The Art of Gullibility :Pickpocketed

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Chapter 3 Gullible Git

After the tea, Tess drove me to meet up with the rest of our girls.

We met at our usual restaurant, then after eating, headed out for the evening.

We first stopped in and had a few at our regular haunt, the Poet and the Peasant Pub,

One of the girl’s boyfriend’s band was out playing at this old pub on the dicey side of town and we headed there afterward without worries as to the area where the new pub was located.

Of course, we were feeling no pain by then, all of us singing and giggling at the smallest of mundane triggers

We arrived after the band was set up and playing their rocking hearts out!

The music was good, loud but it had a beat.

The Pubs candescent lighting was a bit dim, the kind that makes things glitter and sparkle, but hard to see who was around you!

The crowd in that evening let me tell you, it was as packed as a jostling pit and there was a hazy lingering atmosphere of smoke, liquor, and stale sweat from dancing bodies!

We met these two blokes right off, and then one gent’s sly eyed sister, Calyce, also showed up, all three strangers to us, who soon joined in with our group like they had known us forever.

None of us thinking nothing of it, just all friends enjoying the music, right!

We all partied till the wee hours of the morning, me staying the longest of my girls!

Tess was the last with me and tried to get me to leave with her, but I was having far too good a time with our new friends, especially Calyce, who had taken a shine to me!

I told her no worries I would call Uber since she had driven, not me…( Now I wish I had driven, then I would have left with Tess!)

So I stayed, and we literally closed the place down!

As we all left, my new friends and I exchanged hugs, kisses, and then went out our separate ways…

I went home to my flat and passed out onto my couch, still dressed up and not even taking the time to wipe off my mascara and lipstick!


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