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king’s Rook, Cornered

The cat burglar, trapped inside the walk-in closet, could only silently sigh, and mutter to herself…

“If she had wanted to see a ruddy peep show….!”

For the couple, upon entering the bedroom, had raced to the bed with a primitively, ruttishly, pawing manner!

Steven stripping off the giggling girl’s taffeta dress as they did.

He pulled her over onto the bed, and she sat on top of him, rocking as her Horney partner began the sexually induced enhancing of his manhood!

For the male half of the coddling couple was indeed Steven, in the flesh, and a bit more flesh than she needed to be seeing at the moment!

For it was the same couple she had pointed out to her in the restaurant by the nameless stranger passing himself off as a professor…

The same Weasley faced sleazy gent, pointed nose, thin mustache,git with the same long-haired blonde tart with the diamond bracelet, wearing a snug-fitting taffeta gown, or had been wearing at the time!

She knew it was the nephew, Steven, for the tart was screaming his name each time the bloke thrust his manhood deeply up inside her!

Monty Python Indeed she thought!

The couples’ lovemaking reminded her of someone milking a wriggling cow!

That was a foul observation to make, but could anyone fault her for being in that frame of mind considering her situation?

Trapped in a closet like some inquisitive child!

The only interesting bit of the whole show was the giggly blonde’s diamond bracelet!

It flashed a fetchingly inviting sparkle, with pinpricks of fiery diamonds as it slipped up and down her wrist, keeping a rather dazzling beat to the music of their lovemaking, with all their emotionally inspired grunts and groans.

It was the Blonde won the race...

Her back arching in orgasm just before Steven gruntling released.

As the intensity finally played out, they plopped their backsides onto the bed, breathing roughly, gasping for aire!

Their breathing became shallower, and she moved forward a bit, hoping they would both now fall fast sleep.

After about 5 minutes, though, she heard the tart speak, hoarsely, staring up at the ceiling…

And Bob’s your Uncle, any doubts as to whether she had broken into the right Steven’s room were erased!

“So luv, you’re going to be rich then, your telling me?”

Steven answered, his voice a high-pitched whine…

“Yes, my aunt is married to a rich old bird, he will be dying soon of a heart attack!”

The blonde turned and looked at him, brushing back the long, now straggly, curls of hair from her eyes…

“Oh, poor dear, he has a heart condition!”

Steven smirked, playing with his bedmates long blonde’s curly hair…

“Did not say that, did I !!!”’

Both giggled rudely at this!

Listening in to all of this, from her closet vantage point, she grimaces, and hopes that she can pull this off, and give the old man something to use against this turd, and his auntie!


Soon enough though, the blonde tart falls asleep..

But not Steven, who is still wide awake and staring at the ceiling...

As the Blonde lying next to him begins snoring, he grunts, and rising from the bed, throws on a robe, pulls something from the breast pocket of his jacket, which he had thrown off onto a dresser, and stalks out of the bedroom.

Like a black shadow, the cat burglar slips from the walk-in closet and looks around.

Her eyes remain on the diamond bracelet, still glittering richly from the blonde tart’s wrist as her whole arm hangs down from the side of the bed.

Licking her lips, she slips over to the bedside, watching the sleeping girls firmly shut eyes, she reaches down, and easily unclasps the expensive bracelet that was hanging loosely from around her thin wrist.

Slipping the glittery piece inside her pouch, she beelines it to the still ajar bedroom door.

Silently opening it a bit more she looks out.

The bedroom door directly across is open, lights are on, and she sees that it has been converted to a study.

She spies Steven standing in front of the wall next to a window. A picture on hinges has been moved over, exposing a safe, which he is opening...

Reaching inside he and deposits the packet he had pulled from his breast jacket.

She nimbly moves out into the corridor and slips down it to the living room. She finds a shadowy corner from where she has a line of view back up the corridor and watches.

Just as she is in place, Steven comes out, looking down the corridor towards the living room as he closes the study door.

Then he crosses back into the bedroom, leaving that door ajar...

She waits, the ticking of a nearby Grandfather clock keeping her too well aware of the precious passing minutes she is forcing herself to wait.

Finally, after 15 minutes, she can hold off no longer.

She steals away from her corner and softly treads on the carpet to the bedroom.

Listening she hears the snoring of two people, male and female.

Peering around the corner he sees Steven laying there, his face buried into the back of the blonde tarts head, his arm over her shoulder.

She slips around and gently shuts the door, leaving it open a crack.

She then goes across, and opens the study door, slips inside, closing it quietly behind her…


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