The Art of Gullibility :Pickpocketed

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Chapter 5 Gullible Git

Here is what I now suspected occurred:

I probably was a victim of a pickpocketing!


While we were listening and dancing to our friend’s band, this one bloke’s sly eyed sister,Calyce, had become overly chummy with me!

She kept hunting me down, coming up behind me and draping her arms over me, pawed me and childlike played with my blouse’s bow, immaturely pretending like she was a playful kitten, meows, purrs and everting...

She, herself, had on a long red satin blouse, open-necked, so it did feel kinda nice as she rubbed up along me I will admit!

Satin against satin if you know what I mean, but remember I was two sheets to the wind at that point!

And her boyfriend was buying us drinks so I didn’t want to rock that ship!

Free drinks, count me in!

Gullible git that I am!

Because, Before I left( being the last of my group of regulars) Calyce, was saying her goodbyes to me as her brother waited by the door, after telling her they had to go.

Calyce and I were talking, when her brother starts yelling for her to “Hurry it up Lass we’re leaving!”

Calyce shouts back “Bollocks you Trog, can’t ya see I’m saying goodbye!

She looked back at me, then giggled, before that “Your satin blouse’s bow is loose again, silly!”


It had been uncharacteristically happening all night, the bow becoming loose, and I kept noticing that in going to the loo, fixing it in the mirror, always taking time in admiring how my fancy bows’ broach pin was sparkling in the low lights as I retightened the bow!

Then her brother starts yelling again that he was”pissen off and she could find her own bloody way home!”

SO while I’m cringing at this, she turns back to me with a sweet smile…

I guess Calyce was happy to be getting her brother’s goat!

She then cheerfully was “kind” enough to offer to tighten my bow back up, taking time to make sure it was securely back in place for me!

And her brother is by the door still shouting, so I told her she had better go before he really loses his drunken temper, feeling bad for the lass!

Calyce just smiles, looks over at him, flipping him off with one hand as her other jerked at my tied bow!

“Sorry bot that luv !” she apologized, as she also made“sure” my blouse was all tucked and pretty.

”lovely time wasn’t it, toodles!” Calyce quickly said, leaving me with a quick, pressingly enveloped hug, and left to her waiting brother, whom she dragged out of the pub door in a hurry!


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