The red world

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Chapter 16: thirst


My eyes darted open and scanned the room quickly. Shaneel, Alpha Eli, and a young boy stood in the room. All of them were staring at me. I stared back at them. All of them looked away when I looked at them, even Shaneel and Alpha Eli.

I looked at Shaneel, then at Alpha Eli. Suddenly, my eyes moved to his neck and stayed there. I was suddenly overcome with thirst. It burned my throat.

"Water." I croaked, my hand moving to my neck. Alpha Eli looked around nervously and grabbed a bottle of water.

"What is going on here?" Shaneel asked, seeing the worried look passed between Alpha Eli and the young boy.

"You need to leave." Alpha Eli said, walking over to me with the water bottle.

"I am not leaving Zenya!" Shaneel replied stubbornly.

"Go." I croaked. I reached out for the water.

"Why?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips. I coughed and didn't answer.

Alpha Eli slowly moved closer to me. Why was he acting so cautious? I reached out to take the water bottle. Suddenly I didn't want water, I wanted blood. As Alpha Eli handed me the water bottle, I jumped up towards his neck. I knocked him down and sent the water bottle crashing towards the ground.

It busted and splattered everywhere. I had the urge to sink my teeth into his neck. I felt revolted by myself. I jumped off of him and slammed myself against the wall.

I took deep breaths... but they didn't seem necessary. And that worried me. I knew I had to get out. I whipped my head around, and noticed a broken window. As I darted towards the window faster than I'd thought possible, I could smell the blood of everyone in the room and was intoxicated by it.

Before I could turn around and go back, I jumped through the broken window. I fell to the ground, it was farther than I'd thought. I awaited the impact, but it never came. I landed gracefully on my feet and was running, looking for blood to quench my thirst.

Alpha Eli

I watched with horror as Zenya jumped out the window, we were five stories up! I ran to the window and looked down. Zenya landed lightly on her feet and ran off, she was a blur. Before I could blink, she was gone, no where to be seen.

I knew something now, she wasn't herself, her new vampire instincts had taken over her mind and body. I knew she craved for blood now, I knew that her own pack was now her natural enemy, I knew now, that we could never be together. And that thought hurt more than knowing that she had tried to kill, and probably try to again.

I felt a pang of hurt go through my heart when I realized what would happen. I knew the consequences that this would bring. And I knew that I would rather die than let it happen.


My throat burned as I searched for blood. The streets were surprisingly empty. I growled as my throat burned with thirst. I ran into a building, there was a group of people asleep on the cement floor. I could smell the blood pulsing through their veins.

I barred my teeth and I felt them grow sharper at the points. I could hear their heartbeats as I ran to their sleeping bodies. In a few milliseconds I was at their throats drinking. The man's eyes widened as I drank his blood. He became weak quickly, and I became stronger.

The burning in my throat cooled down as I finished off the last of the people. I stood up and wiped blood from my chin. I stared down at the people. Their eyes were opened in fear and their bodies were very white, their hearts had stopped quickly.

I realized what I had done. I stared down at my hands in horror, what was I doing?! I saw my hands trembling as I stared down at them. They were pale, extremely pale. I reached up to touch my teeth with trembling hands. They were pointed, for cutting through flesh easily.

I realized what I was, I was a monster. A vampire. An abomination. A werewolf, vampire mix. I ran out of the building and was in the woods within seconds. I... was a monster. Then it dawned on me. What about Alpha Eli?! I was a monster now.


I stood frozen in the middle of the room. I watched as Zenya attacked the gang leader. She sprang off him suddenly and ran out the window in a blur. I had stood frozen in the middle of the room, watching as the dude ran to the window. He leaned his head out, broken glass cutting into the palms of his hands.

I finally broke out of my shock and ran to the window. That drop would probably kill her! What the heck was she thinking!? I leaned over the edge, there wasn't even a sign that she had fallen. The only thing that proved she had jumped, was a single strand of black hair on the broken window.

Where did you go, Zenya?


I had completely forgotten about Alpha Eli by the time I was out of the forest again. I continued running, but then froze. I wobbled on the edge of the cliff for a moment before pressing myself against a tree. I looked out from my place on the cliff.

It was beautiful, to say the least. A large river wound through a large forest of thick, green trees. No blood colored the large river, in any spot. I would say my breath was taken away, but it seems I don't have any breath to get taken away.

I could live here, away from the danger. Away from the people I love. I couldn't hurt them if I lived here. But... I don't think I can live without Shaneel's positivity, or Alpha Eli in general. Is the what sucks about having a mate?

I could smell the blood of the large and small animals down in the forest. It was a long drop, but the thirst was back. I needed blood.

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