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king’s Rook, Castled

She could not sleep…

Finally, Time for a jog!

She thought this, wide awake, as the hour finally struck 1 am.

She again dressed in her black one-piece jogging suit, grasped the small satchel from the doorknob of the closet, and headed out through the lobby.

The attendant nodded to her as she left, his nose too buried in a book to give care over any of the guests. He was far too us to their comings and goings at all hours, oblivious as to why, as long as they didn’t bother him with questions, he was oblivious to them…

She jogged down the street, passing the darkened pub, restaurant, and other shoppes in the buildings she passed.

She soon reached the block where Steven’s building was located, coming across only one solitary couple, too busty looking pie-eyed at each other to notice her in passing!

Circling the building, she slipped in behind the dumpster and crouching behind began to make ready.

She pulled in her hair, slipped on her black mask, strapped her dagger to her leg, then watched and listened.

All was quiet, with no vehicles passing, or any sounds of people out on the sidewalks.

No lights were on in Steven’s suite….

She rose and stepped up to the top of the dumpster.

Jumping up she grabbed the bottom of the rung which was about .5 a meter above her.

Swinging her body up, she crawled onto the rung.

Looking around to make sure the coast was still clear; she quickly scrambled her way up the fire escape stairs to the tiled roof.

Her soft-soled shoes allowed her to step silently on the rooftop as she went behind the nearest gabled window, then stole to the next, the one leading into the suite of rooms that Steven rented.

Reaching around she leaped onto the narrow ledge of the window sill.

She looked inside; all was dark.

Pulling the thin dagger from its’ sheath, she quickly jimmied open the window and slipped inside. Looking back, she happily saw that the street below was still deserted.

O one had spied her!


She pulled out her thin torch and used it to look around the room.

It was the master bedroom!

A bachelor’s room she thought, as she studied the furnishings.

Certainly, made things quite a bit easier not having to carefully tread around someone sleeping in the bed!

Across from the bed was a double sliding door closet S

he was betting that if it was a walk-in closet like the clerk had said all the master bedrooms had, then it probably was the most likely spot for a wall safe.

But she passed it and cautiously went to the bedroom door, opening it slowly she looked out.

Seeing no lights, she let her torch’s light play along the walls.

There was the Long corridor led to a living room, and the door to the main entrance was on the wall directly across.

On the opposite side of the corridor was another door, to the spare bedroom.

She intentionally left the master bedroom door ajar and went back over to the closet.

She slid open the doors and slipped inside.

Using her torch’s beam, she examines the walls, disappointedly finding them all solid, no sign of a hidden safe.

Cat Burglar = 0 Steven’s safe = 1

Not a lot of time to play cat and mouse with a safe!

She decides to look behind the pictures that are hung from the 3 remaining bedroom walls.

She goes back into the room; the circle of her lights plays off the 3 paintings.

The tow on the walls directly on either side of the bed are not copies, but nor are they particularly valuable.

They depict lovely, fall-themed, old ruins of castles, Scottish and Irish, set high upon hills.

Directly above the bed, there is a panoramic skyline picture of the US New York City, The twin towers still holding the center of attention!

She goes to this one and starts to look behind it...


Cat Burglar = 0 Steven’s safe = 2

But, at that moment, she hears the unmistakable sound of a key turning in the latch.


Buggers, someone is coming in!

She looks around aware that her heart is beating rapidly, but despite that, she does remain calm.

Retreating out the window and escaping down the fire ladder is not an open option.

The only option is to hide, and she looks over at the walk-in closet!

She quickly crosses back across the room as a light comes on in the hallway…

From outside in the corridor, and she hears a giggling female voice say

“You Devil!”

She slips inside, leaving the door ajar, watching behind a deep rack of clothes, trying not to feel like she is trapped.

Which she is, for the second time this week!

Cat Burglar = 0 Homeowner = 2?


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