The red world

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Chapter 13: the coma (part two)


I ran towards the sliver of light. As I got closer, it seemed to get farther. I sped up my pace, slowly advancing on it. As I got closer to the light, the shadows around me started to fade. The dark shadows were replaced by bright, green trees.

The light shown brightly, though it was small. The tree trunks had vines wrapped tightly around them, so only a bit of bark showed. The leaves were brightly colored. Most green, but some vibrant shades of red, yellow, and some a purple-ish color.

I looked away from the trees and focused on the light ahead. I was about to reach the light, when something moved in the corner of my eye. I stopped and looked around. My surroundings got darker as the light moved away.

Whatever I had seen, was now hidden in the shadows. Not wasting time, I turned and sprinted after the light. The light began moving quicker, forcing me to make myself run faster. The light continued to get faster, until it was just a dim flicker in front of me.

I ran after it. Suddenly, the light disappeared, I was emediatly covered by the dark shadows, with no light anywhere. I spun in a circle, looking for the light. All there was... was darkness. It seemed to press down on me, pushing me down. My legs buckled and I fell. My knees scraping the ground. I caught myself with my hands, scraping them.

The darkness pressed down and my back arched suddenly. It arched at an impossible angle. I screamed and twisted, as if that would stop the pain it brought.

Alpha Eli

My head darted up as Zenyas back arched suddenly, her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her body thrashed and twisted. Suddenly it went still. Her body went back to normal, and her breathing returned to normal. I stood up quickly, causing my chair to skitter back and fall over.

Rae! I screamed, not caring what time it was.

W-what? Came the startled, and slightly groggy, voice of Rae.

Get in here now! I screamed.

Okay, okay. I'm on my way. She said sleepily.

Hurry your furry, half-vampire butt up! I screamed back. I felt her yawn and start running groggily.


As suddenly as it had arched, my back returned to normal. My insides burned, like boiling grease had been poured into my blood stream. I collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath. The darkness closed in around me.

Just as I was giving up, I saw the sliver of light. I scrambled up, ignoring the searing pain in my veins. The light dimmed and moved away. I wasn't going to loose it this time, so I sprinted after it. Within seconds, my breathing was labored.

The light dimmed and brightened. I ran after it, my heart pounding in my chest. My feet pounded the ground in an unsteady rhythm. The light continued to stay just out of reach.

Just when I was about to collapse, the light stopped. I collapsed to my knees and stared at it. It just hovered in the darkness. It gave off a bright, long-ranged light considering how small it was.

Not wasting time, I got to my feet again and walked towards the light. I figured it would move away again, but it didn't, it just hovered there. I reached my hand out. My hand shook as I slowly reached towards the light.

When my fingertips touched the light, I was blasted off my feet by a wave of blinding light. I fell to the ground and shielded my face with my arm. The blinding light turned the edges of my arm white.

The light dimmed again after a few moments. I blinked hard, my eyes adjusting to the lighting. The light was still hovering there, but behind it, was some kind of swirling circle. It was weird, and it had appeared put of nowhere. I got off the ground and approached the light slowly.

Then I looked behind it and began to walk to the circle. The swirls in it looked like a bunch of S's. The outer part of the circle was a dark purple, with a blue tint in some spots. The swirls seemed to move within the circle. In my curiosity, I reached my hand out at it.

My fingertips brushed the outer part of the circle. Nothing happened, so I let my fingertips rest on the circle. I noticed that it was swirling. It moved under my fingertips, like a stream or river. In my curiosity, I stepped closer. To my surprise, my hand slid through the circle.


It was around two in the morning when Alpha Eli screamed at me, waking me up.

Rae! He screamed, there was panic in his voice.

W-what? I asked, startled and groggy.

Get in here now! He screamed at me. I sighed and reluctantly got up.

Okay, okay. I'm on my way. I said sleepily, taking slow steps because I was still sleepy.

Hurry your furry, half-vampire butt up! He screamed. I yawned and, knowing it must be important, started running.

Alpha Eli

After a few moments, I heard the soft patter of Raes footsteps as she ran to me at my call. I sighed a breath of relief when she emerged from the shadows. I motioned frantically at Zenya.

"What's wrong? She seems fine." Rae asked me, yawning at the end. I quickly explained what happened and Rae quickly walked over to the bed and started checking Zenya out.

She had a confused look on her face as she stepped back. "Is she alright?" I asked urgently.

"She seems to be fine, but I've never seen anything like that before." She said, confused as much as me. I sighed with relief.

"So will she be okay?" I asked, taking deep breaths.

"Seems like it, but better keep an eye on her." Rae replied.


I left Alpha Eli with Zenya and retreated to the other room. I was worried about her, though I'd never met her. I sat down against the wall by the door. I put my head against the wall. I must have fallen asleep, cause that is all I remember.

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