Games of Aspiration

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A Pawn’s Promotion

Arriving at her destination pulls into the same spot she used previously, a wooded glen, which left her about a kilometer and a half walk through the woods.

She quickly strips off her clothes, and puts on her black spandex jogging outfit, pulling her hair back she slips on the black ski mask, then strapping on her dagger, picks up the leather pouch and nimbly begins her creep….

Using her torch only sparingly, she makes it to the tall hedgerow surrounding the manor’s green.

The time is a little after midnight, the area is lit in a ghostly pale by the waning moon.

She returns to the gate and watches for a few precious seconds.

Though she will admit the feelings of breaking in this night are far different when she had originally stood in the same spot, contemplating breaking in a few nights ago!

The manor was dark, the only light that was on was in one of the servants quarters above the 3 vehicle brick car garage in the back.

Instead of again leaping over the gate, this time she opens it, not even worried when she hears the hinges creaking…

“The creaking gate hangs the longest!” Was a saying her father was fond of...

She never was sure what it meant, but probably something religious-based!

(If anyone could explain this old folk saying to myself and readers, please do so in the comments below)

She walks briskly across the green and onto the stone patio.

Going up the glass-paned door, she sees that once again, a red light is blinking, indicating the house alarm is off...

Feeling that she is on a mission, she uses her knife to open the double patio doors inner latch, and opening one of the doors, slips inside.

Once in, she closes the door behind her and walks through the room to the closed door leading into the hallway and back staircase.

Opening that door, she moves out into the dimly lit hallway, closing the door behind her.

She moves up the hallway to the oak door of the master’s study, located at the foot of the back staircase.

Opening the heavy oak door she enters.

The whole place smells like it has just been cleaned!

Gone was the smell of stale cigar, everything was in its place, neat and tidy.

She walked over to the table by the open side window, curtains pulled off to the sides, allowing the moonlight to spill over the chessmen and tiled board…..

The recently polished pieces of the chessmen were set back in their starting positions, ready to take on another battle!

Black against white, dark evil pitted against righteous good”

Smirking at her thoughts, she goes over to the bookcase behind the desk and opens the hidden panel covering up the study safe.

She tries the handle, locked!

Not making this too easy she thinks, putting the thin lit torch in her mouth as she reaches inside her leather pouch.

Not surprised, she pulls out her stethoscope and listens in to the tumblers as her left hand caressingly turns the dial, the beam of her thin torch lighting up the dial.

Like the safe in Steven’s study, this one was also an easy job to open.

Once the final click notifies her the combination is set, she pulls the handle and opens the small safe.

Inside are small jewel cases, coins, notes, personal papers, and other small odds n ends that hold value to the mysterious chess playing owner.

She sees an envelope laying upright against the back corner. It had handwritten upon it;

‘To my Kingsman, for your eyes only’

She pulls out the envelope and slips it inside her pouch. She then extracts the items she had taken from Steven’s safe, papers, manilla envelope and reluctantly last, the jewel cases. All are placed inside on the bottom shelf.

She then closes the safe, spins the dial, and resets the book-lined secret panel, covering it up.

Turning, she is about to head straight to the door, when a delicious thought crosses her mind...

She sprints over to the table which holds the chessboard!

With a wickedly pleased smile, Taking up the white King, she places it in check with black’s pieces.

She is smiling down, admiring her handy work, when she spots movement out across the lawn below the window….

“Now what!” She thinks as she spies a figure running in a crouched manner across the lawn from behind the garage.

The new arrival is dressed all in black, face covered by a hood.

She watches as the figure scurries along the green to the same stone patio she had come in!

She turns, and sprints across the study, going out the door she nimbly goes up the stairs and crouches behind the wall on the first landing, peering around.

The seconds tick on endlessly, but final she sees the door leading to the room off the porch, opening and the figure darts around into the hallway.

She is not spotted, as the figure goes to the study door and slips directly in.

Someone knows exactly what they want here, she thinks, carefully tips toes down on the balls of her feet, back down the stairs.

The study door is still open a crack, and she looks inside

Spying the figure at the bookcase, she sees that the bookcase shelf panel is being opened, exposing the safe.

Instinctively she enters the room, and begins sneaking up behind as the hooded figure’s total attention is on spinning the safes’ dial.

She asks herself, as she approaches from behind…

“They know the combination, who is this?”

But she also knows that there can be no chances taken.

She pulls out her dagger and treads softly right up behind the occupied thief.

Coming up behind, she reversed the grip, then raises her dagger, the iron knobbed butt end of the handle facing the safecracker’s head!

She brings it down hard, and the unsuspecting hood figure grunts, while dropping in a dead heap.

Sheathing her dagger, she kicks the unconscious body over.

Reaching down she pulls back the hood.

“Steven!”, she gasps, the bloody bold bugger…

Leaving everything as is, she turns and heads to the study door.

Just before slipping out, she steals a look back at Steven, he is still out cold!

“This is getting too easy!” She murmurs to herself as she slips out into the hallway, leaving the study door open…

She crosses the room and heads out of the house.

Reaching the patio doors, she opens on and slips out.

She leaves the door ajar and goes to the flashing red alarm panel.

Pulling open the alarm box, still blinking red, she reverses the wires( something she has never had to do, ever)

The light turns green and the sensors, detecting a door open, trips the house alarm to begin shrilly beeping.

Using her elbow, she knocks out a pane of glass above the handle and scurries off across the patio, and out onto the misty green grass.

Reaching the hedgerow, she turns, lights are popping on in many of the house windows, and above the garage.

She has not been spotted.

Then, as she turns, she spies another shadowy figure running up along the outside of the hedgerow.

“Loudoun Square is not this busy after midnight!” She exaggeratedly hisses under her breath as she melts back into the shadows of the woods and crouches down.

She cannot make out the face, but it is a male, in a suit who suddenly moves into a potion of the hedge to watch, in secret, the activity occurring at the manor house.

She slips away, slowly taking careful steps as to not give away her position.


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