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A Pawn’s Approach

She arose early the next morning, showered, packed her bags, and sat down in front of the window to observe the street below for any odd activity.

But all appeared normal she was glad to observe.

At 9:45 she went down to settle her bill, spying Toby pulling up as she was finishing.

Placing her luggage on the back seat, she settles in next to it as Toby closes the door for her.

“How was Business then Miss?” He asks out of politeness…

“Fine Toby, though I left something behind yesterday when I was exploring some ruins during a bit of free time!” She told him

“Point the way miss!” Toby says with a smile, as he puts in the clutch and lets the taxi out of gear.

The head to the ruins, where Toby waits while she retrieves her pouch.

She finds the leather pouch has not been disturbed in the secret place amongst the runs where she had hidden it!

He tips his cap as she gets in the back seat with it, then turns around and leaves, without instructions, Toby automatically takes back roads, skirting around the suburb.

She spends most of the trip back in silence, looking out the window at the passing scenery.

She does not see much; her mind is swirling with several groups of random thoughts as she remembers all the recent events of the past several days.

Toby, ever mindful of all his passenger’s privacy, does not speak unless spoken to.

So, it is with a start, as they are about an hour in, he hears his passenger say something under her breath, then she straightens up, and asks him a question…

“Toby, what do you make of this, then….?”

She explains the meeting at the pub with the handsome stranger who had presented himself as a university lecturer.

When she had finished, Toby stayed silent for some time, before looking up in the rear mirror and seeing meeting his passengers questioning hazel eyes.

“Copper, miss!”

Was what he told her.

She sighed, nestling back in the seat.

She said nothing, for to Toby, any inquisitive stranger was probably involved with the police.

She should have known better, considering the source. But still, and she again looked out the side window…

What if Toby was right this time?


Several hours later, with nothing more said between them, Toby pulls into the alleyway, and drops of his charge.

Once inside her apartment, she unpacks her overnight bag and then dumps the contents of the leather pouch onto her bed.

She retrieves the diamond bracelet, looking it over with a smile on her face of pure delight.

She writes something down in a notepad she had pulled from a secret cubby located in an old roll-top desk. Then carefully wraps the bracelet in brown paper, ties it up with string, and writes the date on it. Then she places it inside her shoulder purse.

Then, replacing the notepad, she heads back to her bed and the contents of Steven’s safe that are strewn across it!

She places the papers and envelope back into the pouch.

She opens the two jewelry cases and admires the expensively matched sets, one of pearls, the other of emeralds/diamonds, that laid within. They are as beautiful as they are costly.

On a whim, she goes into her bedroom and a few minutes later she comes out dressed elegantly in a slinking long halter strapped gown of shimmery green satin!

She lifts the emeralds from their case, and using her full-length living room mirror, she places on the necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

Stepping back, she waltzes around the room, admiring herself in the reflection!

Enraptured over how nicely the gems sparkled along with her figure!

She then carefully removes them, and puts on the pearls, repeating the performance.

In her opinion this was not the proper gown to wear with pearls.

One needs to be wearing velvet, or antique white laced silk. She did own an off white silk dress, but decided against changing just to see what it would look like with the pearls.

She decides that she prefers the emeralds!

She replaces the pearls inside their case.

Then longingly looks at the emeralds.

Resisting the temptation to keep them, she closes them back up and places both cases back inside the pouch.

Her mask, dagger, and torch, still laid upon her bed, she takes them and wraps them p in her black jogging outfit.

Back in her bedroom, she exchanges the gown for a modest length skirt and velvet top. Her mind still remerging how pretty the emeralds had been, encourages her to put in her ½ carat diamond stud earrings.

Ready to head out, she grabs her purse, the black bundled jogging outfit, and heads out the side exit to the alleyway. She casually walks down a block, cuts back out to the main street, crosses it, and enters into an underground car park.

She goes down a level to where she stores her Italian sports coupe, and places the jogging outfit, her tools still bundled within, inside the boot.

Leaving the coupe, she heads back out on foot and walks the four blocks to her bank.

There she is escorted to a private room, and her safety box is brought in.

Opening it, she takes the brown bundle from her purse and places it inside, snuggling it in with several other brown bundles of varying sizes, each with a date written on it, and a code that matches one of the lines written in her secret notepad.

She has the box taken back, then leaves the bank, shown out by the manager, the custom they display for their wealthier clients!

She leaves the bank and walks down to the park to sit for a bit, relishing a bit of spare downtime between last night’s job, and the one she needs to do this evening!

Crikes, she marveled as she pondered the reality of breaking into the same place twice!

Finally rising, she heads over to the Queens Knight pub and sitting at the back bar, orders a cheese tray, sausage, crackers, soda bread and a pint of Irish red ale

She sees Toby seated at a booth in the back, reading the sports. He looks up, nods discreetly to her, and she, brushing her hair from her face, winks back!

She sees him looking back at his newsprint, noticing the grin upon his stubbly mug!

She takes her time with the meal, then as the bar starts to fill in with the other evening regulars, pays up, and leaves.

She walks back to her apartment, getting inside just as the sun is setting.

Staying dressed as she is, she grabs a jacket, the leather pouch, her purse,

and again, heads down outside to the car park.

Firing up the coupe’s engine, she lets it idle for a bit, before pulling out and going up a level to the street.

She drives out of town and goes onto the highway that will take her back to the manor house.

To break in and deposit the contents of Steven’s safe inside the study safe.

Breaking into a house to steal something in, instead of out.

Is there a term for that?

She mused as her car traveled along the highway.


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