The red world

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In a world were there are no rules and there are creatures you thought to be stories, you're either be cold-hearted, or dead. When you turn eighteen, you must decide where you stand. With the cold-hearted, or with the dead? You also must choose whether you will save the world, or bring its destruction? I own this book, please do not say this book is your own. This is my book.

Adventure / Horror
Sadie Wolf
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Chapter 1: my life changes


I have two parents and am an only child. My parents are very kind, but they are very secretive about one thing. We have this wall, it runs all around our house. My parents names are Tanner and Angelina.

They have always cared so much, but I've always wondered about the wall. I was sixteen when I ran away. My curiosity had finally got the best of me. I put on a tank top and some pants and snuck out while my parents were asleep.

Now, I wish I hadn't left my home.

I've always wondered about how the world was outside these walls. I have always been kept in, away from the world. My parents say it is for my own good. I hadn't known what they meant, until I left.

One night when my parents were asleep, I climbed over the wall and ran away. Only now do I understand what they meant. The world was nothing I thought it would be, the ground ran red with blood, the bodies of people lay scattered among the streets, and everyone was either dead or a murderer. At this time I was sixteen, I had wanted to see what the world was like, now I wish I had stayed inside the walls. I had long black hair and olive skin, I had blue eyes with long lashes. I was tall for my age, around five and a half feet.

I knew I couldn't go back, not now that I was outside the walls, so I went forwards. I walked slowly and cautiously. After only a few steps, I heard a scream behind me. I whirled around and saw a gruesome site. I had turned just in time to see my parents come through the wall, but just when they had seen me, a bullet went through both of their heads.

"No!" I screamed I started running towards them. They were dead before I had gone more a foot, but I ran to then anyways. I knelt in the blood covered streets, and took my mother my the shoulders. The blood soaked my pants and turned them red, my hands were stained with blood as I grabbed my moms shoulders. I shook her. "Wake up mommy! Wake up! Please! Don't leave me!" I cried still shaking her shoulders.

I knew it was useless, but I kept trying. When my arm could no long hold my mothers shoulders, I let her limp body fall to the ground. I put my face on her chest and cried. I only was brought back into myself when I felt something cold and hard press against the back of my head. I had never seen a gun before, but I didn't know what else it could be. I lifted my head slowly.

"Don't move another muscle." I heard a man with a deep voice say.

I froze, my senses told me to run. I knew it would do no good to run, so I stayed frozen.

Then I looked back at my parents limp bodies, their blood adding to the rest of the blood. Seeing my dead parents, I was overtaken with anger. A strange power came over me. I quickly threw my hand up to the gun. I ripped it out of the mans grasp and quickly stood up. The man had a shocked look on his face. I pointed the gun at his chest. I didn't know how to shoot a gun, but right then, I didn't care.

"You don't move a muscle!" I screamed at him angrily.

He just stared at me, calmly now, he took a step towards me. I didn't need to think about it, I pulled the trigger. The sound ricocheted off the buildings around me. The man reached for his chest, but died before me could touch the wound. His blood spilled onto the ground, mixing with the other blood. I dropped the gun once I realized that I had just killed someone! I stood there staring at the mans limp body. The man I had just killed, I had taken his life! I stared at the bodies that lay scattered everywhere, I had added to the bodies that lay in the streets.

I had stood frozen in place staring at the gun and the limp bodies around me. It was only when I heard footsteps, that I snatched up the gun and ran. I ran down dark alleyways, through abandoned buildings, and through the shadows. I found myself in a junkyard. I hid behind whatever I found first, which happened to be a knocked over delivery truck. My heart was beating so hard and fast, I was afraid it would jump out of my chest. I hid behind the truck. I searched the area, trying to find a place I could hide in. I spotted an abandoned camper. It was small, but it would do. I ran from behind the truck to the camper. I tugged on the door, and after a big squeal that hurt my ears, it opened. I hopped in and sat on the dirty old couch. I put my face in my hands and cried.

I cried over my parents, I cried over the mans life I had taken, and I cried for the people who had been killed and left on the streets.

When I couldn't cry anymore, I stood up. I looked at what I had in the camper. I had a few water bottles, a bit of bread, and a half-eaten chicken. I looked through the drawers of the camper. I found a flashlight, a few batteries, and a knife. I also found some bullets on the floor. I put the knife in my front pocket, the flashlight in my back pocket, then I took the flashlight back out and I put the batteries in the flashlight, and I put the gun in my other back pocket. I set the bullets on the table, in case they might come in handy. I placed the Flashlight back in my pocket.

For a few weeks, I lived on what I had. But after a while, I began to lose my food and water. I knew I would need food and water, so I got my gun and knife. I cracked open the camper door and peeked out. I swung my head back and forth, when I didn't see anyone, I hopped out. I ran to the delivery truck and looked around the edge. I saw no one, so I ran to an alleyway. I ran through the alleyways until I found a broken-down store.

I looked through the broken window. At first I saw no one, then I heard footsteps coming from inside. I hid behing the wall. When the footsteps stopped, I peeked through the window. I immediatly hid again. A group of men stood in the store. All the men were large and fit. I slowly crept backwards. Then I cussed as I stepped on a piece of broken glass. The glass shattered under my weight. The sound seemed extremely loud in the silence of the alleyway. I heard all movement from the store stop. Then started up again, this time more urgently. I cussed again as I turned I ran back down the alleyway.

I turned the corner a saw a door. The door was metal. I grabbed the handle and jerked the door open. To my relief it didn't make much noise.

I hid in the darkness of the shadows. I heard footsteps run past. I let out a breath I hadn't known I was holding, as the footsteps faded into the distance. I grabbed my flashlight that had, surprisingly, not fallen out of my back pocket. I flipped it on and moved the flashlight beam around the area.

I was pretty sure I was in the back of a store. There were boxes of things that were stacked up. I looked through the top box. I saw a couple of bread bags. I grabbed them and looked through the next box. In the next box I found some water bottles. I found a bag and stuffed as much water bottles as possible in it. I then grabbed the bag of water bottles and my bread and opened the door. I looked to see if anyone was around. After I was sure no one was around, I slipped out and ran back to the junkyard.

I found my camper and, after looking around, I hopped in. I opened a water bottle and drank a tiny bit. Then I tore off a piece of bread and ate it. I only ate a bit and drank a bit, because I knew I would need to save as much as I could. Knowing that I had to save as much of my things for as long as possible, I set the bread and water down and went to the couch. I layed down on the couch and closed my eyes.

I had gotten used to all the gunshot sounds and the screams. So I fell asleep on the couch, it had only been a matter of minutes before I was asleep.

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