said. “I’m not gonna hurt yo...” He grabbed the girls neck and twisted it so fast it whiplashed back the other way before her body fell with a thud.

“Hahaha. We got another one. And this one is as pure as they come.” Dan said

“Ye I guess.” Not-dan said. I was petrified, I just stood there and let a little girl no more than five years old get her neck snapped without even moving a muscle to save her.

“Think we got enough energy yet.” Dan said as he walked over to the little girl. He squatted down and pulled a butterfly knife out of his coat and proceeded to drag the blade across her back. even though he was applying no pressure he managed to cut a long hole in her back which emitted a strong blue light. He reached inside and pulled out an orb of that was the source of the illumination and stuffed it in his coat. As soon as it entered the coat the whole alley way returned to its normal lighting.

“Ye prolly, but you can never have too much ya know.” The two soldiers left the alley and turned the corner just as I staggered forward, I collapsed in a heap of madness and started having a mental breakdown. The air felt like it was suffocating me and I thought about every way possible I could have saved that little girl and then remembered exactly what I did. Nothing. After about ten minutes of passing in and out of consciousness I finally managed to sit up looking around at the dreary place the alley had turned into. I stood up trying to avert my gaze from the dead body but failed when trying to walk out the entrance.

The girl’s face was turned to the right side, her hair was in a halo around her head and her back was bloodstained. She looked so peaceful and happy lying there. I felt sick for thinking that, maybe it was just my brain telling me I would be happy if I just ended it. Right here. Right now.

I shook my head and picked up the girl, carried her over to the middle of the alley and laid her down in the clean sand trying to make her as tranquil as possible. Taking flowers from around and whatever clean sand from the ground I could I attempted to bury her. By mid day I was finished with her semi-grave. The front of her body was exposed and her hair was done up in a nice braid/bun accenting her youthful features. I had put flowers around her body and a nice bouquet in her arms.

I walked over to the trash bin and started vomiting. When I was finished I climbed up the roof which took me about three minutes to do, and started making my way back to the woods. I knew I was supposed to find my parents but the reality of it was that they were dead. They all were dead.

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