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King’s Rook, Burgled

Once inside the study, she goes across the hardwood floor to the window.

Looking out she sees that it is identical to the bedroom window she had entered, offering her the same chance at escape…

She turns on her torch and follows its beam to the picture.

At that instant, she hears the slow click of the hallway door handle turning.

Cutting the torches light, she leans down, placing it on the floor, then pulls out her dagger, which she conceals behind her back as she whips around on her heel just as the lights come on in the study.

A trick taught her by her ex -SAS Uncle was to close one’s eyes just before turning on the lights in a room to help your eyes quickly adjust to the light.

She had closed her eyes just as she turned, so when the lights came on, instead of being momentarily blinded as her eyes opened, she could see clearly that it was Steven entering the room, and he had company, a small, black revolver, pointed directly at her!


He approaches her speaking in his twangy American accent…

“Shouldn’t have lifted my friend’s bracelet now, gave you away there, didn’t it, you greedy filcher?!”

When he is less than 2 meters away, she presses up against the wall, as she draws her dagger from behind her back.

He stops, raising the revolver, hissing ….

“Cat has a claw…”

She throws the dagger, clattering to his feet, he invariably looks down

That was all she needed

She had taken a deep breath when tossing the dagger, using the wall as a springboard as soon as his eyes dropped. She pivoted and her foot swung upwards, knocking the un-cocked gun from his hand; simultaneously her left arm raised and her hand chopped him at the sweet spot between his neck and shoulder.

He collapsed in an unconscious heap at her feet!

She checked him over, he was still breathing, so at least she had not killed the bugger…

As she searched his pockets, she thought wryly

Every niece should have an ex -SAS commando uncle to teach her jit Jitsu!

She pocketed his wallet, took the gold Rolex off of his wrist, picked his revolver off the floor, then placed the lot inside her pouch.

She reclaimed her dagger, sheathing it, and pocketed her torch.

She steps over Steven’s inert figure and recloses the door.

Leaving the lights on, she goes back to the painting…

It is a painting of a Harlequin, listening in at an open door, what lies behind that door is hidden from view.

A very appropriate picture she thinks as she pulls it open, exposing the safe.

Using her stethoscope to listen as she spins the tumblers, she has the small safe open in no time…

Reaching in, pulls out several bundles of slit open mail, a couple of jewelry cases, and a long manilla clasped folder.

All of these items she places inside her pouch.

She closes the safe, starts to reach in for her glue, which the intention of sealing the safe shut with, changes her mind to save time as she hears Steven moan.

She opens the window, slipping out onto the ledge, with one last look around, she slips up on top of the gable.

She crosses the roof going back to where the fire escape steps are located.

Looking over the edge, seeing the coast is still clear, she leaps onto the top rung, then scurries down along the stairs to each of the four landings.

She reached the fourth, and last landing, and was about to hop onto the dumpster below, when the screams of the blonde tart started caterwauling from the open study window, crying out about someone stealing her diamonds!

“Buggers, the tart…!”

Pulling off her mask, she jumps down behind the dumpster.

Stuffing the dagger and her mask inside the pouch, she cautiously emerges from behind the dumpster.

The cat thief then runs out, scampering around to the back of the building…

No one has answered the girl’s pleading wails, which have stopped…

She must have gone and made herself hoarse that quickly, or had woken Steven up!

Once at the back of the building, out of sight from the open window od Steven’s study, she saunters across the street, sneaking, threading along with the still deserted neighborhood till she reached the river road leading to the old church, its cemetery and eventually the long way around to her hotel.

She then started jogging like she had not a care in the world, keeping to the shadowy side of the road.

No cars passed, and she met no one.

On a cautious whim, she keeps on jogging till she reaches the ruins she had visited earlier.

There she hides the bulging pouch.

She then heads back along the road leading into the suburb.

Cutting up an alleyway, she made her way to the street across from her building.

She looked down that street and saw a few people mingling out in front of the pub, their attention facing away from her, focused on the far opposite end where a flashing light could be seen.

She walked slowly across the street gawking, then calmly walked through the small lobby of her hotel without arousing anybody’s curiosity!

She regained the safety of her room and watched for a bit from her window.

Once it had all but died down, she went to bed and soon was curled up into a deep, catlike sleep…


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