The Art of Gullibility :Pickpocketed

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Chapter 4 Gullible Git

When I finally woke, I went to the bath and started to undress.

As I undid my satin blouse, I noticed that something was, did not, seem quite right!


I went in and looked in the mirror at my bloody eyed self, finally realizing my pretty gemmed pin I usually wear with that blouse, securely fastened in the satin bow, was gone missing!

“Buggers!” I said that pin was really pretty.

It was that a blue egg-shaped sapphire, surrounded by small diamonds.

Still cursing, I looked all around for my glittery brooch pin, with no luck!

Chilled, I went back in and checked myself over, everything else, my earrings, necklace, bracelet, and rings were accounted for, everything except my bloody gemmed pin!

I was running late, so I let it stew in the back of my mind and got dressed in my Sunday best.

I planned to head back to the pub after service to see if it had been found there.

Then at church, I just could not concentrate (nothing new), and to find my happy place, began to mull over about visiting the pub, then drifting to the fun I had had while there yesterday.

I suddenly sat up straight remembered something that had occurred at the pub last evening, which at the time in my drunken state, didn’t seem out of the ordinary!


Well, now I couldn’t get out of church fast enough!

I skipped out after communion and headed over to the pub.

The Publican was just opening up and had his wife check in their office.

Nothing had been turned in ’cept a jean jacket and peaked cap.

I left, and sitting in my car, felt my blood rising as I went over the evening before, and gathering my suspicions as to the fate of my rather sparkly gemmed broach pin had been…

It went like this…


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