The red world

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Chapter 10: the fight

His body flew through the air towards me. Before I had time to dodge, his body collided with mind, sending me flying into a pile of crates. The corners of the crates dug into my arms and back as I landed in them.

My head hit the corner of one and my vision began to dim. I saw the blurry shape of a wolf flying through the air. I blinked and sat up. I shook my head and blinked hard. My vision cleared and I saw the vampire and a wolf I recognized as Alpha Eli.

I pushed myself up, stumbling as I did. I saw Alpha Eli circling the vampire. I clumsily walked over to them. Alpha Eli lunged at the vampire, who kicked him into a stack of crates. The vampire turned to me and lunged. I clumsily jumped out of the way. I rolled to my feet and faced the vampire.

I began circling him. I saw him crouch slightly. It was a hardly noticable movement, but it told me his next move. My wolf merged with me just as the vampire jumped towards me, twisting in the air to aim at my legs.

I merged with my wolf in a matter of seconds and jumped. The vampire slammed into the ground and spun around. He was in a crouch on the ground. I watched him, waiting for any movement that would tell me his next move.

He leaned left and lunged. I spun right, but he twisted in the air and slammed into me. I yelped and one of my four feet got stuck in a crate.

I growled as the vampire approached me. I yanked at my foot, not taking my eyes off the vampire. I growled and lunged as I yanked my foot free. The vampire was startled, which gave me the upper hand.

I slammed into the vampire, knocking us both to the ground. We rolled over one another, each one fighting to get on top. We rolled across the floor. I dug my claws into the skin of the vampire, who screamed in anger and pain. He flung me off, I flew threw the air, landing besides Alpha Eli. The crates dug into me as I scrambled to get to my feet.

Alpha Eli had a gash on his head that was bleeding, I scrambled to get up. I stood up, but fell back down when my foot caught in another crate. Alpha Eli's eyes opened and saw me struggling.

Alpha Eli

I opened my eyes and saw Zenyz struggling. She didn't know, but she was my mate. Her scent was like fresh vanilla. My head ached and blood ran through my fur. I scrambled to my feet, stumbling as I did. Zenya's wolf was beautiful. Her wolf was a large black wolf with purple eyes. Her back left foot was stuck in a crate, she was trying desperately to get out.

My eyes looked from her to the vampire, who was stalking up on her. Without thinking, I flung myself at him, colliding with his side. He was flung into a stack of crates, sending them toppling over. They crashed to the ground, some falling on the vampire.

I stalked over to the vampire and the pile of crates. The vampire struggled to get out of the crates, but managed to get free before I could attack. He jumped up, and before I could defend myself, he lunged.


I saw as the vampire lunged at Alpha Eli. The vampire crashed into him, throwing him onto the ground. His wolf yelped in pain. I scrambled out of the crates and flung myself into the fight.
I collided with the vampire, sending him rolling off Alpha Eli.

Alpha Eli quickly got to his feet, though shakily. He stood by my side, together we advanced on the vampire. The vampire backed away from us.

I growled and moved to go behind him, while Alpha Eli stayed in front of him.
His head whipped back and forth, trying to keep an eye on both of us at the same time. His eyes locked on Alpha Eli for a moment, but it was all I needed. I took my chance and lunged. As I lunged, I saw Alpha Eli lunge too. I collided with the vampire, bringing him to the ground.

My front paws pushed down on his shoulders, pinning him down. He struggled against me, but my wolf was stronger than him. Alpha Eli landed besides me and stared down coldly at the vampire.

All was silent except for our heavy breathing. I no longer heard the rest of the pack searching, nor did I hear anyone saying anything through the pack link. All was silent.

My chest rose and fell heavily. I looked up and saw many pairs of eyes looking at me. I stared at them and they stared back in return. A few broke their gaze under mine. The vampire stopped fighting. I thought he had given up.

I heard Alpha Eli yell my name, I jerked my head back down to the vampire in time to see him sink his teeth into my ankle. And the pain a howled with pain and swung my paw. My paw hit him on the side of his face, hard. His head was swung sideways, spit flying. In my pain and anger, I lunged towards his neck, ready to tip him to shreds.

Alpha Eli placed a paw on my shoulder and shook his head. I growled, but stepped away. He suprised me by taking my place, pinning the vampire down. What suprised me more was when he attacked the vampire. His jaws closed around the vampires throat.

I heard a shriek pierce through the silence. It had come from the vampire. It was a bloodcurtling sound. I winced and swung my head, trying to get rid of the noise. I growled and shook my head.

As the last sounds of the vampire faded back into silence, I saw Alpha Eli pull away from the dying vampire and turn his head upwards. The next thing he did, was howl. The other werewolves joined in, and so I did too. We howled for a few minutes before going back.

I found out that Luna had been found, though she was in bad condition. The vampire had caught her by surprise and almost killed her. While I waited, I noticed Alpha Eli's head was still bleeding. I walked over to him. Suddenly, I was overcome by an amazing scent.

It was like fresh vanilla, it was sweet and it was coming from Alpha Eli. Suddenly SadieDash went crazy.

Mate! Mate, mate, mate! She screamed, if I had not been in human form, she would have flung herself at him. I looked at him and noticed that he didn't actually have black hair, just a dark brown. SadieDash continued to scream in my head, giving me a headache.

I looked at him, he had a slight grin on his face. He had brown eyes that seemed to sparkle. He smelled amazing! He blushed a bit when he saw me. Suddenly as it had come, the smell went. The sweet smell of vanilla disappeared.

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