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Analogy of a Gambit Part 1

If there was any stranger scene in all of Britain that early morning than that of a wealthy man in his study, sipping cognac and smoking a cigar while playing chess against a masked female cat burglar he had caught breaking into his manor, she for one, would find it hard to believe!


The man who at times resembled the movie character ‘Gandalf’ pointed his cigar at her…

“Black’s move lass!”

She looked down at the board, quickly looking over the remaining pieces still in play.

She thought his mentioning the need for a pawn might have been a clew, but there was only one black pawn on his side of the board, and it was not in a position to be of any use, yet!

She wished she was a true master at the game; able to plot out multiple scenarios of play at once, amongst the millions available…

She remembered a chess quote her uncle was fond of saying.

“Make your moves in silence, speaking only to say ‘Checkmate’! For one doesn’t have to play well, only needs to play better than your opponent. So by keeping silent, you give nothing away for them to use against!”

She had never really been sure if that was any kind of advice, for her extrovert uncle seldom kept silent during his play, and still usually won out!

She reached in, moving a second black knight out to back up the first one she had originally moved…

Surprisingly, he quickly reached in and retreated his white rook….

Had she missed something?

He confidently settled back, taking a puff on his cigar, he took it out of his mouth, looking down at her…

She looked up at him, then back down to the board.

He then began to speak… his mind!

“I was not that much unlike you once, a secret skeleton in our family’s closet I was! “

“The second son of my father, not destined to house, title, or wealth. Expected by father to make one’s way so not to be a drain on the family fortunes.”

He tapped his cigar in the tray, taking a sip of cognac…

She was looking at her black pawn, it had already been moved within 3 squares from white’s end of the board. If only she had more than 4 moves left, she could reach the end and reclaim her queen, though it would be not allowed to move out for another full turn. She sighed, moving her white rook out and placed it in line with her advancing pawn. However, She may be seeing a light at the end of this tunnel!

She looked up at him, as if to say, your turn….

But he set down his goblet and continued, almost like he was unaware she had made any move atoll…

“Sent to university, became infatuated with a lass upon whom I showered baubles that I could I’ll afford!”

“She soon dumped me cold, playing behind my back with Thomas, a fellow mate on our football team!”

“Devastated, I was so angry I needed revenge!”

“Broke into her rooms one night as the two of them played in the dark on the cricket fields. Stole all her fine baubles I had given her to exact my revenge”

“Found I bloody well enjoyed that game, as you probably do also, though I was never caught!”

He said this last bit with an admonishing tone as she had looked up at him in total shock at his admittance!

Reaching in, he moved his white queen out, threatening her pawn!

Why bother protecting it, she thought, that pawn will never become a reclaimed queen anyway!

Pity though, for She had always fancied herself as the chess queen, unrelenting and unforgiving in her stride!

Taking another sip from his goblet, he smiled wickedly, then picking up his cigar began to puff at it, before continuing on..”

“ I finished university with a degree in which I held no interest. For the money, I kept on thieving jewels at night to pay my way. Playing football in my spare time, I felt like a bloody real-life Raffles!”

“I harbored no doubts I would be caught eventually, but I accepted that, willing to trade capture over the thrill of the hunt. I know, I am preaching to the choir here, but bear with me please!”

“Then the war came: I survived, favored elder brother did not!”

“Poor, authoritarian Father died of a heart attack on the spot hearing the news of my brother’s plane being downed! Believed he had lost his only capable heir!”

“Inheriting manor, title and wealth, I was suddenly respectable! I did not need to steal, gave up that game for good, though it was not easily done!”

“Interesting enough, my first love, learning what I had become, decided she again preferred me over my former mate, the not as wealthy Thomas, who was now her fiancé!

“That very evening she first re-declared her undying love, crying crocodile tears after admitting to me her mistakes, I took great pleasure in making love with her again, after midnight, by the football field!”

“Then took a far greater pleaser by telling her I never wanted to see her treacherous face in my life again, told to her as she lay there, naked in the misty field, her engagement ring flashy in the light of the moon!!

“I took her satin party frock and threw it into a nearby creek, and simply walked away!”

“Became a proper country gentleman, learning to love the finer things in life, including how to properly play chess!”

He nodded to the board…

“My late father would have been mortified that I, a dishonor to the family in his eyes, would dare do the same to the noblest of gentlemen’s games!”

He sighed deeply, then drained his glass…

She had been listening to his words, surprised that he was telling a stranger so much!

Where was his story leading to, she wondered…and what happened to the Irish girl, for the cougar was definitely not Irish! From her accent and observations, that lady had appeared to be some type of narcissistic yank actress!?

But this was not her only thought, for she also had been studying the board!


She, trying to appear nonchalant, moved the black king ’s bishop out to the right-hand edge of the board...

Without thought, her opponent reacted swiftly, taking black’s pawn with white’s queen!

Looking at the clock, 15 minutes till 3 am, she moved one of the black knights, both of which held positions on white’s end of the board, and placed it directly next to the spot that had been held by the black pawn the white queen had taken!

This put the black night directly next to the white queen, protected by being in line with the recently moved black bishop, and also, far more importantly, the piece was holding white’s king in check…!

She heard her opponent catch his breath, leaning forward in his chair as he studied the board.

“Smart Girl!” he said not bothered to conceal his respect!


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