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Games of Aspiration

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To her being a cat burglar was far more than stealing baubles from the wealthy elite who could afford to be trimmed down a bit. It was also for the love of the sport, the enticing game of risks , wins and retreats that proper burgling presented . But for all the preparation that she put into playing her game, she had never had taken into account the games others played!

Adventure / Mystery
Cadence Abbot
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A Prologue

A Prologue

A snapshot from long ago

The area around Craven Cottage field, Fulham, has long been home to many an eventful football game, and also it has had its’ share of various nightly extra circular events.

This particular late autumn evening, a year after the Armistice, was no different than many of those less dissolute evenings…

A handsomely attired couple were walking along the “Green mile” her arm tucked in his.

They were coming from a formal dance that had been held in one of the large ancient stone manor houses that encircled the nearby village.

The male was in his mid-twenties, dapper in a formal tux, a solid gold pocket watch dangling from his waistcoat, and a gold ring with his family’s crest shimmering from his right index finger.
Up until WWII, the man had been a struggling student, the ring he was wearing had belonged to his elder brother, who had been the one set to inherit the family fortune and title.
Then during the war, his R.A.F. elder brother, the family Scion, had his “Mossie” aircraft shot down during the Battle of Britain! Thus leaving him, the younger brother, with the family fortune, delivering him from a common man’s life of barely making the ends meet on his own!
The girl with him, a head shorter, whose long hair had been recently let down, was about the same age as her escort. She belonged to a nouveau riche family with a rather inbred snobbish persuasion that one could tell she had inherited from her pouty looking demeanor!
She was deliberately, prettily attired, in a teal satin dress. Carefully selected diamonds blazed from around her throat, a wrist and from the vulgarly large engagement ring boldly worn on her left ring finger!

Now mention must be made that the man she was walking with was not the one who had asked for her hand in marriage and not the one who had given her the engagement ring she was flaunting!
The couple automatically stopped by a tree near the river, obviously a familiar spot for them both!

Their reflection, shimmery in the dark waters, was silhouetted by the full moons’ beams.

The man turned to his partner and spoke while lifting the girl’s necklace with his left hand, admiring its sparkle...
I see you have acquired some new trinkets, bought, or were they a present?
“From Thomas, bought after mine were burgled that night in 3, you remember, 8 when Fulham played against Bury!”
She had admitted receiving Thomas’s gifts with a rather sheepish look up into the eyes of the man she was now with!

Letting go of her necklace, he lifted her left hand, the handsome ring sparkling with a mad frenzy in the moon’s light!
She turned away, not wishing to look him in the eyes as he admired the engagement ring!
“Thomas gave you this also!”
“Yes…” she finally, after a pregnant pause, admitted reluctantly to him.

She turned to face him…sobbing, her carefully applied mascara running teal coloured streaks under her sad doe wide eyes!

“But It should have been yours, If I had not been such a fool all those years ago, before the war!”
She then threw herself into his arms!
He caught her in a hug, and she began to actively kiss him!
He hesitated at first, but then began to return her seducing attempts at reconciliation…

As they kissed, she pleaded in between breaths, crying huge crocodile tears, that she had made a mistake, it was him that she always had loved. She never should have left him for Thomas!
And now that the war was over, she assured him...

“I am properly seeing things in a new light!”
Caught up in the intensity of her pulsating passion, the two quickly stripped off their clothes and fell to the grass in a fondling grasp!

Throwing all caution to the wind, the couple began to make out, a lustfully hot, fervent, forbidden, love!
He had mounted her squirming figure, driven by his thoughts as he looked down upon her, the girl’s hair strewn about her head like some enticing Medusa!
Lunging against her prostrate figure, he entered her with the full force of his fully erect manhood!
She was moaning “yes, yes” as he looked down, observing her diamonded necklace flashing fire as it was moving along with her jerking figure.

A peculiar look flashed across his face, his thoughts picturing this lass calmly asleep in her bed, while a black-cloaked male figure’s gloved hand was lifting a quite different diamond necklace from the glass top of the end table next to her bed.

He thrust hard against her again, clearing his mind of the thought as he finished the race in grand fashion, leaving the girl gasping, her figure ratcheting, ringed fingers clenched up in the throes of her orgasm!

He flips over on the grass, looking at her, breathing heavily!
She turns to face him; her loving look vanishes as she sees the way he is looking at her, not with love, but with pure loathing in his usually calm grey eyes!
He coldly rises, and collecting his clothes, begins to coolly dress.
He is almost finished before the girl, still sprawled out on the grass, sweat glistening along with her figure, clearly realizes what is taking place.

She looks at him, her eyes questioning, unable to raise herself from the grass.

He looks down, his now redressed figure looming over the lass that had once jilted him!

The tables had turned, he had gotten his retribution because he was now the one doing the jilting…


He snarls the word at her, reaching down and picking up her shiny teal-colored dress from the grass…

As he looks at the slightly damp dress held limply in his hand, he speaks into it…

“Selfish Twit! Did you take me as being that gullible? Believe that I would fall for your tosh tripe?! ”

“Bloody hell, really conceive that someone I had deeply cared for once, who had suddenly come back into my life wearing a dress I had paid for all those years ago, was worth reclaiming my love?!”
He stopped catching his breath…

She stared up at him, his words penetrating, cutting into her very soul.

No one had ever talked to her like this!

With a fiery loathing still kindled in his eyes, he continued with his tirade!
“That someone… Someone who had left me so abruptly for Thomas, my best mate, would be deserving of me now?! Did you not bloody realize that I knew you only wanted me back because of my recently inherited money?! Because I am now wealthy, richer than poor Thomas, who will be stuck with a trollop like you for a wife! “
“I pray to never marry a mercenary tart like you!”
“So, to hell with you lass… And Thomas deserves everything he has asked for!”
Taking a deep breath after spitting out his long pent up parting shots, he turns, lifting and hurling the satin dress onto the moving dark waters of the river!
He turns abruptly, walking steadily away, his back mute to the now sitting up, desperately pleading lass!
She shivers, and not just because the cool night air travels over her still sweat glistening figure...

Revenge is a steaming dish, always best served cold!


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