The Art of Gullibility :Pickpocketed

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Most of my stories are based on games my twin brother and I have played off each other. Basically pickpocketing and jewel thievery are the incidents I am referring too. These ‘Role Playing Games’ if you will, have formed a basis for quite a few story ideas, many of which I have written. I always have found them to be exciting and stimulating, feelings that I have tried to capture in my stories As much as I have written on the subject I had never encountered first hand anything like my stories, where the someone was playing for keeps! But there is always that first time, and recently, that is what happened to me. When I realized what had happened, I wrote it down one evening in a mixed frenzy of pissed off feelings of gullibility and my own idiocy for letting it happen! I would appreciate the support of likes and comments upon this… Especially from those who may have had similar rude experience’s Cadence

Adventure / Mystery
Cadence Abbot
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An Unsuspecting Outing


The Art of Gullibility

Chapter 1

An Unsuspecting Outing


Just came on to vent out a little!

It is Sunday, late Afternoon….

I am still wearing my Church Outfit, Blue Satin tank, leather skirt, and a black velvet jacket.

I have far too many things churning in my mind at the moment to even bother changing!

There is now an empty bottle of merlot at my shoulder, its vestiges a silent symbolic testimony to my mood, for it was a newly full bottle not 45 minutes ago!

But it has given me one thing, and that is the steam to write out this diatribe!

It all started with


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