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The Art of Gullibility :Pickpocketed

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Chapter 2 Gullible Git

I had been with the girls on our usual monthly run out last night, Saturday.

Two of us had been at a fancy tea yesterday afternoon.

Teas that my friend Tess’s Auntie likes to put on, and since Tess and I really like dressing it up, we do so for her Auntie’s teas to please( and sometimes annoy) the old witch…

The old girl does these events about 6 times a year, always on Saturday’s noon, which usually coincides with our girl’s nights.

So I usually stay dressed up as I am on those nights when we go out!

Why? Because I rather like dressing up proper, and I do like the extra attention I get from the lads, especially when it’s a rather flattery type of outfits like a long gown, or satin cocktail dress!

This one I was wearing that day is a knocker... The kind of outfit that feels as good wearing it as it makes one feel quite decidedly Pretty!

Long-sleeved ultra-shiny satin plum blouse with a dangly bow, long taffeta skirt, black heels, and my usual overkill in the jewellery area!

So this was the outfit I wore yesterday afternoon!

Tess also was a knocker, wearing a short velvet number with rhinestone jewellery.

Her legs showed so much that her Aunt tried to make her go home and change.

She didn’t!


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