The Art of Gullibility :Pickpocketed

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Chapter 6 Gullible Git

And yep, you probably guessed it…

Calyce, had an ulterior motive in her fussing over my satin blouse, while yelling at her brother to further distract me…

Bloody bitch unclasped the expensive brooch pin that she had probably her devious foxy eyed sights on all evening!

Just daringly unpinned it as she hugged me goodbye!

Stole that piece of jewellery off from my favourite satin blouse, right under my nose!

So surgically precise, that she didn’t so much as leave a tear behind when she managed it!

Then she was probably smirking inside at me while palming it as she hugged me!

Probably thinking what a gullible twit this fancy dressed sucker had been!

I wonder now how many times she had practiced at taking it, with her distracting pawing, prodding, and fondling at my soft clothes with mischief in her mind all that night!


Is that what Calyce, and that ruddy so-called brother of hers had been chuckling over all the night long!

And to think that I missed my ride home because they pleaded me to stay on the dance floor with them, and I was too kind to refuse, also they really couldn’t dance that well either on their two left feet!

And then, once they had me singled out….

God am I still so angry at those two pissers!!!

At Least she left her gullible twit (me!) go on to keep her shiny rings, earrings, and necklace!

But between you and me, since I will probably never run into that one again soon nor will she be reading this, for some words are more than two syllables......

For in the toshed state I was in that evening, she probably could ’ave slickly slipped the whole bloody lot off me if she could have managed to plan that out in her sordid head, that giggling wasted I was!

Fortunately, Insurance will cover my broach pin, but that is not the point, I don’t think.

Also, True We have played similar games, but never for keeps, and that is my gripe, stealing something and not returning it goes far beyond it being a tease or a prank!

At Lest the way I picture it!

Anyway, I have half a mind wear my really nice silk dress out with my pearls, no emeralds, and to go alone at that pub again in a few months when another band plays!

See if I can play it gullible enough to lure the sly eyed, slow-minded bitch Calyce into my web and catch her red-handed in the act this time!!!

And with that said, I’m done ranting…

Going to change into my satin Pjs and off to bed with my sorry ass!


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